Sep 3, 2006

OMG! i just saw the shuaiest person on earth (refer to prev. posts) play badminton!!! and hes damn pro lah! he's been playing for years! and he participated in some competitions and got awards lah. wah lau. *siiighhh*
went to cemetery to see mi grandparets. had a hard time finding their grave. Haha. and i just realised that mi grandmother died when i was 5. mi poor bro, she died when he was 1 onli. and isaac and connie never saw their grandparents. sigh. oh and it was so hot lah.

shit. im like leaving msia at 1.45. one more hour to go. and peter's not back from badminton yet! i told nadine i'd take a pic of him! nvm. if i dont then next time i see him i will ok? (which is prob like a few years later) sigh.

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