Nov 22, 2006

i dunno why but recently i've been quite unlike myself (except for the fact that i said that jj was on wan quan yu le today).
i've been very un-hyper recently. i bet jiayi can't imagine me being un-hyper for a week XD
i guess there are alot of possible reasons..
1) i miss yimei and jiayi! i realise i'm hyper only around them. yimei will be hyper with me and jiayi will start shouting so naturally i'll be hyper too ;D but so long never see them le.. yimei and jiayi and karen and nadine and vana and lingling and amelia if she wants- the perfect group of friends <33333333
2) i'm nearly always unhyper during dance anyway (which is true, not only for holiday dance prac but for after-sch ones too)
3) i'm pissed witht the fact that i'm sacrificing precious time and a trip to genting (i've never been there before!!) and 7 yee's wedding for dance
4) just plain out of energy and dead tired
aiyoh.. so far during dance prac, i have gotten:
~ 1 blue-black
~ 2 cuts/scratches (bled a little little bit kind)
~ 3 times skin peeled (2 on feet, 1 on thumb)
~ uncountable muscle aches wahahhhahaa
and im officially scared of bumble bee dance!! dance until feet aching like siao lor.
and that scissors paper stone game is sooo fun!!! so long never play le. miss it like siao
and im really gonna miss christine and cassandra when they leave for jc! they are really really perfect chairperson n discipline mistress lor. love them!!!
and jolynn (white) sings damn well lah <3>

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