Oct 13, 2009

What would you do with a million dollars?

Actually a million in Singapore isn't even enough to buy a decent-sized condo, but still.
Jessie's right. When I've "got money" (aka. more than $30) I end up splurging on my friends so fast and so much that I've got none left before I know it. That time I had $40 and spent it all (and more) on Rachel's and Teressa's presents AND treated Rachel to TCC (but I only had $15 and the bill was $16 hahaha wth so Rachel had to pay $1 on her own)

Which reminds me, I owe Rachel $7 for the neoprints!!!!


Confession: I spent 3 hours watching TV today.
O's are 13 days away. If I don't get an A1 for English I'll threaten to retake it.

Going to the library to study tomorrow, does anyone happen to want to join me?
Does anyone other than Cuixiao happen to be reading this, anyway? I think I'm the only idiot who's still blogging.

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