Oct 9, 2009

We've officially graduated but we'll never say Farewell

Took 161 pictures today. Album's HERE! I uploaded so many photos via SIMPLE UPLOADER = 5 AT A TIME thanks to screwed bulk uploader. Treasure the photos. Shyan'd better not untag herself from my photos. Will post the link up when the album's done.

I leave my school with too many regrets - there are so many things I have yet to do, so many people I wish I had made friends with or gotten closer to.

I owe all my regrets to my fear of ridicule, to my shyness, to the "what-if"s that take over my mind. I hate that.

A word of advice to anyone: If you want to do something, just do it. Even if you've got your reputation to lose, at least you tried. I hate having regrets.

The first picture Shyan doesn't look unglam in and actually looks almost as pretty as she really is in my pictures. She was the one holding the camera; that explains it. And I look bad ):

Janeen pasted that sticker on my nose.

Janeen: Come, let me measure your eyes! ....0.2cm.
Glenda: OI!
Janeen: Okay okay 1cm!

Because we didn't have Chem today, Teryne, Azalea and I spent an hour camwhoring around the school.
The Arts Conservatory is beautiful in the morning when the sunlight filters in.

And we discovered a PIANO ROOM!!!! Great, on the official last day of Crescent life we realise there's a room we never knew about. I love the room. It reminds me of Japanese gangster student shows, where there are all those super cute guys with tucked out shirts and ruffled hair.

Teryne: Of all the flags, they had to put US and Vietnam together! ?!?!

Glenda and Cuixiao will forever remain the legends of 4S2A. And Bella but I don't have pictures of her today.

Cuixiao: "亲爱的...." HAHAHAHAHA

Ah, farewell assembly was.... unmoving. Even Kelly didn't come close to shedding a tear. Our video rocked though (and 4S2b's). They didn't have the candlelight ceremony this year because, according to Ms Ang, they wanted to "save wax" and "save the Earth". I can't really argue, I guess, because I do want to save the Earth too.

Class party was okay. People liked the brownies my mother made (from a mix HAHA)!
= proof. Wanmin: OOOH!
Jenna, Janey (I think), Teryne and I danced to Let It Rock HOHO LOVE OUR MASS DANCE FOREVER. Eh I thought Ms Ang said there'd be a Best Mass Dance? What happened to that? ):

Jollin and I MUST go to Kbox and sing JJ and SHE songs together someday. Just the two of us singing our hearts out. Must. And take neoprints also.
Love you Jollin (:

I can't believe we didn't take a class photo.

I had to make my mark before leaving. It'll go away soon but I don't care.
I made sure it could still be seen subtly (:

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