Sep 25, 2006

ok.. so AMELIA CHENG is officially dao-ing our group. Tsk. Like what the heck mann. Like who needs her lah. This gal who comes into our lives and hurts everyone by insulting every single thing that we do, then when we can’t stand her offending all of us she starts dao-ing everybody and leaves the group, blaming us for being TOO SENSITIVE. Like hello lah. If someone keeps saying u suck and ur idol sucks one day you will not be able to stand it too right? And shes mad at me bcos when she received an irritating sms I said “yah but you said you dun care if you have any friends or not right?” and like who’s the one who said she couldn’t care less about what everybody else says lah. And she’s changed her blog url. Good luck Amelia hope you wont have to change it again. I shall not try to ask anyone for your url cos I couldn’t care less lorh.
Ooh theres this person staying temporarily in my house. Mum’s colleague from china. Heh.
Stupid mr ____. If im looking at my com screen instead of looking at his projector screen then he should now im doing sth not related to his work rite? N he thought I was searching for his work on the mlg ah. Heh..

-posted courtesy of YI MEI XD

Sep 24, 2006

sarah must come to my blog more often k? hehe!
and nadine.. you sound a bit pissed off at me.. ok i dunno for reason, maybe its that time we passed notes that thingy, but for whatever dun be mad ok? cos i sitll love you <3
hehe badminton today i showed sumay all the pics of us when we were super small and she started laughing like mad at one of them..
and theres someone staying temporarily in our house! my mum's colleague from china :O hehe
OMG cant stop listening to Chu Dian n Wo Men Zen Me Le by SHE. i need the cd!
and yimei u didnt noe jay chou wrote zi wo cui mian?! tsktsk slow worx. dat time when cui mian show was just released they sae that zi wo cui mian was written by jay what. u noe in xiaozhu's new album releasing in oct inside got two songs jj wrote!!! hehehe

Sep 23, 2006

omg i am SO PROUD of myself with what i did (or didnt do) today!!!!
i saw the SHE FOREVER album and i was so so so so tempted to buy it cos i really had more than enough money for it (FOR ONCE =.=) and i DIDNT COS I KNEW EXAMS WERE COMING UP! see? im such a self-disciplined person!!! (ok fine its actually cos i knew my parents would scream at me if i bought the album esp now when it's exam period)

I WANT THE SHE FOREVER CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wo men zen me le and chu dian ROCKS. omg and hebe is like so damn chio la. its really taking me alot of self discipline to stop myself from buying the cd okay. the day exam is over i confirm will go buy the album one.
and its not because jj likes hebe and she says she likes jj too ok. and its not because hebe is super chio either. just that their personalitites are very nice (esp ella hehehe) and some of their songs (esp wo men zen me le and chu dian and tian hui and this other 5-word song cant rmb name) are really very nice. dont laugh at me ok! i mean yea i know some of their songs like bu xiang zhang da and IOIO not very nice but canot judge a band/singer by just a few of their songs! must listen to some of their other nicer songs.. some really rock.. ive been listening to wo men zen me le continuously for more than half an hour on youtube.
i rmb what it says inside the she forever cd sleeve, hebe wrote this: forever gan xie ni men, er wo men san ge ren de you yi shi chao guo Forever. something liddat lah.

Sep 22, 2006

sumay and sarah. dunno what i would do without the both of them. my childhood friends, knew them since forever.. and i believe we've all played a very very big part in one another's lives..
hehe i remember why sunay and sarah are not like, very very very close now.. its because when we were about 5 or 6 (somewhere arnd there) we were at this restaurant, then sumay was very hot-tempered at that time, lose her temper easily.. then she shouted at sarah and sarah cried.. (hey come on we were like how young only XD) and from that day onwards you didn't really like her.. then now we all are very close again! yay!

sumay.. we used to meet up only every chinese new year and christmas, occasionally during the june/nov-dec holidays we would have sleepovers... at that time, although we didn't meet up alot, we were still very close! during the aussie trip, we did practically everything together.. remember "cow"? hehehe! DO NOT START IT AGAIN OK. IM NOT WEARING THAT BELT ANYMORE MAN. and remember the time you thought i was a ghost and got so scared? then audrey and i were laughing our heads off! and you were like "NO KAREN DONT LOOK AT ME VERY SCARY! YOU'RE LIKE ALL BLACK! LIKE GHOST LIDDAT!" (cos that time was late at night and there were no street lamps-- we were in the car on the way back to the apartment) then i took of my jacket and went "now im pink, okay?" haha! and the scooby do coaster.. and do you realise it was me who made you like jj more? heh. and that time i burned you a cd then your whole class wanted it. heh. and coach daniel no.1 kept saying we looked "more and more like sisters"?! haha!

sarah.. we were the closest of friends when we were very young.. i still have this letter you wrote me of some oval-shaped people and you went "sarah and karen!" OH and remember those mini-concerts we used to put up? hehe! and when we were like eight we would meet up every sunday to go to church.. and make havoc in the car.. remember the barbies? heh. and actually you were the one who introduced me to singers like Avril, Maroon 5, AARON CARTER.. remember the time we were abit sot in the minds? remember "stranded?" ugh. now i dun dare to look back.. remember when we listened to your walkman then your parents were like "howcone its so quiet?!" haha! oh and remember "fleeover"? hehe! and remember your cat, when you buried her you put the stone there, then pento dug it up? UGH. remember during sunday sch when it was super quiet we would "crack" our neckbones thingy and create that sound? hilarious! and i still rmb once when i went into your house you were hiding behind your mirror cos you just cut your hair n changed your specs.. hhahahaha!
sumay & sarah.. remember the time we sleptover at my house and sumay was so scared of this shadow that turned out to be a piece of paper? and remember EVERY CHRISTMAS we meet up and have a whale of a time until genie n bryan turns up? remember when bryan PUNCHED me in the stomach? like OW.
remember last time we would take turns to sit on the gigantic green trolley i have, then we push each other around and swerve and everything?
these are so precious memories.. priceless.. the times i have shared with my two bestest friends in the whole wide world! and now sarah and i are drifting further apart.. but sarah, just wanna let you know, no matter how distant our friendship becomes in the future, you will always hold a very special place in my heart..
we must take neoprints this yr ok?
JJ and MAYDAY and SHE and STEPHANIE SUN and JINSHA and SO MANY MORE are going to the gcmma (Global Chinese Music Melody Awards) thingy!!! I WANT TO GO! THEN CAN SEE ALL THE ARTISTES! esp jj and mayday and she!!! i wanna seeeeee! so gd lorh jjfc and carol and jt (ok i noe they're both from jjfc too but anyway) and jacey are going!!! and i cannot go!!!!!! aaaaah so sad. and jacey you are SO LUCKY to have such a NICE fren like jt to spend 70 bucks to buy tix for you lorh. JT YOU ROCK MANN. see? this is the true meaning of "sisters". AAAAAAAAH I WANNA GOOOOOO *pout*
omg eng exam was sorta sucky and i had stomach cramp so couldnt concentrate on the paper :( then i wrote qn1. most exciting day. cos i wrote that essay like abt 2-3 times so now when i write it again i will be familiar with it so dunid to think so much. and can improve on it oso. altogether wrote 4 pgs?! heh.
and for summary I FORGOT TO PUT WORD COUNT!!!!! AAAH
and i really wish sarah's parents wud let her go to sch by mrt.. so long havent seen her.. she's like my first fren i ever had leh!!! but if she went to sch by mrt she gotta get up v early cos must change train (north-south to east-west) and after redhill mrt still must take bus.. sigh.. ok im gonna blog one entry and dedicate it to sumay and sarah! maybe todae.. maybe tomorrow.. maybe NOW! hehs.

Sep 20, 2006

i SERIOUSLY think friendship problems are a waste of TIME, EFFORT, EMOTIONS, and alot of other things. i seriously dun see whats so difficult about not having any enemies and liking everyone! to heck with "shes so bitchy" and "i cant stand her" and "if she's going then i'm not" like HELLO ITS SO DAMN LAME AND STUPID AND CHILDISH MANN! and yimei totally agrees! what's the point of creating frenship probs here and there until like everyone's hating/backstabbing/bitching about everybody? what kind of crap is this supposed to be? cant we all be friends and enjoy life in sec sch more? get so stressed up about friendship for what???
god! its so irritating!
and to heck with cliques! why the heck do you care about "who's in our clique" and "who's not" and "who i cannot stand in my clique and therefore should kick out?" like why care so much about cliques and stuff? can we like stop caring about who should do stuff with us and who should not? i think cliques are totally rubbish. amelia says vana and lingling are not part of our clique. (NO OFFENCE.) but jiayi insists on the fact that they are. i think: cliques cannot be formed like that, it more or less comes "naturally". Just because ling n vana dun tok alot dosent make them not part of our clique! and anyway do we even give tham a chance to speak?? amelia keeps saying they dun hang out with us alot. but that dosent mean they cannot right? and yimei agrees with me totally that why the heck should we care about who can hang out with us and who cannot? just be good friends with everyone so difficult ah? let them hang out with us also cannot ah? its so stupidly childish when pple go "she's not in our clique" and "i seriously dun think she's suitable to be part of it" and "she isnt very close to the clique and i dun think she is really a part of it". ITS SO CHILDISH! EUGH!!!!
do you know the main reason i didnt want to join a girls sch? No, it wasnt because of the guys. It was because i knew that in a girls sch there will be alot of immature friendship probs like this, that will cause nothing but alot of sadness.
why cant everyone be gd frens with everyone? like one day must have one fight like that. amelia cheng ah. so amy pple hate you and you hate so many pple. its like damn childish can. even i dun hate you cos i feel hating pple is something that makes you feel bad, and you CAN choose whether to hate a person or not. when you cannot stand the attitude of someone, look at her gd points not bad points. some pple just do the other way around. like you're not hurting anyone but yourself by hating pple!
and nade im really sorry i left you out alot. i shall try to include you more in stuff we do :) but do try to talk more too.. i mean you cant expect everything to go your way if you don't do anything about it.. :)

Sep 19, 2006

hey pple GO SEE THIS super cool!!! JJ SINGING IN THIS SUPER HIGH PITCHED TONE LIKE SOME OPERA GIRL?! damn cool lah. and the first time i heard it i was in hysterical fits. *sorry jj* SO LI HAI! a GUY whose voice has BROKEN long ago can sing SO HIGH. its crazy lah. must see.
eeh oral was so crappy and like cos i was 2nd last to go i had to sit there with only my storybook from 1.30 ALL THE WAY TO 3.15. CRAPP. then so nervous during picture conversation and ms chan kept asking me "what do you think are their feelings" three times cos the first time i sed "um they look abit anxious as they are afraid that they will drop the ball" then she sae "ok so how do you think they feel" then i sae "um i think they are having fun playing the game" then she sae "ok so how do you think they feel" then i was "er, happy?" then i rmb she sae "dun sae happy! say delighted or pleased" so i sae " uh no no i mean delighted" AAAAH. IM GONNA FAIL ENGLISH ORAL. SHUCKS.

Sep 16, 2006

omg did anyone read that article in newsppr abt that poor girl push down onto the train tracks??? POOR THING!!! its like she was having a fight with her bf (now EX-bf heh), then he got angry lah, then push her down the tracks!! then there was a train coming then she knew that if she try to get up on the platform it will be too late cos the platform very high so she stood by the side of the tracks then the train just passed by her. and it was like sooooo close to her body lah. clementi mrt station. you know why that guy is so stupid??? cos if he hate the girl until like that then if he want to kill her might as well go all the way and kidnap her then torture her slowly to death right??? just push her down like that then she die so quickly then its painless and fast what. like that he very happy meh??? but lucky he didnt touture her like i said just now lah. heh. and lucky her reaction very fast and didnt try to get onto the platform. like jj ah, once in taiwan or sth he was driving then sudddenly a car came up in front of him then instead of braking he accelerated then swerved then lucky no car accident. cos he sae if he tried to brake then it will be too late. these kind of pple hor, in a moment of panic also know how to think. not bad man!
piano! finally passed one piece. then i was so happy thought i just need to "master" three more pieces then tcher gaveme another piece anyway. so ive still got four anyway. =.= and now it takes me soo long to pass cos i hardly ever practise O_olll
and im not allowed to use msn until end of exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the jj radio drama is over le :(
and im in love with TWISTER FRIES.
and SILVAVA's teachers day animation thingy is SO NICE! pei fu ta. she confirm win the IPOD one. :( and i cant believe that for the teachers day thingy i put WANG LI HONG'S "WEI YI" instead of a jj song. i feel so terrible!!! but the windows movie maker thingy i put jian jian dan dan then i put jj pics. im so happy with it cos the timing is perfect. 1 pic 5 secs which is quite short so it wont stay there for so long and bore ms shervon :D

Sep 15, 2006

hahaha at msp today mdm chua ask what lions usually do then hannah said "eat drink play maple" hahahahaha!
OH and jj's hua yang shao nian shao nu drama, then one where he's acting as a super nerd and ella's bro, the VCD IS OUT!!! but i wont be able to buy it cos it costs $49.90... O_olll so expensive leh..
and that japanese im addicted to now (not gokusen, another one called hello black jack or sth, dunno why they call it that) is super nice! now the main character (this trainee doctor called Saito who can look quite cute :D) is in charge of this twins that are super small cos they were born really premature (7 mths?!), his third patients in his doctoring career. then their parents, mum is a housewife dad is lawyer. then at first they want to kill the baby cos they are so weird looking and they dunno what will happen in the future. then the mum one day go and visit her twins then 'falls in love' with them. then one day they find that the twins got disease that makes them mental and one of them needs this intestine operation. (the poor thing is onli slightly bigger than saiko's palm! poor thing) then the dad dowan the treatment for the disease and the operation. he want them to die. cos he sae nxt time society might not accept them in future and hey got more diseases then their life will be very terrible. so far onli like dat lorh. i wanna noe wat happen in the end!!!!!! AAAAAAAH

Sep 14, 2006

did like 40 superman thingies, 40 crunches and 46 pushups (20 for training, 26 for punishment cos we were slow) for dance todae?!?!?!?!!! gosh.
and i totally malu-ed myself during dance! cos we were practising the bumble bee dance then when i was supposed to come out for the solo thingy i totally forgot that i was supposed to be swinging the liu xing then i did a totally diff movement! then later i reaslised then faster change. then while spinning i forgot about the head thingy so i became very very dizzy cos i didnt keep my head fixed on a point like i was supposed to, then i fell cos of dizziness then lily went "um the centre is HERE" then i realised that i was totally off center!!!! SO MALU SO MALU SO MALU
and the jj radio drama is so cute! first he got stuck in shakespere's time, then wang fei hong, then flintstones, and he keeps trying and failing to get back to present time, then until left the last drop of sth he's supposed to drink so he can time travel, then he made a mistake AGAIN and now he stuck in HARRY POTTERS TIME. but hermione says she can use magic to make the drink thingy back. yay!!! hahaha. very confusing lah the song. and it sae that ron's pet rat got 89757 hairs on its body and malfoy used 89757 diff potions to make sth lah. then jj realise that malfoy is his this time de 99% you yuan ren. once it was a mummy?!
ok the storyline is very very confusing.

Sep 12, 2006

i dun hate you lah! if i hate you then i go with you to recess and stuff for wat. XD if i hate someone i will not talk or go out with that person one. so it will be very obvious if i hate u. XD
just that sometimes i totally cannot stand you hurting me again and again, it might be intentional or unintentional, i dunno.. i hope it isnt on purpose! so anyway whenever i tell you that you're hurting alot of people its NOT BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO FEEL BAD! its cos i want you to realise it and change, NOT blog that "you're like that and you cannot change" and then say that your life is so miserable. i mean thats like totally missing the point lah. like when nade told me dat you cant stand my attitude sometimes she was afraid to sae earlier cos scared that i will hate you and stuff but i tink if someone dosent like your attitude then you hate that person for wat?! actually i must thank you bcos if not for that i would still be the old stupid me, now at least i can realise my mistake and try my best to change :) i tink it is wat u shud do too..
and dun tink you feel sad or cry one day very big deal lorh. i mean. alot of people cry alot more than you. (heh). i cry alot :P and found out that super close frens ____ and __ cry alot at night like me too!
oh and i nv knew you can write poems :D
and for gods sake you are really hurting alot of pple. so pls try your best to change. actually i can see abit of change in you le.. zui jin you dun insult [my] jj anymore.. THANK YOU! ^.^ continue to jiayou!
and i hope this will not affect our frenship ok? cos you can be a veri nice fren :D

Sep 10, 2006

yay my dad bought wireless router!!! now i dun have to go to study room to do my work/stuff on tablet anymore. :D
omg just now when my dad was doing the wireless thingy he open the internet explorer then went to my homepg which is MY BLOG so my dad noe mi blog addy!??!!?! but im too lazy to change it leh. daddy if you read this dun come here anymore okay? respect the fact that your daughter got her own privacy as well! (even tho a blog is public :P)
maths homework. qn 7 is abt ahma and fandi's age and all that. answer: ahmad is 13 and fandi is 25.
LIKE ME AND JJ ahahaha
1) i found the vid of jj singing sarang heyo at the qian ming hui, and got the part where HE LOOKS AT ME singing "zhi you ni sa jiao hui rang wo wei xiao, sarang heyo zhi dui ni shuo" OMG (got show him looking at me never show me lah)
2) the vid of jj beatboxing and posing and LOOKING AT ME TOO WAHAHAHAHHA
3) the vid of him at sg world tour singing DANG NI omg so nice it was one of the 33 that i deleted and its super nice cos can hear all the fans screaming slong to the song <33333
4) the vid of him singing HEAL THE WORLD at sg world tour it was also one of those i deleted. actually the most precious vids i all stored inside the cam i deleted the vids of :,( but the most precious would be THIS FOUR (no really! those where he was looking at me is like duh, and dang ni cos all the fans were singing along, and heal the world cos it was done SO nicely!)
5) the vid of him at jj party drawing that super cool guy that looks abit like coach daniel no.1 (the nicer one)
6) JACEY AND JIAYING'S account on youtube!! and this other gal called str4wb3rryx whos form jjfc forum but i dunno her name lah.
7) him singing jian jian dan dan at sg world tour. i totally forgot that he sung that song!!!!
I LOVE YOUTUBE too bad sch network cannot see (?!*@$$)

Sep 9, 2006

I FOUND THE MUSIC VIDEO OF "xing kong xia de wen"!!!!!!!!!!!
FOUND "xing qiu" AS WELL OMGOMGOMG but not as nice
omg lah and i was like grinning like an idiot to myself in the study room lol.
i just realised that this blog is sooooo dead. pple who come here tag okay? then i will be able to keep track of how dead this blog is. lol. or maybe pple dunno abt my change in blog url. spread the word ok peeps who actually bother to read? lol.
omg piano was disaster today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my usual piano teacher ms eevone wasnt here so there was this relief tcher who was quite nice then she ask me to play a piece then i started with the one i had LEAST confindence in and havent practised since two weeks ago. =.= and i was also super nervous n dunno why the keys so hard to press so like one in every two notes were wrong. crap lah. then she ask mi wat sch i was from then i sae crescent. i think she must be thinking "if she so clever then why play until like as if she from K2 liddat" aaaah.

Sep 8, 2006

I was watching Poseidon with my dad's projector and gigantic screen. so shuang mann. but see so many pple die.. haix. and like the poor little boy had to watch everyone die (luckily not his mum though, but the two of them nearly drowned) and watching their gigantic ship sink while they were on the lifeboat.. jiahui was right it was thrilling!! highly recommed this show to everyone!! but why were all three (was it three?) of the girls long-haired and wearing black dresses?! so difficult to see who was who. and I TOTALLY MISSED HALF OF JJ'S RADIO DRAMA ON RADIO MAN! GOSH. now i feel so guilty. missing jj for poseidon?!??!?!!!!?! aaaaaah. hope someone recorded it man.. it was the last episode of Cuo Luan J Shi Kong (the radio drama de title)!!! MY JJ A! i want to find out how he made it to Jiang nan and found 89757 and found his way back out of wang fei hong's time and back to the present time!!! AAAH. *slaps mself*
I think the thing i cannot stand about me (the most) is that my personality both inside and outside clashes.
Inside i am abit like yimei but outside i am more like amelia. so most pple see me as the dun-care-abt-anything type but a few know that i can be quite sensitive. so pple try not to hurl hurtful comments at me okay? hehehe. nadine and jiayi very nice. when i told them that what they said hurt alot they were very apologetic and stopped immediately. <3
oh and who agrees that nadine's blogskin is damn nice? i bet everyone does. face up to it nadine! your blogskin rocks!!
omg.. i just thought of a VERY NICE MEMORY..
twinkles at KL! anyone been before? i think i knew some pple in mi pri 3 class who went before.. XD its super fun! its like this huge ultra-gigantic indoor playground with those huge huge slides and most of the playground is cushioned/soft. and its only for people under 12 or 10 ah. cant rmb. i think it's 12. cos there are places where you have to wriggle/squeeze through and stuff. i think the last time i went was when it was ivan's seventh bdae.. means i was 10? think so. and peter and yvonne were 12 le so like abit too big XD so yvonne would either go shopping with francessca (peter's sis) who's 1 yr older, or stay at the ball pool thingy with me or someone else. but peter die die oso want to squeeze inside. XD
then when isaac was abt 2 we took him oso then he cried when he saw the dark-coloured gigantic tube slide but was ok with the light-coloured one. XD so cute!!! then there was this super small chamber (well it seemed super small when all 7-9 of us were inside XD) then peter and ian started jumping inside then the whole place shook. so funny.
these memories i didn't cherish then.. but i cherish them more then ever now.. the times with my cousins are unforgettable..
how i would give up my tablet stylus pen just to be younger again to go to twinkles! (and btw i love my stylus pen)
TWINKLES ROX!!!!!!!!!!
no lah amelia i dont hate you!!!!
its just that most of the time i totally cant stand your attitude and feel like buying a voodoo doll of you and stabbing it >.< (but not the 89757 one!!!) but sometimes you're quite nice lah. :) i dont hate anyone! see im so nice right?! ahahaha. jk.
crap i just missed the chance to earn 5 bucks! (not by doing split lah! i think i'll never be able to earn that, not in sec sch anyway). cos me n mi mum made a deal, if i help her go to supermarket n buy stuff then walk home lugging all the food n stuff then she will gimme 1 dollar. so today i was supposed to go supermarket and come back with 5kg worth of MILK (?!) but then dad say we're going to jurong point for dinner anyway so he can just go and buy then. its like so sad la! if we werent going out today or if i did the supermarketing ytd then i can earn 5 bucks then i will have THIRTY-THREE dollars in mi savings. (im trying to save 40 bucks then buy mi super k-ge). but now i still have 28. which is already veri gd lah.
XIAOXI I AM SO SUPER SORRY! i will return you your autographed jj 24-song vcd cover tomorrow! im so sorry! how many months le!!! before the 24 june concert.. :O i actually thought i return it to you le!!
haix.. jealous.. nvm.. i got 3 other autographed stuff (caocao cd, vcd, xie zhen ji) and in SILVER MARKER and in VERY GOOD CONDITION. muahahahhahaha.

Sep 7, 2006

aiya! missed alvin on tv again!!!
shits. i thought dance prac started at 8 instead of 9 so i arrived there like 1 hr early?! the first one hehe. OMG for the dance im supposed to do this like 30-sec solo!??!??!?!?!! ahahahahaha! im like supposed to swing this lightstick-on-a-long-long-string (aka liu xing XD) when the stage is totally dark. i think i'll ruin the whole thing lah. and we're supposed to do that san duo hua thingy which i dunno how to do.. must go learn from shermin!!!!
omg im addicted to the song ai xiao de yan jing.. and that ying cha yang cuo oso. aaaa!

Sep 6, 2006

he also wrote WO HEN XIANG AI TA by TWINS and BIAN GU SHI by LIN ZHI YING?!?!?!?!
oh yeah btw those that didnt noe lin zhi ying is amelia's gym teacher's husband!?!?!?!?!?!!
OH and go see this - lee hsien loong's My Hump- hilarious! jacey sent it to me.
see? i never knew it was written by him but i loved the song anyway. haha. its sung by hebe and fei lun hai. hebe is SO CHIO. itd be so much nicer if jj and hebe sang it ok. cos they both like each other (as singers lah).
yesterday i looked around for a friend's shoulder to cry on and couldn't find one.
I realise that lately i cry alot. and like 99% of the time it has sth to do with amelia.
u noe wat bloddy amelia says? she says my attitude was acting up again when she said that i suck and nade agreed. like hello. i know im doing my best to change but its onli been what, 3 days?! give me some time can? i mean i am grateful that u brought it up lah. but. and it was when YOU SAID THAT I SUCK?! U EXPECT ME TO BE COOL ABOUT IT AH?!?!?! WHAT, U WANT ME TO CRY IN FRONT OF YOU IZZIT?! obviously i will say "like whatever man" even though it hurts me right? what the heck lah.

Sep 5, 2006

yay! changed my blog url! actually wanted to change to but can't so too bad.. i really like jj-and-me!! so sad!!!
3 reasons why i hate holidays::
1. no allowance therefore become very broke
2. ALOT of homework
3. bored so eat alot then become fat! >.<
pple go watch this:: (you just put your mouse over the link and click it will take you there even tho there's no hand mouse sign thingy.)
renfred oso put the turtle sign on his msn nickname!! yay!!
last night i dreamt that i could do a split.
then i wake up and try then i realise that its getting worse!!!!!

Sep 4, 2006

steve irwin died today from a stingray attack!!!!!
my bro's gonna cry when he finds out.. he used to love his show mann.. faithful fan of it!!
poor steve!
SAW COACH JUSTIN WHILE WALKING HOME!!! he was riding this bike. then we stare at each other for a long time then he waved n i smiled. hahaha.
coach justin is one of the relief badminton coaches. hes quite nice lah, know how to joke around, but after his training muscles always damn pain one. Hahaha.
and he's from boon lay sec- the school RIGHT BELOW MY HOUSE?!- and sumay said that he's FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. how can he be fifteen??!?!?! that's like two yrs older than me onli?! and SAME AGE AS YVONNE AND PETER AND YOUNGER THAN FRANCESCCA?!?!??!?!?! i dont dare to believe it man! (if people are wondering who yvonne peter and fran is, can find a pic of yvonne n me under the "pics" section below the tagboard. peter and fran are siblings. no pics :P)
i cant imagine coach justin in blss uniform man. lol.
i think im reeeally beginning to like wang leehom!! he has a ver nice vioce and his songs are very nice and he's SO TALENTED he can play 18 instruments!? i cant even name 18 instruments!! and he could actually go to colleges like princeton and yale?!
but of course i like jj more lah.

Sep 3, 2006

my hamster died today!!!!!!!
its like, i go to msia dat time she was still alive and hyper. then when i come back shes like lying motionless and not responding to me! my maid says yesterday night she was still running around.
she probably fell from the cage, where she likes to climb up and down. but she's always falling, why now? she could have choked. actually that's very possible. but can't be of old age lah.
oh u know the average life span of wild hamsters (?!) is 15 years but of domestic ones it's only 3 years because owners keep waking them up during the day when they're nocturnal animals! when i found out about that i stopped doing it. XD
KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS?!?!?!?! our flight was suppsoed to leave at 2.20, then we reached at abt 2.00 then we realised that the check in time was onli like from 12.20 to 1.35 so when we reached there the counter was closed!! so we went to the office then we saw ALOT of people there who were also talking the 2.20 flight but made it later than 1.35. then the person there ws like "the counter isalready closed, sorry" then we started making alot of noise (obviously) then the girl onli let the first few dunno-how-many go in. and dad and i were like the last two. thank goodnesslah. but the poor guy who were behind us couldn't get in! and the worst thing is, if wecomplain it wouldn't be of much use because AirAsia is a cheap flight! gosh!that poor guy!!!!!
oh. and mission failed.
i didn't manage to take a pic or video of peter!!! GAAAH!! onli got one of his back. but it makes him look very old. XD but i asked yvonne to help me do so if she had the chance. :D
stupid tablet talk!!!!!
because of this tablet talk i cannot go to KL with mi family lah. i'm missing the trip to KL just for the stupid tablet talk. i'm missing the chance to play Crazy Taxi on ian's ps2, missing the chance to scream the house down, missing the chance to do soo many things. all for the stupid tablet talk. and my family is staying until wed. and i dun have anything on tues n wed! means if there wasnt any tablet talk i can stay with them to kl until wednesday!!!!!!!!!! gaaaah! the tablet talk better be good ok!
and also mi famliy is planning, dec holidaes after mi aunt's wedding on 25 nov, we go genting! i've never been before and i hear pple talking abt it but i never been there before. and u noe wats the worst thing?! I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO GO BECAUSE OF DANCE PRACTICE!!!!! lily and michelle are you reading this!??!?! missing the chance to go somewhere i've never been before with mi fave cousins for dance practice??? but on the calendar they say dance prac onli until 24 nov.. hope they dont change the timing to like 25 or 28 if not i CANNOT GO GENTING... and next yr dunno if i can see them again... CRY MAN! and i've already missed alot of trips to see my cousins because of bloddy school okay.. realli gonna miss them alot... better be worth it ok.. LILY AND MICHELLE if you are readin this pleeease put the last SYF training or dance prac before the 24 of november!!!!!!!!!!!! pweeeeeease!!!
OMG! i just saw the shuaiest person on earth (refer to prev. posts) play badminton!!! and hes damn pro lah! he's been playing for years! and he participated in some competitions and got awards lah. wah lau. *siiighhh*
went to cemetery to see mi grandparets. had a hard time finding their grave. Haha. and i just realised that mi grandmother died when i was 5. mi poor bro, she died when he was 1 onli. and isaac and connie never saw their grandparents. sigh. oh and it was so hot lah.

shit. im like leaving msia at 1.45. one more hour to go. and peter's not back from badminton yet! i told nadine i'd take a pic of him! nvm. if i dont then next time i see him i will ok? (which is prob like a few years later) sigh.
oh crap. how come my tablet cant view my jj concert dvd?!?!?!?! can see my other dvds cant see the most important one!!! so stupid lah can?!?!! gosh.
aah.. yvonne's not here yet.. sian.
and there's noone online..
oh and people under "navigations" if you scroll down, under "pics", can see i uploaded some more.. just a few lah. i will try to do more of it. its so irritating cos you resize it again and again then you accidentally make it too small then you have to upload it again. that's what happened to that pic of the clouds. siiiigh.
oh and i just realised that the most embarrasing time of my life has something to do with peter, the last time i came here and the last time i saw him (when i was 10, i think). oh and i remember long time ago when i was about 10 and he was about 12 (or 9 and 11) there was this indoor gigantic super fun playground called Twinkles and we were all small enough to go but he wasn't but he did anyway. then when we had to bend down to do stuff he had to crouch down reeeally low. and that time i went to cameron highlands all the cousins were playing "find the mighty bean" and peter was supposed to hide it along with one more person. once i was that person and he hid the mighty bean under this towel that was hanging on the metal rack. he actually managed to make it balance! but this other cousin of mine Nicholas shook the rack and it dropped. XD
francescca (his sis who's 16) is studying in australia! not bad wor!!

Sep 2, 2006

oh yeah! in msia now! and while i was in the aeroplane the clouds were like so cool lah! like a floor of clouds!!!
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oh and theres this cousin of mine, Peter (im staying at his house now, haven't done so in like 3 years mann), he's 15 and SUPER DUPER ULTRA MEGA DAMN SHUAI. shuaier than the acsi guy! which means very very very shuai lah. if i manage to snap a pic of him then i will put it up! GOSH! SUPER SHUAI! but with specs not that shuai XD frameless like me!
omg! i got the shuai guy's email addy!! *squeeeeeeal*
oh and their dog Cleo, is a golden retriever!!! super hyper lah. and she went to go and drink the toilet bowl water. O_oll

Sep 1, 2006

went to changi and back. like hello. FROM BOON LAY TO CHANGI AND BACK. LIKE, 52 STOPS??!??!?!?! gosh! fifty two leh! broke my record! the most i had travelled by mrt before this was from boon lay to tampines lah. gosh. i just travelled from one end of sg to the other man. the budget termial is so boring! and we're supposed to write a 2-pg report on that!?!?!?!? dunno how lah. gosh. and this guy jiayi (is actually AMELIA but she wants me to put jiayi's name) was talking to was damn sick, keep telling her that he had his shirt off. haha. and like she went to the toilet and she talked to him the whole time she was peeing. like omg, got that peeing sound lah. that other guy must have had a really good time man.oh and i was liststening to my mp3 and then i let amelia listen to the song Ju Li (my present blog song, but the blog song is very unclear, the actual one is much nicer) then amelia went "now i noe why you love jj so much" aaaaaah! so nice lah she. and we saw alot of crescentians!!
jj was doing "fan gen dou" while practising for his concert, then he accidentally pushed his laptop onto the floor! AAH! poor him (and laptop)!!!
mi fren(jacey)'s fren saw jj at imm long time ago, then she wanted him to autograph sth but didn't have pen and paper so she asked him to wait while she bought. then she totally forgot abt jj ok! so she like rushed back and jj was still there. HALF AN HOUR LATER.