Nov 9, 2006

went to lido with sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waited for her awhile at orchard mrt station. when she ran towards me she was like "HIIIIIEEEEE" and i was abit "is she talking to me?" at first cos i couldnt recognise her XP actually forgot she cut her hair and her dad was with her. then we went to lido then her dad left then we had alot alot alot of time (about 2h) before the movie Tiger and the Snow (which was at 3) so we ate at Subway then talk talk talk talk until can go into the theatre.
oh and we saw alot of rgs gals.
AND we were going into the theatre and we were walking at this narrow walkway then i was walking walking then realised sarah wasnt following, she had taken a few steps back
then i said "what?" then she said "uh look back to your left" then i SCREAMED
you know that The Grudge 2 advert? the huge white baby half-a-face and super black hair and huge eye and the red 2 inside the eye? gosh the poster was HUGE. i mean im uesd to seeing the poster on the 8-days mag but this poster was really gigantic. like twice the size of drawing block?!
but i didn't look at it v closely or whatever
then later we went to the toilet so we passed by the poster again but i didn't look at it XD
and it's so freaky cos most of the lights were really dim and... ah.
[[actually most of the "ghost babies" look super cute but they look scary cos of the white foundation and black eye shadow XD when i look at ashin (mayday's lead singer) de baby photos, he's super cute, huge eyes (and now his eyes so small), but he would make a gd "ghost baby" XD.]]
and the Tiger and the Snow movie is like this italian movie (it's italian right? yah i tink so) and it's quite funny but i got very confused cos i got all the female characters mixed up. XD and in war where got soldiers so kind let the guy off one? lol. and the camel part was so funny.
and the nachos and cheese rocked.
oh and we totally forgot about this cookie we bought so when we took it out all the oil had been squeeeezed out and the cookie was v soft. but still v nice!!
AND i was sleeping on the MRT then i woke up and realised mardiana was looking at me then i said hi then she said i look v funny when i sleep =.=
AND i saw mandy's mum and bro on a bicycle on the way home
AND after that, i banged into this indian boy riding on a bicycle. and it hurt. and he really looks familiar, like as if i've seen him before in my pri sch (which is quite possible) but i didn't say anything.
i miss sarah so much :D:D:D:D but now i'm feeling v scared cos she looked so diff today from the last time i saw her (june) that now i'm not really sure what she really looks like anymore.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting the movie we watched-Tiger and the Snow
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting- sarah (to sumay&audrey: she looks so diff right?!?!?!)

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