Sep 3, 2006

oh crap. how come my tablet cant view my jj concert dvd?!?!?!?! can see my other dvds cant see the most important one!!! so stupid lah can?!?!! gosh.
aah.. yvonne's not here yet.. sian.
and there's noone online..
oh and people under "navigations" if you scroll down, under "pics", can see i uploaded some more.. just a few lah. i will try to do more of it. its so irritating cos you resize it again and again then you accidentally make it too small then you have to upload it again. that's what happened to that pic of the clouds. siiiigh.
oh and i just realised that the most embarrasing time of my life has something to do with peter, the last time i came here and the last time i saw him (when i was 10, i think). oh and i remember long time ago when i was about 10 and he was about 12 (or 9 and 11) there was this indoor gigantic super fun playground called Twinkles and we were all small enough to go but he wasn't but he did anyway. then when we had to bend down to do stuff he had to crouch down reeeally low. and that time i went to cameron highlands all the cousins were playing "find the mighty bean" and peter was supposed to hide it along with one more person. once i was that person and he hid the mighty bean under this towel that was hanging on the metal rack. he actually managed to make it balance! but this other cousin of mine Nicholas shook the rack and it dropped. XD
francescca (his sis who's 16) is studying in australia! not bad wor!!

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