Sep 23, 2006

omg i am SO PROUD of myself with what i did (or didnt do) today!!!!
i saw the SHE FOREVER album and i was so so so so tempted to buy it cos i really had more than enough money for it (FOR ONCE =.=) and i DIDNT COS I KNEW EXAMS WERE COMING UP! see? im such a self-disciplined person!!! (ok fine its actually cos i knew my parents would scream at me if i bought the album esp now when it's exam period)

I WANT THE SHE FOREVER CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wo men zen me le and chu dian ROCKS. omg and hebe is like so damn chio la. its really taking me alot of self discipline to stop myself from buying the cd okay. the day exam is over i confirm will go buy the album one.
and its not because jj likes hebe and she says she likes jj too ok. and its not because hebe is super chio either. just that their personalitites are very nice (esp ella hehehe) and some of their songs (esp wo men zen me le and chu dian and tian hui and this other 5-word song cant rmb name) are really very nice. dont laugh at me ok! i mean yea i know some of their songs like bu xiang zhang da and IOIO not very nice but canot judge a band/singer by just a few of their songs! must listen to some of their other nicer songs.. some really rock.. ive been listening to wo men zen me le continuously for more than half an hour on youtube.
i rmb what it says inside the she forever cd sleeve, hebe wrote this: forever gan xie ni men, er wo men san ge ren de you yi shi chao guo Forever. something liddat lah.

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