Sep 14, 2006

did like 40 superman thingies, 40 crunches and 46 pushups (20 for training, 26 for punishment cos we were slow) for dance todae?!?!?!?!!! gosh.
and i totally malu-ed myself during dance! cos we were practising the bumble bee dance then when i was supposed to come out for the solo thingy i totally forgot that i was supposed to be swinging the liu xing then i did a totally diff movement! then later i reaslised then faster change. then while spinning i forgot about the head thingy so i became very very dizzy cos i didnt keep my head fixed on a point like i was supposed to, then i fell cos of dizziness then lily went "um the centre is HERE" then i realised that i was totally off center!!!! SO MALU SO MALU SO MALU
and the jj radio drama is so cute! first he got stuck in shakespere's time, then wang fei hong, then flintstones, and he keeps trying and failing to get back to present time, then until left the last drop of sth he's supposed to drink so he can time travel, then he made a mistake AGAIN and now he stuck in HARRY POTTERS TIME. but hermione says she can use magic to make the drink thingy back. yay!!! hahaha. very confusing lah the song. and it sae that ron's pet rat got 89757 hairs on its body and malfoy used 89757 diff potions to make sth lah. then jj realise that malfoy is his this time de 99% you yuan ren. once it was a mummy?!
ok the storyline is very very confusing.

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