Sep 3, 2006

KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS?!?!?!?! our flight was suppsoed to leave at 2.20, then we reached at abt 2.00 then we realised that the check in time was onli like from 12.20 to 1.35 so when we reached there the counter was closed!! so we went to the office then we saw ALOT of people there who were also talking the 2.20 flight but made it later than 1.35. then the person there ws like "the counter isalready closed, sorry" then we started making alot of noise (obviously) then the girl onli let the first few dunno-how-many go in. and dad and i were like the last two. thank goodnesslah. but the poor guy who were behind us couldn't get in! and the worst thing is, if wecomplain it wouldn't be of much use because AirAsia is a cheap flight! gosh!that poor guy!!!!!
oh. and mission failed.
i didn't manage to take a pic or video of peter!!! GAAAH!! onli got one of his back. but it makes him look very old. XD but i asked yvonne to help me do so if she had the chance. :D

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