Sep 8, 2006

I was watching Poseidon with my dad's projector and gigantic screen. so shuang mann. but see so many pple die.. haix. and like the poor little boy had to watch everyone die (luckily not his mum though, but the two of them nearly drowned) and watching their gigantic ship sink while they were on the lifeboat.. jiahui was right it was thrilling!! highly recommed this show to everyone!! but why were all three (was it three?) of the girls long-haired and wearing black dresses?! so difficult to see who was who. and I TOTALLY MISSED HALF OF JJ'S RADIO DRAMA ON RADIO MAN! GOSH. now i feel so guilty. missing jj for poseidon?!??!?!!!!?! aaaaaah. hope someone recorded it man.. it was the last episode of Cuo Luan J Shi Kong (the radio drama de title)!!! MY JJ A! i want to find out how he made it to Jiang nan and found 89757 and found his way back out of wang fei hong's time and back to the present time!!! AAAH. *slaps mself*

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