Nov 28, 2006

*~~[ dance, like you've never done before ]~~*
I never knew the true meaning of dance- until now.
I always saw dance as.. just plain dancing.. and having fun.
Musical evening made me realise that i was so wrong.
I've been through a few performances this year- speech day and national day. So howcome I only feel it now?
Maybe it's cos we've worked so super hard for just this perofrmance today.
Maybe it was the pressure of performing in front of more than just our schoolmates.
Maybe it was because we weren't performing in our own school, and we've never been here efore, and everything looks so professional and unreal..
But whatever the reason, we all had alot of pressure on us, much more than from our other performances, and the satisfaction and relief we got from doing it right was indescribable.
After the finale everyone was screaming and singing and hugging and crying and laughing, and it was a super emotional scene.
And now i know why the sec 3s love dance so much.
Crescent dance-- it isn't just about dance/fun.
It's about the passion, the glory, teamwork, and how we all suffer and enjoy together.
Others may have gone through this incredible bonding spirit through football or acting, but I went through it through dance, and it's made me love it.
I've experienced the spirit of dance today, and there's no turning back!

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