Jan 31, 2010


Oh finallyyyyy, after four years of surviving on prepaid cards. I need help! Recommendations! Anyone? Singtel student plan? What phone! I don't want a touch screen phone. I want one that's nice to sms with so the buttons shouldn't be too close together or hard to press.

Mum: How can an apple represent an apple? It's already an apple, it doesn't have to represent one!

Church with Maddie and Janice was as great as it always is! And I finally bought Light Of The City (City Harvest's first CD). Yay!
We saw this really cute block of flats and Janice said "If you live on the top floor you can say you live Somewhere Over The Rainbow!"

After a visit to Queenie's mum's salon and lunch, Maddie went home while Janice and I went to take neoprints at Bugis!

And then I went for a play called One Small Step at The Black Box at the National Library with my dad and brother. It really is like a black box. Really cool.
Something like that (this is the one at Republic Poly).
I love it when the stage is on the floor (like how it is in the PAT in Crescent) because the audience is so close to the stage and there's this special connection between the performer and the audience. When the stage is elevated, it puts an unfriendly barrier between them.

When the lights go off it's really DARK. I always find it fascinating when I open my eyes but see nothing at all. I feel my eyes widening, my pupils dilating like crazy. It's awesome.

Anyway, One Small Step is a play about the Russians and Americans fighting to get their first man on the moon. Very interesting, quite funny and VERY entertaining, but I couldn't stand the little kids in the front giggling non-stop... but I guess it helped lighten the atmosphere and make the performers feel more at ease. There were only two performers but they acted as a lot of different people, which was great. They were doing Russian and American accents so I knew they had to be British. It was amusing to hear them speak with a lovely British accent during the Q&A session after hearing them speak in funny Russian and American accents for an hour.

I love how they used stuff like cardboard boxes and buckets and stuff like that, very creative and it really isn't as lame as it sounds. It's really cool. I mean, each ticket was $35, it's got to be good.

Dinner was at a mega cool place called Ebiboshi at Iluma. THEY USE THIS REALLY COOL DUNNO WHAT PEN THING TO ORDER FOOD.
LIKE WAAAAHHHH. And the food portions are great. I was very full after my mini eel (Can't remember its name) don. They have "mini" bowls that are just right for me! The full portion would've been too much.

School tomorrow! Can't believe it's only been two days. I'm already tired out.

Jan 28, 2010


Pictures won't be posted today because I really have to go and sleep soon.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL WAS AWESOME. I was late, though, and really panicky. Had to stand outside the hall on the first day of school D:

Saw so many Crescentians everywhere, yay! In addition to the 17 I had mentioned previously, there's also Winnie, Nicole, Rongrong, Esther, Sheena and a lot of other Crescentians I don't even know O.o

Had a few talks and then it was ORIENTATION TIME! Clan = Vasilia, OG = Vetar. Had some games and cheers and we learnt a little of the mass dance. I can't believe it; during the mass rally, Jayme, Joey and I seemed to be the only ones in our area screaming like crazy and jumping while cheering while many others merely stood around awkwardly and cheered less-than-half-heartedly. I screamed myself hoarse. I've got a sore throat now; just downed a whole pot of Rooibos tea. I guess the Crescent spirit will forever be with me.

AND my nose and cheekbones are red. OMG. I've never been red before. I've been baked in the sun countless times but I'd just get super tanned. I'm actually red. I can't believe it. It's quite cool. I just hope my skin doesn't start peeling.

One of my Orientation Group Leaders, Ching Sheng, LOOKS LIKE MR LEO LEE. Especially when he laughs / smiles. It's actually scary. I mean, maybe they don't look so similar now but I'm betting that Mr Lee looked exactly like Ching Sheng does now when the former was eighteen.

I'm Orientation Group Rep. The only reason I decided to do this is because I know I'm not bad at organising contact information to add everyone on Facebook and making a Facebook group and organising outings when I feel like it. I mean, I made a 6B Facebook group and invited everyone to outings and made sure everyone replied to confirm their attendance and I must say, managing to get 25 people AND Mrs Foo to turn up was quite a feat. The number of people who turned up for previous primary school gatherings was never even half of that. I even managed to contact those who hadn't seen us since P6.

I should've gone to bed long ago. I still have to print out the contact list ahhhhh. But I think it'll be fun being OG Rep with Joey (:

I'm really glad that I was able to make a considerable number of new friends today. I mean, ever since my very emo period in Sec 2 I've become quite anti-social, but I realise I'm slowly beginning to learn to come out of my shell; to stop worrying about what others might be thinking about me; to learn that in order to feel accepted I have to assume that I already am; to be more unreserved. I'm glad. I hope being OG Rep will motivate me to become even more sociable and open.


Jan 27, 2010


My blog is screwed! All my archives from Dec '05 to Jan '09 are messed upppp. Click on the links under Archives to see for yourself. ):

Something I posted in Jan '09, from a poem I read in school, On Turning Ten (Billy Collins):

It seems only yesterday I used to believe
there was nothing under my skin but light,
If you cut me I could shine.
But now when I fall upon the sidewalks of life,
I skin my knees. I bleed.

People In ACJC

Crescent: Amelia, Sharon, Shuzhen, Joan, Janeen, Annie, Xiuxian, Teryne, Geraldine, Glenda, Yimei, Mingen, Sandra, Petrina, Jou Teng, Jia Min, Eudea (but she's appealing to VJ)

Primary schoolmates: Derrick, Jiaying

Seniors in ACJC: Guin, Jolynn, 30+ other ex-Crescentians, Binkai, Joel Chan
Ex-ACJCians: Shu En, Cassandra

Hello Crescentians, we meet again

ACJC Arts as predicted. Didn't bother waking up early like everyone else to find out what I already knew.

Amelia, Joan, Shuzhen, Geraldine, Xiuxian, Glenda, Sandra, Petrina and Annie are going there too. Yay friends!! Who else is going there? I think more than 30 Crescentians went to ACJC last year. Derrick's going to ACJC too - first primary schoolmate I know who's going there.

Theanesh and Joylynn are going to RJC, Lisa and Huiyan are going to AJC (must join them for mugging sessions!!), Yingyan's going to NJC, Janey's in VJC (Really happy for her!!), Jollin and Aloycia are going to TJC, Rachel Peck and Felicia are going to JJC (Meet the Badminton Coaches there!), Carmen's going to Ngee Ann Poly (Advertising & Public Relations). So happy for all of them! We're all going to be great muggers yay~


Freddie Highmore, the kid in August Rush:

is now eighteen:


I still think he was mega cute as a kid. Check his kid movies out. Five Children And It, The Spiderwick Chronicles, August Rush, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory etc..

Jan 26, 2010

"I am a law abiding citizen."


Met Jollin at Vivo to watch Law Abiding Citizen (we had planned to watch Daybreakers initially but changed our minds last night). It was a great movie. Very interesting and clever. And the guy who played the lead character Clyde Shelton, the one whose wife and daughter got killed, is also the guy who was in Phantom of the Opera:

So the lead character, Clyde Shelton's wife and daughter were killed by Darby while his accomplice Ames looted the stuff in their house. However, Ames gets the death sentence while Darby gets away with only a light sentence. The lawyer that handles this case is Nicholas Rice (Nick). So ten years later, Clyde murders Darby quite brutally by dismembering him EWW and it turns out that Clyde also messed with Ames' death injection chemicals such that it caused him great pain when it was supposed to be painless. When Clyde is convicted, he continues causing the death of a lot of people even when he's still in jail. Clyde isn't doing this for revenge; he's merely trying to prove how flawed the justice system is by showing how a criminal can get away with doing a lot of things merely because of the lack of sufficient evidence etc.

What I found very striking was when Clyde was baffled that Nick thought Clyde was doing it all for revenge. At one point, Clyde said he could've killed Nick's family if he had wanted to. Nick then warned Clyde very seriously not to go near his family.

At that point, Nick was dealing with the possibility of losing the two people who meant the world to him - his wife and daughter. All Clyde had was his own wife and daughter too, and he had lost them to a criminal who got away with a light sentence. In the movie, you see clearly how sweet their daughters are and how much the guys love their families. The murder could have happened to anyone... to Nick's family. How would Nick have felt? Would Nick have turned out like how Clyde was now?

At that point of time I felt as afraid and protective as Nick felt, realised how the people who meant the world to you could die just like that, the vulnerability of life not just of yours, but those your world revolves around. How in just a second, you would never be able to see the people you loved so dearly ever again. It was scary. It felt so real. Those few seconds of the show were the most striking to me.

...Then we camwhored at the third floor. Stupid popcorn kept flying away thanks to the wind. I actually picked them up and threw them into the bin. What a law-abiding citizen.
My headphones, by the way.

Other people say


Jan 25, 2010

Don't worry, I just wanna play with the baby *knife in hand*

Met two very pretty ladies who're even prettier on the inside today! Bet the guys are jealous ~

Joan and I were supposed to meet at Jurong Point at 10. Joan lives at Bukit Timah and my house is just two bus stops away from Jurong Point. And we ended up meeting at around 11 - AND I was later than her. x.x I need to start getting used to sleeping less.
omg i look so ugly in this. AHH.

We watched Legion. It was actually quite awesome! I liked it. The ending was could've been better but it also could've been worse. If it had ended right after the lead guy said "Will we ever see you again?" and Michael the angel said "Have faith" and flew off, I would be SO angry. But thank goodness they had more sense than to end the movie there. It was pretty gripping. Joan was gripping my hand half the time and I said the f word despite telling myself I'd stop using vulgarities.

I found it highly amusing when the black guy said "When I was a shawty..." HAHAHA.
I really liked the concept of the movie and how they portrayed angels in a very unusual way. And Gabriel the angel was Chinese! Makes you think about prejudice / stereotypes.
The movie made me think a little bit about something, though:

Was Michael wrong in disobeying God's order to kill the baby that was the "only hope for mankind" because he still had faith in the human race?
Was Gabriel right in obeying God's order to wipe out the entire human race, showing "no mercy", and intending to kill the baby?
In the end, Michael was restored as an angel when Gabriel killed him and Gabriel had let God down.


Anyway, then went home before meeting Carmen at Cineleisure Orchard! We had planned to watch Tooth Fairy initially but changed our minds and went for The Blind Side in the end.

The Blind side isn't exactly a fantastic movie, but it was really inspirational and VERY touching because it's based on a true story. Google "Michael Oher". He was separated from his cocaine-addicted mum at a very young age, and so were the rest of his siblings. He never really knew his dad but he was murdered when Mike was 16. At 16, Mike was doing really badly at school, homeless and hanging out in the worst part of the town.

When he managed to enrol in a Christian school with someone's help, a family whose kids, Collins and SJ, went to school there took Mike in and later officially adopted him. They hired him a tutor and he picked up football (American football, which is like our rugby, right?) and became really good at it, and his grades began to pick up. When he did really well in football he got scholarships to various universities. The real Michael Oher, once a homeless kid, now has a degree in Criminal Law and is a national football player.

Michael: I've never had one before.
Leigh Anne: What, your own room?
Michael: No, a bed.

After dinner (Udon and Ramen!) Carmen and I went to Frolick! My first time there. And we talked and talked about friendship, God, how fortunate we are to have an education and grow up in a great country, love....
and I'm even more fortunate to have wonderful friends like Joan and Carmen.

Jan 24, 2010

Before it gets any better I'm headed for a cliff

I just keep spending and spending and spending on **** I know I don't need (and probably will never use).

(At the time I took this picture, Janice actually also was listening to music through her white earphones and both of us were holding our phones and iPods! HAHA)
Janice, Maddie and I wore matching outfits today without planning! Black and white. We're always wearing black and white. Unplanned total black-and-white colour coordination has happened before, during JJ's concert:
(Ignore the red heart on Maddie's tee LOL)
After vocal lesson I met Primary 4I mates Yingyan and Evelyn for shoppingggg! (Thanks so much Janice and I'm sorry for everything! I don't like it when my phone dies at the worst times -.-)

Spent $44 on:
- A dress I doubt I'll wear more than twice. Looks incredibly similar to another dress I bought for $27 and I don't wear that because it makes my butt look huge, like my prom dress AND like this one I just bought. Shoot me.
- A belt from F21 that's too big for me. Why the heck didn't I check first?
- A box.

I regret buying all of them... except the box, perhaps. I'll definitely put the belt up on my blogshop to sell... problem is, the cashier cut the F21 tag off. I probably will sell the dress as well.

This is what happens when you give a girl money. Soon she's left with nothing. Grr.

Jan 23, 2010

And now I stand, forever free, My Saviour rescued me

Dad's sick today = no dinner with my grandma = I could go for Church!!! Got Mum to drive me to Expo right after Piano lessons ended at 5.

I was feeling hopelessly lost when I entered Expo Hall 1 (Services are usually held at Hall 8) and was so relieved to see Jason standing there waiting for me. I felt cared for... someone knew I'd be lost, and came to help me even before I asked for it. It's the feeling you get when you wake up feeling sick and realise your mum got up early just to make you a hearty breakfast.

The moment I started singing I felt the God's presence upon me. I held my tears back and thanked Him for seeing me today; He knew that I had come despite my stomach cramps and rewarded my enthusiasm by letting me feel His presence.

Service was GREAT. So enlightening. I wish everyone could hear it, so I'll talk about it here:

Pastor talked about sacrifice and how it equates to love. Adam and Eve's sons Cain and Abel gave sacrifices to God - Cain gave some crops while Abel gave the firstborn lamb of his flock. God didn't accept Cain and his 'sacrifice'.

Sacrifice is giving up something you treasure for a greater purpose. The importance of the thing you sacrifice also reflects your faith. If you have great faith in God, you won't hesitate to part with a lot because you know God will bless you back with more. If you think "I'll just give $1 because I'm really broke and need to save" it means your faith that God will provide for you when you need it isn't strong enough.

Abraham and Sarah were a childless couple; Sarah was barren. When Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90, God told them He would bless them with a child. He did. One day God told Abraham, "Take your son, your only son - yes, Isaac, whom you love so much... Go and sacrifice him as a burnt offering..". God told Abraham to sacrifice his miracle son to Him. Abraham did not refuse or object - he actually went up Mount Moriah intending to sacrifice Isaac. Of course, an angel stopped him at the last minute, telling him not to harm Isaac as God already knew Abraham's love for Him was great.

"I love my parents so much that I'm give them half the money I earn"
"I'm so thankful for everything my best friend has done for me that I spent all my savings on her birthday present"
"It's not the gift but it's the thought that counts"

On that same Mount Moriah, King David gave up ALL the money he had - which was a LOT - to build a temple for God. For a king to give up everything he had is a huge sacrifice. But he knew this temple wasn't just for mere mortals - it was for the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and so it had to be extravagant, magnificent.

Pastor says Mount Moriah is now what we know as Calvary - where Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross for us. He did cry out to God for relief of his suffering, but he knew that his death was necessary and would bring salvation to all of us, and that gave him the strength to endure the torture of the cross.

By the way, I read some articles online and I realise something really cool.

Like Jesus, Isaac (Abraham's child) was miraculously conceived. Sarah, Isaac’s mother, was 90 years old when she bore Isaac and had been barren all her life; Abraham was 100 years old (Genesis 17:17).

Like Jesus, Isaac was his father’s beloved and only son (Genesis 22:2).

Like Jesus carried the cross, Isaac carried the wood for his own sacrifice (Genesis 22:6).

Like Jesus spending three days in the tomb before the resurrection, the journey to Moriah took three days (Genesis 22:4).

Amazing huh?

Service was great. Wish I could go every week.

Love is a sacrifice - parents sacrifice for their kids; soldiers sacrifice for their country.

God is a giver, not a taker, God teaches us to give so that He can bless us with more in return, and use us to fulfil His purpose.

Jan 22, 2010


Such an impulsive decision. I just got sick and tired of my unruly mane. I had to do it ASAP because school's starting soon!

Was trying on clothes and deciding what to wear and I took a few last pictures of my long hair.
It was long. ): By the way, I like this top! It's one of the two tops I bought at Zara on Monday. I think I'll wear this next Monday when I meet Carmen and Joan for movies! The sleeves are rather long, good for cinemas.

I really like my mum's hairdresser, Derrick (Clinique de Esthetique or something like that at Holland Village Shopping Centre). I'm usually the only Chinese customer there (so many ang moh aunties) but the people who work at the hairdressers' don't really speak English well. I told Derrick I was probably going to ACJC and that I was actually interested in Media and Communications and he told me that Steven Chia (a news presenter for the morning news) was from ACJC :O

I didn't expect it to be this short but..... SHOULDER LENGTH. Derrick said I was very brave because I was cutting off a lot of hair and I was like... shucks.

Then walked around at Ion and then went for cell group, yes Jacey came! :D :D :D Maddie and Janice didn't ):

There were, like, 30 people here today because we had a combined cell group meeting!

Today Jason talked about how nothing is impossible for God. Kinda funny because just yesterday I was blogging about my lack of faith. It was good. (: AND YAY CITY HARVEST HAS A NEW BUILDING COMING UP IN THE CENTRAL IT'S GONNA BE GREAT YAY!

Jan 21, 2010


Audrey introduced me to Devon (Youtube: thiscityisdead) and I like the stuff he writes.

i've found passion in capturing; words, beauty, ideas, moments. my life is a mess of all of them, an absolute mess. they spill from my lips and fingertips. i keep the rest locked away in journals. i simply would rather live my life than sit at a desk and learn about it. i may not know every detail of the respiratory system but i still know how to breathe. and even breathing takes a close second to the circulatory system, my heart can pump blood, as well as compose love. i see my future through a lens.

i dont count pills i take them. you dont have to wait long before you hear the whispers, growing into words. people standing in door ways and secrets on your sholder. plans and directions. world domination. crawl out of this skin, like the spiders from his lips. oh you'll make so many new friends.. but none will be there by morning.

Devon and Connor are people who speak so strongly about love and equality and anti-discrimination and I love it. I don't want a boyfriend who is disgusted at the thought of love between cousins or even siblings or two people of the same gender. Just because it's weird, it doesn't make it wrong. I want a boyfriend who knows that love is all the same, the feeling's all the same. Nobody has the right to judge a person by who he loves.

As Connor says,
"I just think it's disgusting when someone has a problem with who somebody loves."

I also really love how Devon's so unafraid to tell the world that he's weak and vulnerable. Few guys are as expressive and daring to show who they really are and that strikes my heart.

Why can't Singaporean guys be like that.

I'm in love with his livejournal.

(No, Devon and Connor aren't some gay couple. -.-)


Got my headphones. Taylor Swift's voice sounds so much better with them as compared to my earpieces. LOL. Especially in the quieter songs like White Horse and Hey Stephen.
I also ruined a little bit of the cushiony part because I had so much trouble with taking the headphones out of the box. ):

Faith surpasses all reason.

I guess I'm a very analytical, practical person. If there isn't any solid evidence or previous experience for me to base my "faith" on, I doubt. And that means that even when I believe something will happen, it's not really because of my faith in God but because of my own reasoning. For example, if someone appoints me to speak for something in Church, I'll be very anxious but I might calm myself down because sometimes I can speak better than I think. Like I never expected myself to be able to scold as a Discipline Mistress but after a few months I began to be better at talking (or scolding) than I ever thought I'd be. And yes, I'll also pray and know that I can trust in Him, but my own reasoning comes first.

Why do I have so little faith in God? The God who gave me an A1 for Chinese even though I screwed up, gave me an A2 for Biology even though I didn't study it at all and blessed me in so many other ways is also the God who blessed the elderly couple Abraham and Sarah with as many descendants as there were stars in the sky. Faith is all I need and it surpasses my own human reasoning.

I will learn to trust completely in Him, even when situations seem to predict otherwise.

You never fail to amaze me with your devotion to God. God was thinking of you when He said "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity" (1 Tim 4:12). I just wish I could get to know you better. I've made the first moves... in fact, I've made so many moves I seem like an idiot. Come too, will you?


OMG. Check this out. Teressa is AMAZING. This is my favourite drawing of hers. DRAWING.

And check out her schoolmate's. scraps-alchemist.deviantart.com

Like.... *jaw totally drops* My drawings are restricted to stick people.

I used to blog well.

I wish I'd stop blabbering and start thinking.


Be environmentally friendly & recycle. Don't litter. Give your seat up to those who need it. In short, love others as yourself & love the Earth. Maybe then Singapore will be a better place.

I love my country. I just wish it were as beautiful as it is in my mind. There ought to be more Joans around. (No, Jenna, we can't have more of you - the world would spin off its axis 'cos you're too crazy <3.)>:(
Gosh, my hair.

By the way, this is what Joan's awesome notes look like: (Joan, the words can't be seen)

Jan 20, 2010

Random much?


He doesn't speak Japanese. ): I would've loved to hear him speak in Japanese.

BUT ANYWAY HAHAHA HE REPLIED ME! (And yes it's really him - his Facebook link's on his Youtube profile)

Cymbal practice wasn't very "happening". NPCC was having some selection test and NCC cadets were doing drills so we hardly practised on the actual drum and cymbals. I used the floor as a drum and the juniors clapped along. So not fun.

I realised I play the drums really differently from Lukhei. Wish I had learnt it properly from Amanda / Christine instead of learning merely by listening.


I'm probably going to be getting the white ones instead of the pink ones because most of the people who voted for pink did so because pink is more unique / cooler. Like, everyone has the white ones. But I guess if I'm thinking about using it for a long time I might not be so into "what's unique/cool" anymore, so I'll get the white ones because the people who voted for white did so because the white headphones looks nicer than the pink headphones. Get the difference? One's about the colour and standing out; one's about which actually looks nicer. Yeah.

Grr... gotta wait until tomorrow. I want them NOW ): Dad doesn't want me to go out so late. It's only 9pm lah.....


People with rich families look here!

I just posted on Ryan Higa's (Nigahiga's) Facebook wall to ask him if he can speak Japanese. I can't believe myself. I've always wanted to know though. I want to hear him speak in Japanese.

Don't laugh.

My Japanese is improving :D I still can't even say "I'm taking Japanese lessons" but I can say "How much do the big strawberries cost" and "This is a Japanese book"! HAHAHAHA. And I know the difference between "wa" and "no" HAHAHA. Watashiwa means I am! Watashino means my! Wa is like 是 in Chinese, and no is 的. Okay now I should install Japanese on my computer!

I love my church

I've been keeping Haiti in my prayers. And by the way, Janelle - the one with neuroblastoma cancer - draws great for her age. And she'll be undergoing her seventh round of chemotherapy on Friday. Let's pray.

I've always been thinking about adopting a kid when I'm older and married. I mean, why bring another life into the world when there are so many unwanted kids already? Singaporean kids are also mostly quite ungrateful and don't really treasure and understand how privileged they are to grow up in one of the #23rd country on the Human Development Index, where primary school is compulsory, where we grow up around air-conditioning, great medical care, education facilities etc. and seven-year-olds have mobile phones. There are kids out there who have never experienced the love of a parent and because they know what it's like to feel unwanted or abandoned by your own parents, they'll treasure the love their foster parents give them and be thankful for all they have. I would like to be able to give parental love, a great education and a bright future to a child who otherwise might never be able to experience all these.

Of course, I'm not assuming they don't enjoy their lives in the adoption centre / orphanage. They'd foster unbreakable bonds with their friends there, especially because they've been through everything together and they understand how one another feel. My aunt runs an orphanage in her home and the kids are lovely. Unfortunately, all I could do is smile and try hopelessly to communicate with one girl to teach her how to play some flash card game I gave her because she could only speak in Chinese.

If I adopt a boy from China (Can't take any more girls away from them!) I'll be able to communicate with him a little. Cute obedient kids from Japan are THE LOVE but I can't say much in Japanese, apart from phrases like "I don't understand" / "What time does this shop open and close" / "Who's at the reception desk?". I guess I need more Japanese lessons. Maybe Cambodia / Vietnam. Sierra Leone? :O Ethopia? "There are around 2 million orphans here in Uganda and the babies and children’s homes are all just bursting at the seams."


Jan 19, 2010

Sleeping early rocks

First time I slept before 1am in a very VERY long time. It was great. Somehow the sky is darker at 10pm than it is at 3am. Why? It's nice to fall asleep to the sounds of teens laughing at the basketball court downstairs. It's nice not to have to be the one to switch off all the lights in the house.

AAAAAND 10pm to 1am is when your kidney

Took neoprints too! YAY!

'Kay we felt like idiots because when we saw the feeder bus to Marina Barrage at the bus stop we ran like crazy to make sure we'd catch it and once we were on it the bus didn't even move for another ten minutes.

It was raining when we got there; thank God the rain stopped soon after!

Marina Barrage on a not-very-sunny afternoon on a schoolday = awesomely quiet and peaceful. It was SUPER windy. According to my mum it means there's been a tornado or something like that not far off. (She says it's been super windy at her office too.)

I'll blog when I feel like it

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

Jan 18, 2010

Sons of Singapore ~ (RI song)


Resorts World Sentosa actually found my tweet! Like LOL. Quite cool eh? I mean, I never expected something like Resorts World Sentosa to have a Twitter account. For what? Updates on how the construction's going? (Okay, RW Sentosa, if you find this blog post.. it's a casual comment :/) And I never even knew that was what it was called. Resorts World Sentosa. O.O

Bought two tops at Zara at 313@Somerset today! I really like the blue one I bought. It's M because the only S sized one left was in black and it looked weird. It's oversized, yes, but it doesn't look weird on me.. I hope! It looks like it was meant to be like that. I think. I hope. I love it, I really do. The other one's pink, I can't believe I bought it. Both were paid for with my own money but they were on sale so yay! I'm really satisfied. Still, nothing beats my blue kimono-ish top from F21. I keep wearing it 'cos it's my favourite top... now it's dying already. I wish they still sold it.

Then I joined my brother for dinner at his friend Ariel's birthday dinner party at NUSS The Graduate Club. The kids there were all from Henry Park's Gifted Programme and all of them are now in Raffles Institution too (except two who are in NJC IP). I have never felt less intelligent. The kids, being thirteen-year-olds, were extremely noisy. I, being the bored introvert I was, took time to analyse some of the boys' features. It was interesting to be able to visualise how these kids would look like as adults decades later. HAHA.

When the birthday cake came... Ariel's dad and all the kids started singing the RI school song. I couldn't believe it. Like LOL. Interesting. When they sang the phrase "Sons of Singapore" and I looked at the loud, playful, pre-puberscent thirteen-year-olds I was like, "okay... these are the Sons of Singapore. I guess we're doomed."

It was like, what, a two thousand course meal -.- The plates just kept coming. Boys have short attention spans so after the first hundred courses they began to walk around and play and everything, so a lot of food was untouched. I ended up stuffing myself because I couldn't stand seeing so much food go to waste. Think about Africa... Cambodia... Haiti... the beggars on the street everywhere else... if only we could pack all the food and send it to them.


Jan 17, 2010

This aching heart ain't broken yet

Thanks Janice (:

Maybe I'm trying too hard

Maybe I'm not trying at all, therefore I unknowingly willingly seclude myself from the rest of the world when I actually wish I were a part of it.

I keep complaining and saying I wish you would include me, make me feel like a part of it and all, and then when it actually happens I want out.

Common sense is telling me that I should just leave the friends who mean so much to me but continuously make me feel depressed over the slightest matters because I'm so over-sensitive and overly suspicious due to my low self-esteem. The more I like and want something, the more depressed and overly-sensitive I get if I don't feel a sense of security about it. I'm afraid I'll lose it.

And then I should devote my life to making friends online and strengthening my close friendship with Sumay and perhaps studying and having no life.

Some things are telling me we aren't made to be.

I just wish I had the courage.

Seeing the four of you all at once just kills me. I don't like willingly subjecting myself to emotional torture. Yet I can't refuse. I'm not allowed to.

I walk into a world full of friends but my heart feels lonely.

How many tears you let hit the floor

Remember my post about rejecting the offer to get paid $30-$40 to photocopy my O level results for a tuition centre because I felt it was like lying and I didn't want to help someone lie to others? I believe God saw it because my grandmother blessed me with $100 today. I NEVER EVER have gotten angpows that contained more than $20 before. My grandmother usually gives angpows containing $10 or less (not that I mind, of course). This was totally a surprise to me.
"When you give up an opportunity, remember that God has planned something greater in store."
I will testify about this during cell group next Friday (: I really hope I remember!

And yes I promise Janice and Maddie a treat. Don't strip me of my money though. Can we go to, like, Macs or a hawker centre or something?

Janice's little birthday celebration. Ice Cream Cafe. I bought a regular-sized one as a little treat to myself. I don't know why. I've been pigging out at night too much. I've been practically shovelling Tostitos and chocolates and giant prawn crackers into my mouth for the past few nights. Sheeeez. Thank goodness my weight still seems to have stagnated at 42kg. I seem to be getting shorter though. I ought to stop slouching 24/7. And maybe it's also because I keep being around tall people.

I wonder when I'll be able to get the kind of hugs you get everyday again.
I used to get hugs like that.


Jan 15, 2010

"Memories are funny when you relive them years after."

- Shehnaz.

Sweet memories of innocent love in our childhood days, sweeter memories of infatuation in our years as immature, curious preteens, painful memories of betrayal and heartbreak and friendship problems, of crying alone, of death of a pet or loved one -
after years fly by and the hurt is healed and you lose the strong feelings attached to the memories, we look back at them- happy, sad, humiliating, traumatising - with a certain fondness.

The reason everyone should keep diaries.
<-Aww. <-Australia'04
<-Braces '05

And last but not least.... get ready for it...
(Bryson, this is a warning to you)