Sep 10, 2006

1) i found the vid of jj singing sarang heyo at the qian ming hui, and got the part where HE LOOKS AT ME singing "zhi you ni sa jiao hui rang wo wei xiao, sarang heyo zhi dui ni shuo" OMG (got show him looking at me never show me lah)
2) the vid of jj beatboxing and posing and LOOKING AT ME TOO WAHAHAHAHHA
3) the vid of him at sg world tour singing DANG NI omg so nice it was one of the 33 that i deleted and its super nice cos can hear all the fans screaming slong to the song <33333
4) the vid of him singing HEAL THE WORLD at sg world tour it was also one of those i deleted. actually the most precious vids i all stored inside the cam i deleted the vids of :,( but the most precious would be THIS FOUR (no really! those where he was looking at me is like duh, and dang ni cos all the fans were singing along, and heal the world cos it was done SO nicely!)
5) the vid of him at jj party drawing that super cool guy that looks abit like coach daniel no.1 (the nicer one)
6) JACEY AND JIAYING'S account on youtube!! and this other gal called str4wb3rryx whos form jjfc forum but i dunno her name lah.
7) him singing jian jian dan dan at sg world tour. i totally forgot that he sung that song!!!!
I LOVE YOUTUBE too bad sch network cannot see (?!*@$$)

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