Sep 20, 2006

i SERIOUSLY think friendship problems are a waste of TIME, EFFORT, EMOTIONS, and alot of other things. i seriously dun see whats so difficult about not having any enemies and liking everyone! to heck with "shes so bitchy" and "i cant stand her" and "if she's going then i'm not" like HELLO ITS SO DAMN LAME AND STUPID AND CHILDISH MANN! and yimei totally agrees! what's the point of creating frenship probs here and there until like everyone's hating/backstabbing/bitching about everybody? what kind of crap is this supposed to be? cant we all be friends and enjoy life in sec sch more? get so stressed up about friendship for what???
god! its so irritating!
and to heck with cliques! why the heck do you care about "who's in our clique" and "who's not" and "who i cannot stand in my clique and therefore should kick out?" like why care so much about cliques and stuff? can we like stop caring about who should do stuff with us and who should not? i think cliques are totally rubbish. amelia says vana and lingling are not part of our clique. (NO OFFENCE.) but jiayi insists on the fact that they are. i think: cliques cannot be formed like that, it more or less comes "naturally". Just because ling n vana dun tok alot dosent make them not part of our clique! and anyway do we even give tham a chance to speak?? amelia keeps saying they dun hang out with us alot. but that dosent mean they cannot right? and yimei agrees with me totally that why the heck should we care about who can hang out with us and who cannot? just be good friends with everyone so difficult ah? let them hang out with us also cannot ah? its so stupidly childish when pple go "she's not in our clique" and "i seriously dun think she's suitable to be part of it" and "she isnt very close to the clique and i dun think she is really a part of it". ITS SO CHILDISH! EUGH!!!!
do you know the main reason i didnt want to join a girls sch? No, it wasnt because of the guys. It was because i knew that in a girls sch there will be alot of immature friendship probs like this, that will cause nothing but alot of sadness.
why cant everyone be gd frens with everyone? like one day must have one fight like that. amelia cheng ah. so amy pple hate you and you hate so many pple. its like damn childish can. even i dun hate you cos i feel hating pple is something that makes you feel bad, and you CAN choose whether to hate a person or not. when you cannot stand the attitude of someone, look at her gd points not bad points. some pple just do the other way around. like you're not hurting anyone but yourself by hating pple!
and nade im really sorry i left you out alot. i shall try to include you more in stuff we do :) but do try to talk more too.. i mean you cant expect everything to go your way if you don't do anything about it.. :)

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