Sep 8, 2006

omg.. i just thought of a VERY NICE MEMORY..
twinkles at KL! anyone been before? i think i knew some pple in mi pri 3 class who went before.. XD its super fun! its like this huge ultra-gigantic indoor playground with those huge huge slides and most of the playground is cushioned/soft. and its only for people under 12 or 10 ah. cant rmb. i think it's 12. cos there are places where you have to wriggle/squeeze through and stuff. i think the last time i went was when it was ivan's seventh bdae.. means i was 10? think so. and peter and yvonne were 12 le so like abit too big XD so yvonne would either go shopping with francessca (peter's sis) who's 1 yr older, or stay at the ball pool thingy with me or someone else. but peter die die oso want to squeeze inside. XD
then when isaac was abt 2 we took him oso then he cried when he saw the dark-coloured gigantic tube slide but was ok with the light-coloured one. XD so cute!!! then there was this super small chamber (well it seemed super small when all 7-9 of us were inside XD) then peter and ian started jumping inside then the whole place shook. so funny.
these memories i didn't cherish then.. but i cherish them more then ever now.. the times with my cousins are unforgettable..
how i would give up my tablet stylus pen just to be younger again to go to twinkles! (and btw i love my stylus pen)
TWINKLES ROX!!!!!!!!!!

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