Nov 30, 2006

cos you know, the new show wish upon a star, there's this special episode on christmas eve where jj is the special guest,
and the recording for that program is on 7 december,
and the people are giving jjfc 50 FREE TICKETS TO GO TO THE RECORDING!!!!!!!!!
but cos jjfc too many pple le, so they drawing lots..
Dad n I went to fetch mum & mark from senai airport :D
And mum bought me the Ling Ting Shi Jie cd!!!!! Wooots
And apparently Ian lost his voice after screaming like siao on his FIRST RIDE at genting. Omg. I would PAY to see Ian screaming. XD
Then later dad and I spent 4 hours at this computer fair at expo and we bought
1 laptop cooler fan thingy, and
1 computer backup hard drive. =.=
And we saw my dad's student there doing some job, he was walking around the whole place carrying this huge tall heavy advertisement, then when he saw my dad he said
“wah lau first time working they give me this stupid job! Somemore pay never rise ah, pay drop.”
And we saw another one of his students and my dad told me something about him..
That student, my dad and a few other students and teachers went to do some tsunami relief thing overseas once, and that guy didn't tell anyone that he was allergic to caffeine and he drank some coffee, then he developed super huge scary ROUND rashes that were super serious,
Then my dad and another teacher (who used to be a medic in NS) bluffed the poor guy “Aiyah nothing one lah, when we get back just need to go hospital for checkup lor, shouldn't be anything serious lah, at the worst amputate your leg lor.. Aiyah anyway nowadays also got prosthetic legs still can walk one lah”
And the poor guy actually believed the two teachers, and he kept on whining and crying for god knows how long, saying that he didn't want to amputate his leg, then it was only much much later that he realized that it was a joke. And apparently this incident spread around and nearly everyone knew about it.
Don't you sympathize with the poor guy?! Poor thing already developed rashes that looked like they're some disease, then his two teachers tell him his leg might have to be amputated. I would believe it too if I were him, because you'e never been through something like that before, and at that stage you'd believe nearly everything. That's an abuse of trust you know. I bet (and hope) that that guy never ever trusts his teachers again. (and he's got a good reason not to.)
And if that isn't embarrassing enough, all his friends (and other people he doesn't know) know about it too, he'll be tormented and teased like crazy lah.
I never knew my dad was THAT mean..

Nov 28, 2006

happy birthday guai shou (from mayday) and xiaogui!!!!
*~~[ dance, like you've never done before ]~~*
I never knew the true meaning of dance- until now.
I always saw dance as.. just plain dancing.. and having fun.
Musical evening made me realise that i was so wrong.
I've been through a few performances this year- speech day and national day. So howcome I only feel it now?
Maybe it's cos we've worked so super hard for just this perofrmance today.
Maybe it was the pressure of performing in front of more than just our schoolmates.
Maybe it was because we weren't performing in our own school, and we've never been here efore, and everything looks so professional and unreal..
But whatever the reason, we all had alot of pressure on us, much more than from our other performances, and the satisfaction and relief we got from doing it right was indescribable.
After the finale everyone was screaming and singing and hugging and crying and laughing, and it was a super emotional scene.
And now i know why the sec 3s love dance so much.
Crescent dance-- it isn't just about dance/fun.
It's about the passion, the glory, teamwork, and how we all suffer and enjoy together.
Others may have gone through this incredible bonding spirit through football or acting, but I went through it through dance, and it's made me love it.
I've experienced the spirit of dance today, and there's no turning back!
musical evening rocked!
the dressing and changing rooms were so cool lah! and during the 1st rehearsal, when i was doing the liu xing solo, it was totally dark so i couldn't see a thing, and when i kneeled down after the spinning, i was supposed to be facing the audience but i was facing the back of the stage instead XD but now i know that there's this small red light in front of me so i will know where to face! :D
the makeup looked scary. the eyebrow thing made me look freaky and my lipstick was weird hehe. but i like the red streak on my cheek!! very cooool.
and the chipsmore shermin and i bought for $2.30 was gone in seconds and i only ate 3 and shermin only ate 2. =.=
oh, and a chinese dance chou (the fan thing) got missing and lao shi had to find another one.
But the performance was perfect!! So much better and more rewarding than I imagined. The chinese dance performance thing looked v cool cos it was all in time, even though amelia dropped her chou. The samba one also not bad. and the BUMBLE BEE DANCE!! Much more in time than during the rehearsals/practices. and i didn't screw up the diao yu!!!! wahahah. And after the dance we were all screaming like siao in.. relief and satisfaction.
Finale was THE BEST. And after the finale everyone, the choir indian dance angklung people, were screaming backstage and still singing the finale song to our dressing rooms. And we were all thinking the same thing: WE DID IT!!
"Our dreams have no limitations, that's what it's all about"
"When we stand hand in hand, make our dreams come true!
The lyrics seriously speak our feelings man. cant get enough of the song XD

Nov 26, 2006

went to jurong east just to go to the pasar malam to buy stuff to sell..
i walked straight into a shop that was playing jj's liu xing zhu jiao! So i stayed there to listen to more and after that song was SHE's tian hui! And then i went to the neighbouring shop and they were playing jj's jiang nan cd! and they were playing jj's hai pa and tian shi xin. AND THEN i went to another shop and they were playing SHE's wo men zen me le! and that song is the song that got me liking SHE!!
Kk so I'm selling:
~ 1 jolin notebook for $1.50,
~ 1 smaller jolin notebook for $1,
~ 1 jay chou notebook for $1.50,
~ 3 A4-sheets of Jay Chou stickers (all diff designs) for 50cts each,
~ 2 A4-sheets of FIR stickers (both diff designs) for 50cts each,
~ 2 A4-sheets of SHE stickers (both diff designs) for 50cts each, and
~ 1 A4-sized wilber pan sticker for 70cts.
whoever wants to buy leave me a tag/sms/email k!
does anyone realise that my 3 fave artistes are totally different?
3 fave artistes:
1) JJ Lin 2) SHE 3) Mayday
~ JJ is a singer, SHE is a group, Mayday is a band.
~ JJ is 1 person (duh), SHE consists of 3 girls, Mayday has 5 guys. (hey, 1, 3, 5!)
~ the songs they sing are totally different.
JJ sings shu qing songs, fast-paced songs perfect for dancing to, and is well-known for "vanilla ballads",
SHE sings shu qing songs and.. fast songs like Bu Xiang Zhang Da (that sound v v diff from jj's fast songs),
Mayday sings 100% rock.
Isn't it hard to find someone whose 3 fave artistes are totally different hor? Who likes both SHE and mayday?!
it jsut goes to show that i appreciate all kinds of music! ;D (except for classical)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting-JJ
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting- SHE
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting-Mayday

Nov 25, 2006

quizzie! got this from sarah's/szemin's fren's blog.. duno who she is but found the quiz fun so :D!
F1: Jiayi
F2: Yimei
F3: Nadine
F4: Ameila
F5: Shermin
M1: JJ lin (wahahaha)
M2: Zhihao
M3: Mark (my bro)
M4: Jay Chou
M5: Zhi Ye
O1: My handphone
O2: Kit-kat
O3: My tablet <33333..
O4: My lousy spoilt mp3
O5: My beloved Akira camera (fine it's actually my dad's but he never uses it and i always use it)
questions:what if F1 and M2 dated? Wish Jiayi good luck :D because i don't think a gal who dreams of maths equations and admires lee kwan yew (although she's probably too paiseh to admit) would date a guy who always goes to kbox. Zhihao probably won't be able to understand Jiayi's english. but anyway she would probably never date anyone until she's finished her MASTERS degree, and tell all her suitors (who would ever like someone like jiayi?! :S) that she wants to concentrate on her studies XD
what if M5 ate O1? I dont think he's that crazy.. is he? I'll never know, we've eaten paper out of Felicia's address book before XD
are M4 and F2 compatible? Yimei's probably thinking about dating jay chou day and night but jay's like, 14 years older than her XD
would you buy 03 as a present for F2? She has one already XD but even if she didn't i won't be able to save up $3000 anyway XD
how did you meet F3? Track trials on 28 dec 2005!
what would you do if M1 and M4 dated? HAHAHAHA JJ AND JAY CHOU!! IMAGINE THAT MANN HAHAHA
what's the probability of matchmaking F1 and O5? Hmm.. Jiayi would probably hate my camera because it's got so many pics of JJ in it XD
does F4 like 04? She's never commented on it before =.=
describe F2: Yimei.. super patient and kind and responsible and dong shi!! love yimei!!!!!
what if M3 went overseas? CELEBRATE well actually he's in malaysia now.. with my mum and dad.. yahooooooo
does M4 look like O2? Uhh. noooo... if Yimei reads this question she'll be screaming like crazy hahaha
omg piano lesson sucked. it's so weird, i can play perfectly well at home but at piano lessons i get at least 1 note wrong in every bar. =.=
getting used to typing without my little finger! say yay XD
and there was this pasar malam near the jurong east mrt station so i went there and bought:
-8 A4-sized sheet of many SHE stickers
-1 A-4 sized sheet of many jay chou stickers (selling for 50cts! who wants?)
-1 A-4 sized willpan sticker
-1 packet of 32 jj postcards
the postcards was damn ex. $6 leh! so actually i chose 3 packets but in the end i just bought the one with the nicer pics. and it's worth it man! and each of the 32 postcards have diff pics.
i love pasar malams!
maybe tomorrow i go back there buy somemore stuff to sell!
then later was raining so i just took mrt to jurong point and stayed there till it stopped..
and i nearly bought jiayi's bdae pressie but i onli had $4.90 left, not enough to pay up :P
and on the way back, the whole path was flodding and later as i walked further i found a mini-waterfall.. took a few pics :D and i had to stand in the ankle-deep water to do that.. not bad hor XD
and i gained 1.5 kg (acording to my grandmother's weighing machine), despite
-not eating chocolate bars since before school ended,
-having dance prac for 2 weeks from 8.30 to 5.45, and
-sleeping till 11 on weekdays so i don't have to eat breakfast
maybe it's cos i sleep less than 7 hours on dance days and schooldays, and according to reader's digest people who sleep less than 7 hours are more likely to grow fat.
that's also another reason i sleep until 11 whenever i can :D
it's not as bad as i expected, having to stay at home without dad/mum/mark..
i get more freedom, no nagging, no fighting with bro, and i can sleep in my parent's room, a whlie king-sized bed to myelf! and sometimes my maid would sleep in there with me, then save electricity also! :D
and yvonne says she'll help me look out for ling ting shi jie! :D
but i still wanna go to the wedding.. ohwell

Nov 24, 2006

jane's blog super funny XDXD
"and i am still short of like 2 million bucks for plastic surgery."
you know what's the freakiest thing?!
this guy added me on msn for quite some time but i only speak to him for the first time today,
i asked him how he got my email (i thought he's from jjfc)
and he said he's from brazil..
and he can't speak english other than a few words and he asked me if i spoke portugese
i said "can you uh speak english?"
he said "no speak portugal"
he's damn freaky..
and he asked for photo ("you foto")
and you know what i gave him?!
i gave him a pic of hebe smiling sweetly and super cute with braids
btu how the heck did he get my email?!?!?!?!! AARGH
and i duno why but alot of chinese-speaking pple added me on msn once, all saying the same thing,
"ni hao ma?"
"go and visit"
"i've gotta go, see you again"
and i never see them again
my finger kena cut by bamboo! and the cut is on my last finger on left hand sorta oval shaped n quite big but not very big..
but somehow there was alot alot alot of blood and it stained my liu xing and bamboo..
thanks amelia (sec3) for helping me wash it n put plaster :D
and now it's hard to type.. and play piano
my dad's left for msia le.
leaving me n mi maid at home till monday..
oh and u noe wat's SO IRRITATING?!?!
my dad wanted to go out with me for dinner before he left for msia so i smsed him when i finished dance prac,
then he said he was on the way to my sch,
then i asked if i cud meet him at jurong east interchange instead cos i was near redhill mrt le,
then he said he was at clementi,
so i said, fine meet at queenstown mrt
then he said he already u-turn,
so he asked me to go jurong east then take the shuttle bus to imm,
and after about 1/2 hour of waiting my kena cut de finger and my legs were painful like xiao,
so i asked him to pick me up,
and just as he was about to pick me up from imm the shuttle bus came.
and i spent more than $2 of my phone money smsing and calling my dad. WTH LA.
i just talked to yvonne <33>
and i really really miss yvonne and inez and ian and ivan and isaac and nic and ethan and peter and my mum and 6 yee and 7 yee and everyone aaaah i qish i could go to the wedding.. it will be a really really long time before i attend a wedding with them again.. must wait till fran gets older and marries.. better be a shuai guy ohh XDXD

Nov 23, 2006

and the prev day he was on WAN QUAN YU LE!!!!
wahahahaha i taped both down :D:D:D
the chingay dance *beep* lah. tsk. but the Da Tous are super duper cute! i mean the heads are v cartoon and not very cute but the dance moves they're doing is just TOO cute.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pei Yi and Lily in the Da tous!!
and i think pei yi made up this poem (i was peiyi right?):
Da Tou Da Tou!
xia yu shi hou,
ni you yu san,
wo you da tou!!
or something like that.. hehs..
oh and went back with amelia and we took 111 to commonwealth then accidentally took wrong mrt back to redhill agin =.= wah lau XD

Nov 22, 2006

i dunno why but recently i've been quite unlike myself (except for the fact that i said that jj was on wan quan yu le today).
i've been very un-hyper recently. i bet jiayi can't imagine me being un-hyper for a week XD
i guess there are alot of possible reasons..
1) i miss yimei and jiayi! i realise i'm hyper only around them. yimei will be hyper with me and jiayi will start shouting so naturally i'll be hyper too ;D but so long never see them le.. yimei and jiayi and karen and nadine and vana and lingling and amelia if she wants- the perfect group of friends <33333333
2) i'm nearly always unhyper during dance anyway (which is true, not only for holiday dance prac but for after-sch ones too)
3) i'm pissed witht the fact that i'm sacrificing precious time and a trip to genting (i've never been there before!!) and 7 yee's wedding for dance
4) just plain out of energy and dead tired
aiyoh.. so far during dance prac, i have gotten:
~ 1 blue-black
~ 2 cuts/scratches (bled a little little bit kind)
~ 3 times skin peeled (2 on feet, 1 on thumb)
~ uncountable muscle aches wahahhhahaa
and im officially scared of bumble bee dance!! dance until feet aching like siao lor.
and that scissors paper stone game is sooo fun!!! so long never play le. miss it like siao
and im really gonna miss christine and cassandra when they leave for jc! they are really really perfect chairperson n discipline mistress lor. love them!!!
and jolynn (white) sings damn well lah <3>

Nov 20, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
from left to right: shu hui, shu en, joylynn
See no evil Hear no evil Speak no evil!!
i think a few of my classmates including nadine and jiayi have seen shu hui (left) right? they said she's quite chio. shu en (middle) is her sister chiobu also right? gaah shu en so chio XD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
shu hui lying on shu en (left) and joylynn (right)
obviously shu en thinks shu hui is heavy :O hahaha

oh and btw shu en and shu hui are from crescent!! nade, rmb that time mr samat went "this girl is my daughter" talking abt shu hui? hahaha!
i officially love dance although it's so tiring and the bloddy *beep* (we aren't allowed to say what it is) for syf scratched my leg and there's a cut there and it hurts :(
and i think practically all the sec 3s noe about my cramp today omg so maluating

Nov 15, 2006

the syf dance moves are nice! but hard. but lao shi says the worst is yet to come :S
and it's so weird, how when we're learning the dance the dance movements look like got so many like that but when we do with the music everything we learnt is not even half of the music. so irritating! but the moves are nice. but hard. ohwell. geraldine so cute so short until her legs couldnt touch the floor during one of the moves hahaha
but my fave is still the toilet flush one and the teresa & zhiyang sing de dance. what's it called ah? money money issit?
and it's so funny that both of them are sec 1 orientation dances. toilet flush is out sec1 orientation dance then the money money is for next year's orientation.
my legs are aching ahhh.

Nov 13, 2006

happy birthday joan!!!
poor joan, her bdae on the first day of dance prac XD
but todays dance prac was quite relaxed.
and lao shi managed to choreograph a new dance today super fun and nice wahaha!
it's some national day song sung by teresa and zhiyang.
ohoh and that bai bu dance de costume is TOO SEXY!! it shows alot of cleavage (they probably have lah XD). too much for 15-year-olds. it's just too hot man.
saw lydia and gloria at boon lay mrt station leh! i think they were going to jurong point lah.

Nov 12, 2006

yay saw the gcma on tv!!
and they showed ameila and yimei and me on tv leh!! twice somemore!!
nono the 2nd time dun have amelia XP
omg lah i love that song lor how can they not show it
nvm at least they got show lin yuzhong and SHE!!!
oh ya they didn't show jin sha also. i still rmb the huge teddy bear XD

Nov 10, 2006

global warming is getting real serious.
scary huh?
Ten years before "global warming reaches the point of no return".
In ten years' time i'll be 23.
Most of us will be in out twenties/thirties.
If this continues, when we're that age, we'll die of global warming.
and it's not just the humans that will die.
Animals and plants will die because of our actions.
Poor them. I mean it's not their fault that they're all going to die, it's ours.
Sure, scientists and environmentalists are trying very hard to save the Earth, but
what are we doing?
burning down forests, clearing trees for buildings, 24hours air-conditioning, blahblahblah
is that helping to stop global warming?
because of our selfish actions not only are we going to suffer because of them, all the other living things are going to have to suffer too.
feeling guilty now?
right now as i'm typing this the ice at the antartic is breaking up and melting.
singapore will become an underwater city.
in the newspaper article it says saving the earth takes much more than "unleaded petrol" or "recycling paper"
but can we at least try and do our best to help to slow down the rate of global warming.
recycle paper, don't turn on the lights/air-conditioning when you don't need it, blah. main thing is do your best to recycle materials/conserve electricity.
oh, and don't cut down trees.
it definitely isn't enough to stop global warming, but we can just try to slow it down. :)
for the sake of yourself, your family & friends, and all the innocent animals :) ..
oh and btw i sent an email to alot of pple about this, but i think it's under the Junk E-mail/ Bulk folder. tsk.
just watched the PSS2 contestants singing a medley of 8 of JJ's songs on tv!
caocao, di er tian tang, sarang heyo, chi bang, jiu shi wo, shu neng sheng qiao, yi qian nian yi hou, liu xing zhu jiao!!!
it shows every 20 mins on ch u when it's closed.
must watch k pple!!
BUT KEWEI ISN'T INSIDE! so unfair lor. her voice is really v gd and she's like the prettiest of them all but she had to drop out cos she didn't inform them about her schedule (concerts!?!?!!) and it clashes with alot of things or sth like that. but never mind she's already a backup singer so it's not so bad :D jj and kewei <3

Nov 9, 2006

went to lido with sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waited for her awhile at orchard mrt station. when she ran towards me she was like "HIIIIIEEEEE" and i was abit "is she talking to me?" at first cos i couldnt recognise her XP actually forgot she cut her hair and her dad was with her. then we went to lido then her dad left then we had alot alot alot of time (about 2h) before the movie Tiger and the Snow (which was at 3) so we ate at Subway then talk talk talk talk until can go into the theatre.
oh and we saw alot of rgs gals.
AND we were going into the theatre and we were walking at this narrow walkway then i was walking walking then realised sarah wasnt following, she had taken a few steps back
then i said "what?" then she said "uh look back to your left" then i SCREAMED
you know that The Grudge 2 advert? the huge white baby half-a-face and super black hair and huge eye and the red 2 inside the eye? gosh the poster was HUGE. i mean im uesd to seeing the poster on the 8-days mag but this poster was really gigantic. like twice the size of drawing block?!
but i didn't look at it v closely or whatever
then later we went to the toilet so we passed by the poster again but i didn't look at it XD
and it's so freaky cos most of the lights were really dim and... ah.
[[actually most of the "ghost babies" look super cute but they look scary cos of the white foundation and black eye shadow XD when i look at ashin (mayday's lead singer) de baby photos, he's super cute, huge eyes (and now his eyes so small), but he would make a gd "ghost baby" XD.]]
and the Tiger and the Snow movie is like this italian movie (it's italian right? yah i tink so) and it's quite funny but i got very confused cos i got all the female characters mixed up. XD and in war where got soldiers so kind let the guy off one? lol. and the camel part was so funny.
and the nachos and cheese rocked.
oh and we totally forgot about this cookie we bought so when we took it out all the oil had been squeeeezed out and the cookie was v soft. but still v nice!!
AND i was sleeping on the MRT then i woke up and realised mardiana was looking at me then i said hi then she said i look v funny when i sleep =.=
AND i saw mandy's mum and bro on a bicycle on the way home
AND after that, i banged into this indian boy riding on a bicycle. and it hurt. and he really looks familiar, like as if i've seen him before in my pri sch (which is quite possible) but i didn't say anything.
i miss sarah so much :D:D:D:D but now i'm feeling v scared cos she looked so diff today from the last time i saw her (june) that now i'm not really sure what she really looks like anymore.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting the movie we watched-Tiger and the Snow
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting- sarah (to sumay&audrey: she looks so diff right?!?!?!)

Nov 8, 2006

yay tomorrow im going out with sarah!!! wooohooooo!! havent seen her since like forever.
oh and shermin and i are selling some stuff if u guys havent recieved my email. cds, postcards blahblah. for more info call/sms/email me lah! must buy hor!!!
my bro's classmate ivan ( i have a cousin called ivan too XD) is suspected to be autistic.
and today ivan wanted to play with mark during class but mark didn't want to so ivan pinched mark until mark cried but ivan still wouldn't let go. lols.
but mark might be changing school so he'll be ivan-free.
cos my bro's in the GEP. like sarah XD
and he can either go to acs primary or henry park primary cos those are the 2 schs nearest home. and he wants to go acs and u noe why?! "cos the name sound very nice what!" LOLS.
just chatted with tony on msn!!!
so long never chat with him le leh! since june leh!!
and we did those phone call thingies on msn. then now i noe how he sounds like and he noes how i sound like. wahaha.
and he kept like, laughing / chuckling? dunno how to say. cos he was trying to talk in english and every now and then he didn't noe how to say wat he wanted to say then in the end i said "hai shi ni yong hua wen shuo hao le" (i think it's better for you to talk in mandarain) then he typed in chinese "im sorry my english is really terrible" hehe. when he laugh very cute XD.
but i think i humiliated him or sth cos shermin was here too and we kept laughing like siao then he was like "um *laugh* wo ting bu dong" then we'd be like "sorry we're not talking to you, talking to another person" he must have felt soo... i duno. but i feel v bad la. sorry tony!!
oh and he asked me to sing jj's "now that she's gone" then i kept not wanting to then he kept saying "aiya dont be shy lah"
oh and once he asked me to repeat what i said just now "wo shuo ni zai shuo yi ci ni gang cai shuo de hua" and i was like "huh wo gang cai shuo shen me" LOLS
and he asked me to intro a few guys to him cos his fren who's 15 and a gal wanted to noe guys from sg and i intro-ed to him a guy who's 13 (darren teo) and he said "younger abit is ok" hahaha

Nov 7, 2006

watching SHE on MTV now!! wahahaha
is the making of a few of their mvs including yue gua nu shen!!
i actually missed the first few 10 mins of the show
but its ok at least i can watch :D
i cant believe what i'm doing!
before the holidays i only used to eat ice-creams once a week/in two weeks
now im like eating them every 2 days?!?!
and all the junk food im eating oso.
every few days must go mama shop buy somemore.
like that going to grow fat lah!!!
and somemore i just saw yu le bai fen bai, xiao S (dee hsu)'s body hor, figure SUPER PERFECT one lor. like barbie doll, but the figure is exaggerated even more lor. i see already wanna die leh!
if i had a body half as good as hers i'd consider modelling liao XD
and the day i turn 47 kg i resolve to stop eating and do 100 crunches a day.
(that's why i make sure i can't find the weighing machine at home)
i hate the princess hours de lu's mum!!!
she's like so mean lor go and make use of xiaolin.
and i hate xiaolin too.
if u like somebody you will care abt his feelings too and u wud want him to be happy
u wouldnt purposely hurt him so that u can have him lor
i mean u cant do anything if he dosent like you lor
does she think by hurting him he will like her?! siao ah.
yesterday's episode xin was like so nice to caijing, so cute couple together leh <33333

Nov 6, 2006

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions below before you write and tag 5 people to do this survey. (btw im listing all my frens so jj's not in here XD)
1.sarah 2.sumay 3.jiayi 4.nadine 5.yimei
6.rachel 7.jacey 8.joan 9.marilyn 10.shermin
11.audrey 12.lingling 13.amelia 14.teressa 15.silvana
16.tony 18.zhihao 19.xiaoxi 20.zhiye
how did you meet 14? first day of class she sat diagonally in front of me :D
what would you do if you never meet 1? be very very diff from the person i am nw?
what would you do if 20 and 9 dated? WAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT'S VERY POSSIBLE U NOE!! i'd wish them v v gd luck lor XD but andrea wud be so so sad XP
did you ever like 19? as a v gd fren! :D
would 6 and 17 make a good couple? hmm. not at all DX
Ddescribe 3. Her Royal Cheemness The Dou. that name describes it all! XD
do you think 8 is attractive? OH YEAH joan the chio chiobu!.
say something about 7. my fellow beloved jj fan fren!!!! <3333333 ya
do you know any of 12's family members? nope.
what's 8's favourite? hmm i dunno.. it used to be scratching her head but not anymore
what would you do if 11 confesses that he/ she likes you? depends on which kind of like XD but you DO like me as a fren right audrey? <333
what language does 15 speak?english+chinese.
who is 9 going out with? hmm..i duno leh..too long didnt contact le):
how old is 16 now? 17
when was the last time u talk to 13? 28/10/06 during global chinese music awards!! <333
who's 2's favourite band/ singer? JJ LIN JUNJIE <3333333
would you date 7? ey im not lesbian okay!!!
is 15 single? I DONT THINK SO!! wahahaha
would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11? im not lesbian (for the 2nd time)
what school does 3 go to? c-r-e-s-c-e-n-t wahaha
where does 6 live? er.. very very near me?
what's your favourite thing about 5? the most patient gal i ever met!! and v kind and dong shi oso
hav u seen 1 naked? OH YEAHHHH!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA
5 people whom you wants to do this.
1)sarah :D 2)yimei :D 3)amelia :D 4)jiayi aka doudou! XP 5) silvana :D
oh, janice met yiyuan from friendster then start to chat from there. coooool sia.
janice is frens with yiyuan?!?!
u noe i support yiyuan since the start of css?!
when he sang 2 jj songs
then he also look like my fren
u noe i got cut out pics of him in newspaper one leh!!!
*dying liao*

Nov 5, 2006

SHE was on tv yesterday?!?!
GAAAAH how can i miss it
luckily it's not jj man.
and that time mayday was on zhong yi da ge da super super funny!!!
oh and i really hope sumay's mum allows her to go the singing classes..
though i can't sing i think it'll be quite fun :D

Nov 4, 2006

oh yah and ytd at jurong point we were at this shop and they played SHE's yi yan wan nian (which jjw rote, btw :D), jj's sarang heyo, willpan's zhao mi and this other jj song (forgot!! :O) all one after another then i was like hyper jumping up and down lah XD ok i officially love the shopkeeper. woohoooooo!!

Nov 3, 2006

gosh so much has happened in past few days no chance to blog abt it lols
there's this SSYEAP thingy where pple from SEAsian countries come together then go to 6 of the diff SEA countries and spend abt 3 days 2 nights at someone's house. so sg is the 1st stop and my dad volunteered to be a host for 2nd time (1st time was 3 yrs ago XD). so there's a filipino and cambodian gal here cool huh? the filipino one watches GOONG?! and her sis likes AVRIL omg la. and she says my dad looks alot like this filipino singer-composer guy and when she first saw him she was like "wth?!" lols. and the cambodian one not as chatty as the filipino one but quite chio XD. so we met ytd night and today we went for breakfast at market and ate prata & thosai (and i had to wake up at 8?! normalli i wake up at 11 leh!!! >.<) then went sentosa de chairlift luge underwater world dolphin lagoon blah super cool la and the filipino gal bought me a necklace with this dolphin pendant <3333!>.<>
then after that went jurong point then abt 10.00 then come back sia. and my legs are like numb going to drop off anytime XD. and tmr we might go to vivocity before sending them off to the ship at 10.45am (means i have to wake up at WHAT TIME?! aaaah) then they'll go to indonesia from there. this SSYEAP thing quite cool leh, can go all the diff countries. maybe i'll do that when im 18 too :D but must find pple to join me!

Nov 2, 2006

2nd day of audition.
and im officially hooked.
addicted to audition le~~
level 4 liao yay!!

Nov 1, 2006

just now on mrt on the way to shermin's house i saw yanhua!!
(my first friend in pri school)
last time i saw her was in june.. before that she would take the mrt with yingyan, boonchong and me but she switched to taking the school bus in june :( so now it's just yingyan boonchong and me.
and shermin intro-ed me to audition and i totally suck at it, play like siao person like that, keep getting confused with the left and right arrows. but im addicted to it anyway!!!
ok i seriously gotta do SERIOUS work lols