Oct 31, 2009

Swearing in Korean

Derrick and I met at J. East Library today at 10am to study but the library was CLOSED for some STAFF PARTY. Like, what?! Ended up going to Rachel's house. Had a fun time. Didn't really revise much apart from Organic Chem so it wasn't really productive but Derrick provided us with some great Chem questions.

Going to Bukit Batok Community Centre with the both of them to study again tomorrow. I don't know if it's the best idea though, because although it's apparently very quiet and the tables are huge, I usually have to recite stuff to myself to memorise it, and we'll be memorising Social Studies and Chem. See how it goes lah (:

And Derrick and I just realised today that in P5 Mrs Foo gave the both of us files. I think it was just the both of us, but I can't remember what it was for. Derrick says it was probably for some English thing. Awesome. I still have the file.

Maybe I'll try to call Mrs Foo and ask her to come back to JWPS when we ex-6B'05-ers go back to the school (probably on 18th Nov). I'm organising it, hahaha I'm so proud of myself because I managed to contact quite a number of 6B'05-ers, including those most of us have lost contact with since we parted in '05 like Haris and Zeng Xuan and Huai Shen. Looking forward to it (((:

My dad took the camera today and I realised how huge a part of my life photo-taking has become. I can't live without my camera. I've got a terrible memory so I use pictures and my blog to record memories and experiences down so that I won't forget them. So I used my handphone to take pictures. Lousy resolution but it's better than nothing.

The both of them were going crazy over Korean songs while I sat there and laughed at them.
HAHA STUPID DERRICK ANYHOW TAKE (What's stupid in Korean again?)

Oct 30, 2009

God reigns

A Math Paper 2 was good. Slept for about 2.5 hours at Sumay's house so I was fine during the paper. I think I should be able to get about 97/100 or more, so it'll make up for all the marks I lost in Paper 1.

Thank you God. Prayed like craaaaazy yesterday night. I was incredibly demoralised and disheartened thanks to Paper 1 and the very hard mock paper the teachers uploaded. Thank God for His wisdom and guidance. This is A Math man.

Jessie once told me that God is a God who does great miracles for one with great faith, and small (but still miraculous nevertheless) miracles for those with small faith. I think God gives me little miracles to constantly remind me that He's there and I can always rely on Him. I remember how I kept praying for an A2 for Chinese Os even though it seemed quite impossible, and a little voice in my head mocked, "Why not pray for an A1, then?" and I simply thought "That's just crazy impossible, it'll never happen no matter what". I mean, I can't even do primary school Chinese. And I ended up getting an A1! I think this just helped me be reminded that God's always here for me and he can take care of my problems as long as I push them all to Him and rely on His guidance.

Practically camped at Sumay's house from Tuesday to today because her mum agreed to help me with Math. I'm totally indebted to her. I actually feel like I live in Sumay's house now.

I like studying in the library with friends (who study), it's always productive.
6B'05 mates! Derrick and Rachel. Primary school days, ah. I just realised that I actually used to sit beside the both of them in P5.

Guess who needs a haircut.
(Jessie, another ah lian shot for you!)
I think my fringe's quite okay when it's more to the side and doesn't totally cover my right eye though,
(Crap I look so weird)
but it's impossible to make it stay like that for more than two seconds. My fringe keeps getting into my eyes when I don't clip it up. It hurts. ):

Mum: Mark, I got you some reading material! *reads from the paper* Acne - its types, its causes and its solutions.
Mark: Er... I'll read it later.
Me: *laughs*
Mum: Karen, don't laugh ah. You've been there done that. In fact, you stayed there.

Where got!!! My complexion was in a frightening state two years ago, yah, because of Chingay (the makeup was so heavy during the Chingay & SYF period that a lot of pimples started appearing and my mum kept getting stronger and stronger face wash to get rid of them without knowing that my skin is extremely sensitive so it just got worse) but it's definitely a lot better now lor. I mean, it's obviously still far from perfect but definitely much better.

3 hours of sleep before an A math paper?


Trying to do the Mock Paper the A Math teachers uploaded. I feel like crying. There are so many I just can't seem to get the correct answers for. I'm giving up NOW. I'm getting up at 5 tomorrow to go to Sumay's house because her mum's going to tutor me (gosh she's totally my saviour) and I haven't even packed my bag yet.

Guess who's going to fall asleep during the A Math Os tomorrow.

Pray for me.

I'm really sorry about how boring and typical-personal-blog-ish the posts have become. I don't really have the time to think about deep things like I love to ): I promise I'll start to do more profound thinking about the world and how corrupted it is after the Os.


Oct 29, 2009

Stupid bell curve

I think I did pretty badly for A Math. Didn't do 19 marks' worth of questions and made a stupid stupid mistake that cost me 1 mark, so that leaves me with 60/80 = 75% on the dot. If the bell curve goes even 0.1% higher I won't get my A1. Then again, there's still Paper 2 tomorrow. PRAY FOR ME!!!!

I really want to go to Trinity, but I doubt I'll be able to afford it unless I get a scholarship, and since I was actually aiming for an L1R5 raw score of 9 it'll take a miracle for me to get a really good raw score, like THE BEST raw score aka. 6, so that I might be able to get a scholarship. Might. And so I need all the A1s I can get. Thank goodness I've got more than enough CCA points (about 33 I think) so I'll be able to get two points deducted - which means now I've got to aim for 4 points.



At least E Math was okay. My E Math score's definitely more than 90% (I wrote all my answers down for Sumay's mum to mark :D) so my A1's pretty secure, right? I doubt the bell curve will rise to 90%.


Oct 27, 2009

E math

was okay. I copied all my answers down and compared them with Cui Xiao, Janey, Teryne and Yingyan later on. :D We're the best right.
I did the sinx=1/2 question wrongly, I did it in terms of pi. For the number patterns question I left my answer as 7(6-n)+3, didn't expand it, I hope they'll accept it. I wrote 70 5/6 for the percentage question while a lot of people wrote 70.8, I hope they'll accept my answer because I left it as a fraction. For the depth question my answer was 2 seconds but it was a completely random guess so my working made no sense, I hope they'll look only at the answers.

Will be sleeping over at Sumay's, will be doing A Math tonight even though tomorrow's E Math Paper 2. I've got this little bit of hope that I just might be able to get an A1 for A Math, so I want to fight for that. Pray for me (:

It's been two years -
since the 27th of October 2006.

I thought of you again today
and the tears started flowing uncontrollably.

I thought I'd be stronger by now.

Oct 26, 2009

I hope I'll be strong enough to endure this

Guin's right. This whole month will be one long, painful journey, and I'll be spending the days blasting fast Korean songs like Gee and Heartbreaker and Amigo and forcing myself not to think about how I screwed the paper, and move on.

English was okay, actually, but the bad parts of something always leave a more lasting effect than the good ones, so it seems disastrous to me.

I did Q3 for Compo - Write about an occasion when an attempt to help led to unexpected consequences for the helper. My compo was 5 pages long man.

I wrote about how I was part of the most popular clique (and the "leader" was Kylie, some rich bitch) and this girl, Kylie, went to bully a short fat plain girl called Linda, who I knew from preschool but always came across to me as a terribly shy and friendless person. So on my way home on the day Kylie bullied Linda I happened to see Linda and talked to her a little in an attempt to make her feel better, but Linda ended up making me think a lot about something instead.
We were on the beach near my house watching the sun set together and Linda asked me why I bothered befriending Kylie, and all I could say was "She's cool". Then she asked what my passion and purpose in life was and I was stumped. All I knew was that Kylie was some popular girl and everyone was dying to be her friend and I was one. And I asked Linda about her own passion and why she was so quiet, and she said that she actually loved ballet even though she was fat. (Who watched the So You Think You Can Dance auditions? This damn fat girl was an amazing dancer.)
So yeah she made me think about my purpose in life and everything and as the days passed and I thought more about things, Kylie was beginning to find me less interesting. Then one day I just decided to leave the group and befriend Linda, and spend the days trying to find my passion and goal in life, instead of just wandering around life aimlessly and going with the flow.

Functional writing - 3 pages long. I don't know if it's Formal or Informal but Rupa says they'll probably just read from "Dear Past Pupil" onwards because the question said that we should begin our letter that way. I also didn't talk about the other 2 options but I don't see a need to because my task is to invite the alumni to a play to commemorate the Principal's retirement (my choice of event), so why should we have to talk about the other options considered?

Compre - I rewrote half of it three times and I copied all my answers onto the question paper so that perhaps I'd be able to get Mrs Rupa to check them later on, but at a high price:


I'm really ****ed up about that now. I wrote all the unimportant points and the points that I know are strong ones were at the end and I didn't write those. In the end I just handed up my draft together with my incomplete summary. I hope I put the draft at the back - I was freaking out so much and my hands were shaking so badly that I'm not sure if I put it at the back or not.

Thank you Amanda for the hug, and thank you so much Guin for encouraging me; without you I don't think I would have made it past today. Love you to death Guin.

E Math tomorrow.

Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill.

Pray for me.

Oct 25, 2009


OKAY, OS ARE TOMORROW. ENGLISH = A1. MUST. People PLEASE PRAY FOR ME I MUST NOT FAIL MY COMPRE, please pray for me people I'm freaking out and I NEED THAT A1. At least 25/30 for Compo, 23/30 for Functional Writing, 18/25 for Compre and Summary. AT LEAST. PLEASE.


SHIT I WANT TO DIE I did three essays for Mrs Rupa to mark - Flight, Destruction and Prejudice - and two were out of point and one was only very average.

Before a blessing Satan tries to take over you.

I need to calm my nerves. I can't let Satan block me from looking at God's glory. Not now. Please God, clear my mind, help me through this, calm me down, I know you can guide me through this.


Trinity college (Melbourne) is really starting to appeal to me, it's like a JC that has subjects like "Environment and Development" and "Media and Communications"

But I can't afford to go there. ))))):

WHY WHY WHY I really want the courses )))):

Oct 24, 2009


(Click for larger image)

Interesting, I've got 11 visitors from Australia, 11 from US, 5 from UK, 1 from New Zealand, 1 from Poland and 1 from an UNKNOWN country :O

Hello, world! ((((((((((((((((:

Oh and the Americans can go and read about my rant on Beyonce and the Australians can read my post about Australian universities (and comment please)!

Eh this is fascinating. Howcome so few people tag? ):
I'm watching Meet The Natives again - about a few Papua New Guinea tribesmen going to England for a cultural exchange. Oh please watch it it's on Nat Geo it's a really good show.
My wonderful spankin' English teacher.
I just reunited with my kindergarten friend! Lydia Metzger, who migrated to France when we were in K2.
Lydia and me.
One of the reasons I love Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg totally deserves to be one of the richest billionares. (He invented Facebook in his Harvard Uni dorm room btw :O)

This is the last photo I took of Crescent on Friday, the last school day before the Os:
And now, goodbye.

Oct 23, 2009

Two sentences

Yesterday on the 22nd of October there were 87 unique visitors to my blog (according to Statcounter) - and only one tag. ):
Tag leh people )))))))))):

Oct 22, 2009

I won't tolerate being ordinary for long.

I'm a task-oriented introvert, but I'll learn. I'll learn to speak up, I'll learn to be daring and not be afraid of failure, I'll learn to be sociable, I'll learn to be well-liked, I'll learn to grow out of my timid shell.
I know I'm special and I know there's something inside me waiting to be unleashed.
I won't be hidden, unnoticed. I won't be this ordinary.
Someday I shall rise up above the earth and prove my worth.

God gave us all life for a reason. I won't tolerate sitting here. I want to make a change. I want to leave my mark - and not a pathetic one like the stuff I wrote on the table upon leaving Crescent:

I want people to really know me, I want to do something to change the world.

That's why I want to be heard.

That's why I hope one day the world will hear my opinions. Through my little blog first, and then through the media. Newspapers, magazines - I want to be a columnist. Like Jason Hahn and SM Ong and Colin Goh, I want to make people laugh and feel they can relate to me. But more than that - I want to contribute to the world. I want my opinions about things that matter to be made known. Things like global warming, growing up, infatuation, hormones and teen sex. I want to make society think. I want to make a change. I want us to reflect on our actions, the destruction we're causing, the morals we're losing.

That's the only reason I want to take Mass Communication and that's why I want a career in writing.

Now you know.

I want to sing too. I want to be a backup singer because backup singers are the real singers - the ones who really depend on their voices for a living, who don't need to be good dancers/lookers/actors/hosts as well to be popular. They can be themselves while performing on stage. They can do what they really want - singing - without having the worries of a singer, who's supposed to be "all-rounded". But I also want to be known - so that I can bring people closer to me and let more people know about my opinions, to achieve my ultimate goal.

Singing for church would be awesome too but I doubt I'd make it. It'd be lovely to use your talent to bring people to God. I want to do that through my writing too.

I will.

I hope this will be my last post

Check this out:

SM Ong (The New Paper), Colin Goh (Straits Times & 8 Days), Jason Hahn (8 Days-First Person)
Love these 3 columnists. Why are all three guys? ):


My brother's new PS3

It's not Guitar Hero, it's Rock Band. There's a guitar, a drum set and a microphone. The song selection's pretty crappy though. They don't have Avril ): They have, like, Spongebob and Metallica (LOL) and Maroon 5 and Green Day and Evanescence but most are stuff I doubt many have heard of before.

Thank you for being an angel -
sometimes we have to take risks to succeed. I risked humiliation, regret, rejection and my reputation with a lot of the things I've done. This time, after years of being brought down, I just might succeed.

Once I added a Fairfield guy on MSN thinking it was JJ because that Fairfield guy gave Sumay his email address and told her that was JJ's. That resulted in so much shit hahaha I actually sent JJ a personal message on the JJFC forum telling him that a Fairfield guy hacked his email account and scolded vulgarities at a friend of mine. Ah, how gullible we were two years ago, but without mistakes how would we learn?

Oct 21, 2009

I promised not to blog anymore, but...

Unproductive study session. Stupid Yingyan kept messing around with my iPod and talking VERY LOUDLY in the completely quiet library because she couldn't hear herself.
annnnnn wgqyD7qo says (6:38 PM):
my class only has 1 poly student

JC OR POLY?!??!!!!!?!!! I definitely want to go on to do a degree. But there's only ONE poly student in her course!!!
Mandy Sellars replied, heeheehee!
Happened to meet a 6B'05 classmate today, the one we've all seemed to have lost contact with (until he joined the 6B Facebook group - and Haris too), the joker who was the pro at Blind Mice, making random sharp quick turns even with his eyes closed to catch a "mouse" off-guard - Huai Shen. I wasn't sure if it was him or not but his familiar smile confirmed it. I'm not sure if he recognised me, though - his smile and wave were a little awkward. That's the bad thing about having changed a lot in terms of appearance since primary school. (Mr Kong says I still look the same though - and he never even taught me.)
From the P6 me (LEFT) to
See, my teeth were really bad even in P6 - and I had been wearing retainers since P4, so they were even worse before that.

I wonder what some of our 6B'05 classmates will say upon seeing Jieying.
From the P6 her (RIGHT) to (RIGHT)

Oct 20, 2009

One wrong step and there's no turning back

Shit, another long post. But please read this please help me.

Shu En, my paternal cousin, and Peter, my maternal cousin, who don't know each other, were having an MSN chat (through me). They're both studying in Melbourne now, and Peter wanted to talk to Shu En to "straighten things out" because he was insisting that the University of Melbourne (where Shu En is now) isn't in the city, whereas his college (Taylors College) is. Their conversation thus started with a hilarious argument, before talking more about what's fun/not fun, because according to Shu En everything closes at six but Peter kept saying the fun doesn't end there because there's always clubbing and coffee and chilling at a friend's place.

...Judging by the things they said about Melbourne, I doubt I'll enjoy it.
I was aiming to go to university in Melbourne because I think I'll have a better future in my career if I did Mass Comm there instead of in Singapore. In Australia, you're sort of pushed to become more vocal, and that's essential in a Mass Comm career, right? It might not be for print journalism, which is what I want to do, but it'll be of a much greater help nevertheless.

But the shops close at six? Coffee? Clubs? ..No. I don't think I'd want to retreat to my room/apartment (perhaps I'll move in with Aunty Mei Ling and Peter and Melissa) after dinner everyday to... study either, for goodness' sake, although I guess I'll have to mug if I want to get anywhere. But seriously, if coffee, chilling, clubbing, taking a walk in the park and being at home are the only options for me after six in the evening, I doubt I'd make it through university there.

I also know I'll miss Singapore like mad. In Japan, in the chilly autumn-winter weather, when everything was so serene and picturesque and quaint and fairytale-like, I was very taken in by the beauty, but I also missed Singapore. Singapore, where you could walk out in FBTs and slippers; Singapore, where most hawker centres' levels of cleanliness are dubious and the kopi aunties scream your orders across the place; Singapore, where I'm free to be who I really am.

Singapore definitely isn't the best city ever, but it's where I was born and raised and thus my heart will always be here. That's why sometimes I wish I were born somewhere else, somewhere truly beautiful, like the peaceful towns in Japan with the polite, hospitable people - if I were born there, that's where my heart will be. But it isn't, and so no matter how much I love the towns, I'll never be able to live there because my heart would be wrenching for sunny kiasu busy noisy Singapore.

Plus, if staying in Japan gets me this homesick, Australia will kill me. I love the city; I've been there before in 2004 with Sumay, but... well, for one, I'm pretty introverted; secondly, I don't like the kind of lifestyle my cousins are describing - as routine as how my life is now, but with more traps of sin I'll probably fall into; thirdly, I think being around a lot of ang mohs will leave me feeling pretty depressed and alone somehow.
And Japan is... beautiful, undoubtedly the most beautiful country in the world, with the most beautiful people with the kindest hearts, especially in the towns.

Both of them suggested lightly that I try Trinity College after O's. I told them my parents wouldn't have the financial means to support me, but I don't think I'd want it anyway although it does sound appealing. I want to learn Japanese in Ngee Ann Poly on top of Mass Comm because I want to have something to do with the beautiful country in the future. Plus, I don't think I'll be able to live in a foreign - and Western - country for that many years. Being in an angmoh-ish class has already shown me that I can't take angmoh-ness that well. I love Japanese serials and JJ cannot ah?

I don't know, but if I change my mind and decide that perhaps going to Australia for university mightn't be the best choice, I might have to force myself to go to JC. I don't really want to; I love the JC culture and environment but I don't want to take the A levels - it's a huge waste of time to me. The years in JC could be spent in Poly, building up my foundation for my future career (and having a Diploma will earn you advanced standing of about 1 to 1.5 years in University so you don't lose out in the years spent in schooling) instead of learning stuff I'll probably never use again after the A levels anyway.


Okto makes for mindless humor

The Holy Spirit is fire.
When I speak in Tongues, it helps remind me that God lives within me. It's scary sometimes to know he sees all my faults, my detestable, horribly unclean sins He, a perfect being, should never have to witness. Undoubtedly, though, at times it's so reassuring and incredibly powerful when a tear mysteriously trickles down my cheek as I speak in Tongues even when I'm not sad - a sign of emotional healing, apparently - or when my heart burns with love for Him, something that feels so beautiful, even though the feeling doesn't last long - it's hard to get into that.

The Holy Spirit is the spark that started my heart beating - and the flame that keeps my soul alive.

kAiiZ ACVB#4 I think we're alone now. says (5:24 PM):
Stand up little girl, a broken heart can't be that bad says (5:24 PM):
shallow, horny, hot-tempered and opposite genders don't exactly understand each others' minds
kAiiZ ACVB#4 I think we're alone now. says (5:26 PM):
wah lao
i'm not shallow
i'm not hot-tempered

There's some Junior Jams program and they're showing the auditions. Basically a kids' audition. There's this damn cute guy, Vicnesh, who's like "My main goal is to... have fun... so that I won't cry when I... get out" HAHA he reminds me a lot of my brother's friends somehow. I always refer to young boys who speak with intelligent humour as "my brother's friends' type". And there's this angmoh-ish girl who was so bent on gender equality and women's rights it was damn cute. Something about how guys are typically about drums and soccer but girls have the rights to play the drums too and that's why she's proud of being a drummer.

And now there's this very nerdy primary school girl with thick pink specs looking very professional while tuning someone's violin, mega cute.

I signed up for a half-hour long consultation with Miss Li (Weiyi) and I ended up taking 1.5 hours, which means I ate into ONE HOUR of a few other 4S2Aers' time. Gosh so sorry.

I also signed up for 7am-8am and %pm-6pm with Mrs Rupa on Friday, the last consultation day before English. I'm going to bombard her with essays; I gave her six to mark today and she only marked ONE! And it was a one-hour long consultation leh.

I got up at 4 today to do an essay about the day I felt the world crumbled around me. I didn't think I would have had much to write on that but I ended up taking four pages - and 1.5 hours, way too long. Mrs Rupa said it was "another heart rendering piece, as usual" but only gave it 23/30 because there were loopholes in the essay. Maybe after the O's I'll type it (and Mirrors) out. Only after the O's because there's not enough time to do it now.

Jessie and I are getting really excited - too excited - about what we're going to do after the O's (us and Jenna). Everyone must support us okay! When we get enough money from manufacturing and selling her clothes, we'll do some hims. I'm going to be the webmaster and in charge of all the admin stuff - duh, right? I love looking after websites/blogshops. (And I'm aiming for Mass Comm - something doesn't sound right.)

I aspire to have your lovely smooth radiant rosy complexion one day, W. Yours too J.

I don't know why but I feel stupid today, a rush of inspiration/motivation to do something I typically do rashly before feeling a rush of humiliation and regret wash over me. Maybe that's what will happen later. I'm emailing and facebook-messaging Mandy Sellars. Heh heh heh.

I love Nat Geo/Discovery Channel documentaries; it's only a pity I'm unable to watch them all.

A certain someone said my display picture was "damn pretty" and asked "since when" I became "so pretty one". HAHAHA. Flattering comments make my day.

A compliment really touches me when I least expect one, because the other person isn't obliged to give it, and that shows its sincerity.

Oct 19, 2009

Waiting on the line (hanging by a thread)

Watched a show on Nat Geo yesterday called Meet the Natives it's awesome haha everyone go watch, Sunday 11pm!
It's this show where these like, tribal/village/rural people from Papua New Guinea go to England and experience life in a highly developed country. Bloody funny.

On this day exactly a week later, at this time,
I'll have finished taking my English O Level paper

and I'll be freaking out worrying about my A1
and preparing for Math.
I remember Laoshi doing the one-week-later thing on Monday morning a week before the Chinese Os. "On this day at this time one week later, you'll be pasting the labels onto your paper and getting ready to begin". I remember how we were all super freaked out.

Eh, they're both on Mondays. Ah, one more reason to hate Monday.


Oct 18, 2009

Hold on little girl, show me what he's done to you

Went to the library at 9.50 to stand outside it and wait for it to open. I expected it to be a little emptier because the Sec 1-3 exams have ended, but it was more crowded than usual - with O' and A' level takers.
I suck, I'm at home now because I got irritated at Qn 4 of the A Math Mock Paper and the incessant chatter + muttering of the two people sitting opposite me (One of them was even saying her equations out as she was doing her accountancy stuff gosh I almost got up to find another seat) so I left the library.

See lah Suah has gotten me hooked onto Mr Big's To Be With You. :/ Suah do you have the song send me!

Occasionally I listen to JJ's songs and totally fall in love with his voice all over again. Ju Li, Bu Liu Lei De Ji Chang, Endless Road, Sarang Heyo, Shu Neng Sheng Qiao, I was actually smiling to myself in the library.

I think I do the world a favour when I dress plainer than I already am. I hate it when I see cute guys, they reach into my heart and mess it up, whether I know them or not. Tooooooot.

There was something more important I wanted to blog about but I can't remember what, and my mother's limiting my Internet time and she's pissed off like mad now but GOSH I REALLY DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT THAT BLOODY QUESTION FOUR AGAIN I'LL CRY IN FRUSTRATION.


Oct 17, 2009

I want

I really like the first one, it's actually two dresses in one, but it's $40 lehhhh ))): But for two dresses it's really worth it, right? The second and third ones are $35.

I WANT ): Help me

Oct 16, 2009

I'm listening to a Jay Chou impersonator

When Annie and MX backed out I almost gave up hope. YAY JOLLIN YAY


At Cui Xiao's house. She showed me something BLOODY COOL
Yah lah it's in Chinese but that's not the point. These are the icons for Hibernate, Shut Down and Restart. And the observant (and the sick-minded) would realise that:
Guy (Hibernate icon) + Girl (Shut Down icon) = ______ (It ain't that hard to guess)
Cui Xiao's friend's version of what the Restart icon is something about the anus but I think there can be better versions of that lah hor.

Cui Xiao just showed me a picture of a pretty girl but from the way she was sucking SOMETHING it was damn obvious she was performing a blowjob on some guy. The picture didn't show what she was "sucking" on but it's very obvious. Shit it's damn disgusting. It's not funny and it's not cool it's just bloody gross and... everything. Stupid. Gross ughhhhhhh gross help me damn gross.

Oct 15, 2009


I have THE CUTEST picture of Mrs Yip. I don't know if I'll get killed for posting it up so I won't (yet), but it's of her using the visualiser - and projecting it on three screens - and putting her face to it and making a stupid expression and sticking out her tongue, so her face is blown up (and upside-down) on three huge screens on the wall, IT'S SERIOUSLY THE BOMB. Everyone, when you see me ask to see the picture :D It's really cute.

Jean tricked Lixin into saying "I have a small vagina" in French. I have the video of them re-enacting the scene, it's the bomb but I can't post it up here lah, I'd be defaming my beautiful school.

I just ordered a $28 biker jacket online but the blogshop owner hasn't gotten back to me regarding my purchase yet. I really like it but I don't know if I'll look nice in it or not, AND I know it's very... outdated. Yah like Suah bought it last December and sold it 'cos she saw too many people wearing it hahaha. Nevermind lah, I still want it anyway. I've always wanted it but my mum has never allowed me to get one. I don't think she'll be happy when she sees it but whatever I WANT THAT JACKET

Oct 14, 2009


Someone buy this from me
Long fringe tank (Long = the tank, not the fringe, although the fringe's quite long too, aiyah cut it lah)
Only worn to take this stupid picture. Selling at $8, obviously making a loss.
A little too big for me. Will definitely fit a UK8 (I'm UK6).
Caution: stitch work's quite poor. But aiyah you/I/my mother can always sew it again. Please lah I'm letting it go at $8 only and i wore it only to take a picture of it to sell -.-

The tee Jessie and Jenna made for Mdm Ong

It says "I'M THE DM" behind.
HAHAHA THE BOMB. I think years from now Mdm Ong will remain Crecsent's legendary Discipline Mistress.

Yay, Jessie Suah and Jenna, my future blogshop (BS) partners!

To make Cui Xiao happy

Whoever watched Riz Low on Youtube, check this out - PCK imitating Riz Low. Thanks, Jonathan, for the link!

I like talking to old friends I haven't talked to in a long while and realised we're still able to chat like as if there were never a distance between us.

Forever Love (Acapella version) by TVXQ.

This, my dear jie&mei, is what ACAPELLA is supposed to sound like. We need to broaden our horizons and get out of the well where we can only hear our own *toot* acapella performances.

Listen to it, please (especially Mad), because we need to do better - when/if we start performing again (: I'd like to, by the way. Our previous performances have never done us justice; I'd like to show the world what we've really got one day (and it'd better be damn good).


Went to Yingyan's house yesterday in an attempt to get myself to study. Okay lah. I revised the chapter on Food (geog). Tried on her prom dress and heels HAHAHA
I thought she was only taking a picture of my foot -.-

At this age we're full of secret, big dreams and it's nice to hear what everyone's got. Let's all meet up twenty years later and see how many of us have actually fulfilled those dreams, how many changed their ambitions, how many became even more successful than they imagined - and how many fell off the road to success.
I remember one CME period where we went to the hall and sat in a circle and revealed our ambitions. I said something about wanting to do something related to music. That isn't my biggest dream now because I know doing it full-time would be very impractical, but it was nice to dream that dream while I wanted it.
As we all revealed our ambitions one by one, I suddenly realised what a beautiful video and memory that would make, with our "Woah!!!"s and cheers and laughter.

"I want to be a rich tai-tai"
"I want to be a newscaster"
"I want to open a pastry shop"

Oct 13, 2009

What would you do with a million dollars?

Actually a million in Singapore isn't even enough to buy a decent-sized condo, but still.
Jessie's right. When I've "got money" (aka. more than $30) I end up splurging on my friends so fast and so much that I've got none left before I know it. That time I had $40 and spent it all (and more) on Rachel's and Teressa's presents AND treated Rachel to TCC (but I only had $15 and the bill was $16 hahaha wth so Rachel had to pay $1 on her own)

Which reminds me, I owe Rachel $7 for the neoprints!!!!


Confession: I spent 3 hours watching TV today.
O's are 13 days away. If I don't get an A1 for English I'll threaten to retake it.

Going to the library to study tomorrow, does anyone happen to want to join me?
Does anyone other than Cuixiao happen to be reading this, anyway? I think I'm the only idiot who's still blogging.

Oct 11, 2009

There goes my life

Feel like cursing.


I do want to join OB again. If only you didn't mind, b****. I do want it, I still do.
OB's still my family, even if I join Xl Laoshi elsewhere. For you I'm giving it up.
Let me back in, will you?

Went to JE Library and I knew I'd meet someone I knew. I did.

Oct 9, 2009

We've officially graduated but we'll never say Farewell

Took 161 pictures today. Album's HERE! I uploaded so many photos via SIMPLE UPLOADER = 5 AT A TIME thanks to screwed bulk uploader. Treasure the photos. Shyan'd better not untag herself from my photos. Will post the link up when the album's done.

I leave my school with too many regrets - there are so many things I have yet to do, so many people I wish I had made friends with or gotten closer to.

I owe all my regrets to my fear of ridicule, to my shyness, to the "what-if"s that take over my mind. I hate that.

A word of advice to anyone: If you want to do something, just do it. Even if you've got your reputation to lose, at least you tried. I hate having regrets.

The first picture Shyan doesn't look unglam in and actually looks almost as pretty as she really is in my pictures. She was the one holding the camera; that explains it. And I look bad ):

Janeen pasted that sticker on my nose.

Janeen: Come, let me measure your eyes! ....0.2cm.
Glenda: OI!
Janeen: Okay okay 1cm!

Because we didn't have Chem today, Teryne, Azalea and I spent an hour camwhoring around the school.
The Arts Conservatory is beautiful in the morning when the sunlight filters in.

And we discovered a PIANO ROOM!!!! Great, on the official last day of Crescent life we realise there's a room we never knew about. I love the room. It reminds me of Japanese gangster student shows, where there are all those super cute guys with tucked out shirts and ruffled hair.

Teryne: Of all the flags, they had to put US and Vietnam together! ?!?!

Glenda and Cuixiao will forever remain the legends of 4S2A. And Bella but I don't have pictures of her today.

Cuixiao: "亲爱的...." HAHAHAHAHA

Ah, farewell assembly was.... unmoving. Even Kelly didn't come close to shedding a tear. Our video rocked though (and 4S2b's). They didn't have the candlelight ceremony this year because, according to Ms Ang, they wanted to "save wax" and "save the Earth". I can't really argue, I guess, because I do want to save the Earth too.

Class party was okay. People liked the brownies my mother made (from a mix HAHA)!
= proof. Wanmin: OOOH!
Jenna, Janey (I think), Teryne and I danced to Let It Rock HOHO LOVE OUR MASS DANCE FOREVER. Eh I thought Ms Ang said there'd be a Best Mass Dance? What happened to that? ):

Jollin and I MUST go to Kbox and sing JJ and SHE songs together someday. Just the two of us singing our hearts out. Must. And take neoprints also.
Love you Jollin (:

I can't believe we didn't take a class photo.

I had to make my mark before leaving. It'll go away soon but I don't care.
I made sure it could still be seen subtly (:

Oct 8, 2009

Sometimes I know God's here

To the dearest Amelia Bimbo Cheng.

Had a good chat with Amelia today. From studies to God to relationships - I love having heart-to-heart talks. I mean, I don't think anyone doesn't, but I think it's rare to be able to engage in... an intelligent conversation. Not many people would be willing to listen. Intelligent conversations are more important to me than anyone could ever imagine - letting my thoughts and points of view be known to others is my main goal in life. People who have the endurance to listen to me talk about my thoughts are amazing. I love Cheng (:

And friend you can always give me a random call okay. I may not be that close to you but you mean incredibly much to me and I'm here for you no matter what, you can always count on me for that. Really enjoyed talking to you today (too). I needed that. I need to have nice lengthy thought-provoking intelligent conversations once in a while. Not many people are willing to hear me out. And it's really nice to be reminded of the fact that I've got a great friend with me whom I can still talk to and be close to even though we've stepped down from Dance and have been in different classes since Sec 3. It's nice to know that I'm more loved than I think I am. It's nice to know I've still got precious friends around me. It's nice to be reminded about you because our friendship is amazing.

No, I've changed my mind. You MUST give me random calls once in a while (:

And yes I can afford the time to post this but not to edit the award thing :D

Oct 7, 2009

"Suddenly today everyone has a changed opinion of her already"

Note: I look really weird in the pictures. I hope I usually don't look like this :/
Dear Mrs Chia BAKED for us!

Gosh I really need to cut my fringe. i look like an idiot. Maybe it's the specs lah. Was too lazy to take them off first.


I miss the him he was four years ago. 2004. Love love love the him I fell in love with.

4 posts in a day, and it's 19 days to O's. Awesome.