Sep 15, 2006

hahaha at msp today mdm chua ask what lions usually do then hannah said "eat drink play maple" hahahahaha!
OH and jj's hua yang shao nian shao nu drama, then one where he's acting as a super nerd and ella's bro, the VCD IS OUT!!! but i wont be able to buy it cos it costs $49.90... O_olll so expensive leh..
and that japanese im addicted to now (not gokusen, another one called hello black jack or sth, dunno why they call it that) is super nice! now the main character (this trainee doctor called Saito who can look quite cute :D) is in charge of this twins that are super small cos they were born really premature (7 mths?!), his third patients in his doctoring career. then their parents, mum is a housewife dad is lawyer. then at first they want to kill the baby cos they are so weird looking and they dunno what will happen in the future. then the mum one day go and visit her twins then 'falls in love' with them. then one day they find that the twins got disease that makes them mental and one of them needs this intestine operation. (the poor thing is onli slightly bigger than saiko's palm! poor thing) then the dad dowan the treatment for the disease and the operation. he want them to die. cos he sae nxt time society might not accept them in future and hey got more diseases then their life will be very terrible. so far onli like dat lorh. i wanna noe wat happen in the end!!!!!! AAAAAAAH

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