Oct 2, 2009

When I ought to be studying

Piang lah. I told you not to leave. You said it wasn't completely my fault, right? So why are you blaming me now? I don't have to go back. I told Maddie that I'll probably quit OB and join Xueling Laoshi wherever she's teaching, because I really want her as a teacher no matter what.
But for the sake of J4M, please. Try to put it all aside and come, the four of us can perform together. Don't let this affect the rest of the group. After all, it was our fault it happened in the first place. Jan and Maddie don't deserve to be at a disadvantage because of what we did.

I think I should take up Tourism instead of Mass Comm. As much as I can complain about my country, I feel very defensive when someone insults it or says things that aren't true. For example, my mother told me that when Beyonce came to Singapore for the first time for the F1 Rocks concert, she said something like she was very impressed because the people knew the lyrics to the songs even though Singaporeans don't speak English.
I only have one thing to say to that:

Sorry Beyonce. Okay the purpose of this section of my post is to criticise Beyonce for being ignorant and stereotypical about Singapore, so that Beyonce will reflect on her words and realise that Singaporeans actually do speak English. Just because we're a dot in Southeast Asia, it doesn't make us stupid/a poor country. We're the economic powerhouse of Southeast Asia, okay? English is our main language of administration for goodness' sake. My mum says "don't talk so much first, maybe the person who fetched her at the airport spoke rubbish English". And then I'm like, sigh, I can't stand it when certain people give foreigners a bad impression of Singapore. Well okay most of us don't have a good command of English, but.. but - but STILL!!!!

I think I should become the Head of the Tourism Board or something. Wait isn't that Silvana's mum's job?

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