Nov 30, 2006

Dad n I went to fetch mum & mark from senai airport :D
And mum bought me the Ling Ting Shi Jie cd!!!!! Wooots
And apparently Ian lost his voice after screaming like siao on his FIRST RIDE at genting. Omg. I would PAY to see Ian screaming. XD
Then later dad and I spent 4 hours at this computer fair at expo and we bought
1 laptop cooler fan thingy, and
1 computer backup hard drive. =.=
And we saw my dad's student there doing some job, he was walking around the whole place carrying this huge tall heavy advertisement, then when he saw my dad he said
“wah lau first time working they give me this stupid job! Somemore pay never rise ah, pay drop.”
And we saw another one of his students and my dad told me something about him..
That student, my dad and a few other students and teachers went to do some tsunami relief thing overseas once, and that guy didn't tell anyone that he was allergic to caffeine and he drank some coffee, then he developed super huge scary ROUND rashes that were super serious,
Then my dad and another teacher (who used to be a medic in NS) bluffed the poor guy “Aiyah nothing one lah, when we get back just need to go hospital for checkup lor, shouldn't be anything serious lah, at the worst amputate your leg lor.. Aiyah anyway nowadays also got prosthetic legs still can walk one lah”
And the poor guy actually believed the two teachers, and he kept on whining and crying for god knows how long, saying that he didn't want to amputate his leg, then it was only much much later that he realized that it was a joke. And apparently this incident spread around and nearly everyone knew about it.
Don't you sympathize with the poor guy?! Poor thing already developed rashes that looked like they're some disease, then his two teachers tell him his leg might have to be amputated. I would believe it too if I were him, because you'e never been through something like that before, and at that stage you'd believe nearly everything. That's an abuse of trust you know. I bet (and hope) that that guy never ever trusts his teachers again. (and he's got a good reason not to.)
And if that isn't embarrassing enough, all his friends (and other people he doesn't know) know about it too, he'll be tormented and teased like crazy lah.
I never knew my dad was THAT mean..

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