Sep 25, 2006

ok.. so AMELIA CHENG is officially dao-ing our group. Tsk. Like what the heck mann. Like who needs her lah. This gal who comes into our lives and hurts everyone by insulting every single thing that we do, then when we can’t stand her offending all of us she starts dao-ing everybody and leaves the group, blaming us for being TOO SENSITIVE. Like hello lah. If someone keeps saying u suck and ur idol sucks one day you will not be able to stand it too right? And shes mad at me bcos when she received an irritating sms I said “yah but you said you dun care if you have any friends or not right?” and like who’s the one who said she couldn’t care less about what everybody else says lah. And she’s changed her blog url. Good luck Amelia hope you wont have to change it again. I shall not try to ask anyone for your url cos I couldn’t care less lorh.
Ooh theres this person staying temporarily in my house. Mum’s colleague from china. Heh.
Stupid mr ____. If im looking at my com screen instead of looking at his projector screen then he should now im doing sth not related to his work rite? N he thought I was searching for his work on the mlg ah. Heh..

-posted courtesy of YI MEI XD

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