Sep 3, 2006

stupid tablet talk!!!!!
because of this tablet talk i cannot go to KL with mi family lah. i'm missing the trip to KL just for the stupid tablet talk. i'm missing the chance to play Crazy Taxi on ian's ps2, missing the chance to scream the house down, missing the chance to do soo many things. all for the stupid tablet talk. and my family is staying until wed. and i dun have anything on tues n wed! means if there wasnt any tablet talk i can stay with them to kl until wednesday!!!!!!!!!! gaaaah! the tablet talk better be good ok!
and also mi famliy is planning, dec holidaes after mi aunt's wedding on 25 nov, we go genting! i've never been before and i hear pple talking abt it but i never been there before. and u noe wats the worst thing?! I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO GO BECAUSE OF DANCE PRACTICE!!!!! lily and michelle are you reading this!??!?! missing the chance to go somewhere i've never been before with mi fave cousins for dance practice??? but on the calendar they say dance prac onli until 24 nov.. hope they dont change the timing to like 25 or 28 if not i CANNOT GO GENTING... and next yr dunno if i can see them again... CRY MAN! and i've already missed alot of trips to see my cousins because of bloddy school okay.. realli gonna miss them alot... better be worth it ok.. LILY AND MICHELLE if you are readin this pleeease put the last SYF training or dance prac before the 24 of november!!!!!!!!!!!! pweeeeeease!!!

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