Sep 1, 2006

went to changi and back. like hello. FROM BOON LAY TO CHANGI AND BACK. LIKE, 52 STOPS??!??!?!?! gosh! fifty two leh! broke my record! the most i had travelled by mrt before this was from boon lay to tampines lah. gosh. i just travelled from one end of sg to the other man. the budget termial is so boring! and we're supposed to write a 2-pg report on that!?!?!?!? dunno how lah. gosh. and this guy jiayi (is actually AMELIA but she wants me to put jiayi's name) was talking to was damn sick, keep telling her that he had his shirt off. haha. and like she went to the toilet and she talked to him the whole time she was peeing. like omg, got that peeing sound lah. that other guy must have had a really good time man.oh and i was liststening to my mp3 and then i let amelia listen to the song Ju Li (my present blog song, but the blog song is very unclear, the actual one is much nicer) then amelia went "now i noe why you love jj so much" aaaaaah! so nice lah she. and we saw alot of crescentians!!

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