Sep 24, 2006

sarah must come to my blog more often k? hehe!
and nadine.. you sound a bit pissed off at me.. ok i dunno for reason, maybe its that time we passed notes that thingy, but for whatever dun be mad ok? cos i sitll love you <3
hehe badminton today i showed sumay all the pics of us when we were super small and she started laughing like mad at one of them..
and theres someone staying temporarily in our house! my mum's colleague from china :O hehe
OMG cant stop listening to Chu Dian n Wo Men Zen Me Le by SHE. i need the cd!
and yimei u didnt noe jay chou wrote zi wo cui mian?! tsktsk slow worx. dat time when cui mian show was just released they sae that zi wo cui mian was written by jay what. u noe in xiaozhu's new album releasing in oct inside got two songs jj wrote!!! hehehe

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