Sep 22, 2006

sumay and sarah. dunno what i would do without the both of them. my childhood friends, knew them since forever.. and i believe we've all played a very very big part in one another's lives..
hehe i remember why sunay and sarah are not like, very very very close now.. its because when we were about 5 or 6 (somewhere arnd there) we were at this restaurant, then sumay was very hot-tempered at that time, lose her temper easily.. then she shouted at sarah and sarah cried.. (hey come on we were like how young only XD) and from that day onwards you didn't really like her.. then now we all are very close again! yay!

sumay.. we used to meet up only every chinese new year and christmas, occasionally during the june/nov-dec holidays we would have sleepovers... at that time, although we didn't meet up alot, we were still very close! during the aussie trip, we did practically everything together.. remember "cow"? hehehe! DO NOT START IT AGAIN OK. IM NOT WEARING THAT BELT ANYMORE MAN. and remember the time you thought i was a ghost and got so scared? then audrey and i were laughing our heads off! and you were like "NO KAREN DONT LOOK AT ME VERY SCARY! YOU'RE LIKE ALL BLACK! LIKE GHOST LIDDAT!" (cos that time was late at night and there were no street lamps-- we were in the car on the way back to the apartment) then i took of my jacket and went "now im pink, okay?" haha! and the scooby do coaster.. and do you realise it was me who made you like jj more? heh. and that time i burned you a cd then your whole class wanted it. heh. and coach daniel no.1 kept saying we looked "more and more like sisters"?! haha!

sarah.. we were the closest of friends when we were very young.. i still have this letter you wrote me of some oval-shaped people and you went "sarah and karen!" OH and remember those mini-concerts we used to put up? hehe! and when we were like eight we would meet up every sunday to go to church.. and make havoc in the car.. remember the barbies? heh. and actually you were the one who introduced me to singers like Avril, Maroon 5, AARON CARTER.. remember the time we were abit sot in the minds? remember "stranded?" ugh. now i dun dare to look back.. remember when we listened to your walkman then your parents were like "howcone its so quiet?!" haha! oh and remember "fleeover"? hehe! and remember your cat, when you buried her you put the stone there, then pento dug it up? UGH. remember during sunday sch when it was super quiet we would "crack" our neckbones thingy and create that sound? hilarious! and i still rmb once when i went into your house you were hiding behind your mirror cos you just cut your hair n changed your specs.. hhahahaha!
sumay & sarah.. remember the time we sleptover at my house and sumay was so scared of this shadow that turned out to be a piece of paper? and remember EVERY CHRISTMAS we meet up and have a whale of a time until genie n bryan turns up? remember when bryan PUNCHED me in the stomach? like OW.
remember last time we would take turns to sit on the gigantic green trolley i have, then we push each other around and swerve and everything?
these are so precious memories.. priceless.. the times i have shared with my two bestest friends in the whole wide world! and now sarah and i are drifting further apart.. but sarah, just wanna let you know, no matter how distant our friendship becomes in the future, you will always hold a very special place in my heart..
we must take neoprints this yr ok?

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