Sep 2, 2006

oh yeah! in msia now! and while i was in the aeroplane the clouds were like so cool lah! like a floor of clouds!!!
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oh and theres this cousin of mine, Peter (im staying at his house now, haven't done so in like 3 years mann), he's 15 and SUPER DUPER ULTRA MEGA DAMN SHUAI. shuaier than the acsi guy! which means very very very shuai lah. if i manage to snap a pic of him then i will put it up! GOSH! SUPER SHUAI! but with specs not that shuai XD frameless like me!
omg! i got the shuai guy's email addy!! *squeeeeeeal*
oh and their dog Cleo, is a golden retriever!!! super hyper lah. and she went to go and drink the toilet bowl water. O_oll

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