Sep 12, 2006

i dun hate you lah! if i hate you then i go with you to recess and stuff for wat. XD if i hate someone i will not talk or go out with that person one. so it will be very obvious if i hate u. XD
just that sometimes i totally cannot stand you hurting me again and again, it might be intentional or unintentional, i dunno.. i hope it isnt on purpose! so anyway whenever i tell you that you're hurting alot of people its NOT BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO FEEL BAD! its cos i want you to realise it and change, NOT blog that "you're like that and you cannot change" and then say that your life is so miserable. i mean thats like totally missing the point lah. like when nade told me dat you cant stand my attitude sometimes she was afraid to sae earlier cos scared that i will hate you and stuff but i tink if someone dosent like your attitude then you hate that person for wat?! actually i must thank you bcos if not for that i would still be the old stupid me, now at least i can realise my mistake and try my best to change :) i tink it is wat u shud do too..
and dun tink you feel sad or cry one day very big deal lorh. i mean. alot of people cry alot more than you. (heh). i cry alot :P and found out that super close frens ____ and __ cry alot at night like me too!
oh and i nv knew you can write poems :D
and for gods sake you are really hurting alot of pple. so pls try your best to change. actually i can see abit of change in you le.. zui jin you dun insult [my] jj anymore.. THANK YOU! ^.^ continue to jiayou!
and i hope this will not affect our frenship ok? cos you can be a veri nice fren :D

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