Sep 16, 2006

omg did anyone read that article in newsppr abt that poor girl push down onto the train tracks??? POOR THING!!! its like she was having a fight with her bf (now EX-bf heh), then he got angry lah, then push her down the tracks!! then there was a train coming then she knew that if she try to get up on the platform it will be too late cos the platform very high so she stood by the side of the tracks then the train just passed by her. and it was like sooooo close to her body lah. clementi mrt station. you know why that guy is so stupid??? cos if he hate the girl until like that then if he want to kill her might as well go all the way and kidnap her then torture her slowly to death right??? just push her down like that then she die so quickly then its painless and fast what. like that he very happy meh??? but lucky he didnt touture her like i said just now lah. heh. and lucky her reaction very fast and didnt try to get onto the platform. like jj ah, once in taiwan or sth he was driving then sudddenly a car came up in front of him then instead of braking he accelerated then swerved then lucky no car accident. cos he sae if he tried to brake then it will be too late. these kind of pple hor, in a moment of panic also know how to think. not bad man!
piano! finally passed one piece. then i was so happy thought i just need to "master" three more pieces then tcher gaveme another piece anyway. so ive still got four anyway. =.= and now it takes me soo long to pass cos i hardly ever practise O_olll
and im not allowed to use msn until end of exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the jj radio drama is over le :(
and im in love with TWISTER FRIES.
and SILVAVA's teachers day animation thingy is SO NICE! pei fu ta. she confirm win the IPOD one. :( and i cant believe that for the teachers day thingy i put WANG LI HONG'S "WEI YI" instead of a jj song. i feel so terrible!!! but the windows movie maker thingy i put jian jian dan dan then i put jj pics. im so happy with it cos the timing is perfect. 1 pic 5 secs which is quite short so it wont stay there for so long and bore ms shervon :D

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