Sep 22, 2006

JJ and MAYDAY and SHE and STEPHANIE SUN and JINSHA and SO MANY MORE are going to the gcmma (Global Chinese Music Melody Awards) thingy!!! I WANT TO GO! THEN CAN SEE ALL THE ARTISTES! esp jj and mayday and she!!! i wanna seeeeee! so gd lorh jjfc and carol and jt (ok i noe they're both from jjfc too but anyway) and jacey are going!!! and i cannot go!!!!!! aaaaah so sad. and jacey you are SO LUCKY to have such a NICE fren like jt to spend 70 bucks to buy tix for you lorh. JT YOU ROCK MANN. see? this is the true meaning of "sisters". AAAAAAAAH I WANNA GOOOOOO *pout*
omg eng exam was sorta sucky and i had stomach cramp so couldnt concentrate on the paper :( then i wrote qn1. most exciting day. cos i wrote that essay like abt 2-3 times so now when i write it again i will be familiar with it so dunid to think so much. and can improve on it oso. altogether wrote 4 pgs?! heh.
and for summary I FORGOT TO PUT WORD COUNT!!!!! AAAH
and i really wish sarah's parents wud let her go to sch by mrt.. so long havent seen her.. she's like my first fren i ever had leh!!! but if she went to sch by mrt she gotta get up v early cos must change train (north-south to east-west) and after redhill mrt still must take bus.. sigh.. ok im gonna blog one entry and dedicate it to sumay and sarah! maybe todae.. maybe tomorrow.. maybe NOW! hehs.

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