Sep 8, 2006

no lah amelia i dont hate you!!!!
its just that most of the time i totally cant stand your attitude and feel like buying a voodoo doll of you and stabbing it >.< (but not the 89757 one!!!) but sometimes you're quite nice lah. :) i dont hate anyone! see im so nice right?! ahahaha. jk.
crap i just missed the chance to earn 5 bucks! (not by doing split lah! i think i'll never be able to earn that, not in sec sch anyway). cos me n mi mum made a deal, if i help her go to supermarket n buy stuff then walk home lugging all the food n stuff then she will gimme 1 dollar. so today i was supposed to go supermarket and come back with 5kg worth of MILK (?!) but then dad say we're going to jurong point for dinner anyway so he can just go and buy then. its like so sad la! if we werent going out today or if i did the supermarketing ytd then i can earn 5 bucks then i will have THIRTY-THREE dollars in mi savings. (im trying to save 40 bucks then buy mi super k-ge). but now i still have 28. which is already veri gd lah.

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