Nov 25, 2006

omg piano lesson sucked. it's so weird, i can play perfectly well at home but at piano lessons i get at least 1 note wrong in every bar. =.=
getting used to typing without my little finger! say yay XD
and there was this pasar malam near the jurong east mrt station so i went there and bought:
-8 A4-sized sheet of many SHE stickers
-1 A-4 sized sheet of many jay chou stickers (selling for 50cts! who wants?)
-1 A-4 sized willpan sticker
-1 packet of 32 jj postcards
the postcards was damn ex. $6 leh! so actually i chose 3 packets but in the end i just bought the one with the nicer pics. and it's worth it man! and each of the 32 postcards have diff pics.
i love pasar malams!
maybe tomorrow i go back there buy somemore stuff to sell!
then later was raining so i just took mrt to jurong point and stayed there till it stopped..
and i nearly bought jiayi's bdae pressie but i onli had $4.90 left, not enough to pay up :P
and on the way back, the whole path was flodding and later as i walked further i found a mini-waterfall.. took a few pics :D and i had to stand in the ankle-deep water to do that.. not bad hor XD
and i gained 1.5 kg (acording to my grandmother's weighing machine), despite
-not eating chocolate bars since before school ended,
-having dance prac for 2 weeks from 8.30 to 5.45, and
-sleeping till 11 on weekdays so i don't have to eat breakfast
maybe it's cos i sleep less than 7 hours on dance days and schooldays, and according to reader's digest people who sleep less than 7 hours are more likely to grow fat.
that's also another reason i sleep until 11 whenever i can :D
it's not as bad as i expected, having to stay at home without dad/mum/mark..
i get more freedom, no nagging, no fighting with bro, and i can sleep in my parent's room, a whlie king-sized bed to myelf! and sometimes my maid would sleep in there with me, then save electricity also! :D
and yvonne says she'll help me look out for ling ting shi jie! :D
but i still wanna go to the wedding.. ohwell

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