Sep 4, 2006

SAW COACH JUSTIN WHILE WALKING HOME!!! he was riding this bike. then we stare at each other for a long time then he waved n i smiled. hahaha.
coach justin is one of the relief badminton coaches. hes quite nice lah, know how to joke around, but after his training muscles always damn pain one. Hahaha.
and he's from boon lay sec- the school RIGHT BELOW MY HOUSE?!- and sumay said that he's FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. how can he be fifteen??!?!?! that's like two yrs older than me onli?! and SAME AGE AS YVONNE AND PETER AND YOUNGER THAN FRANCESCCA?!?!??!?!?! i dont dare to believe it man! (if people are wondering who yvonne peter and fran is, can find a pic of yvonne n me under the "pics" section below the tagboard. peter and fran are siblings. no pics :P)
i cant imagine coach justin in blss uniform man. lol.
i think im reeeally beginning to like wang leehom!! he has a ver nice vioce and his songs are very nice and he's SO TALENTED he can play 18 instruments!? i cant even name 18 instruments!! and he could actually go to colleges like princeton and yale?!
but of course i like jj more lah.

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