Nov 8, 2006

just chatted with tony on msn!!!
so long never chat with him le leh! since june leh!!
and we did those phone call thingies on msn. then now i noe how he sounds like and he noes how i sound like. wahaha.
and he kept like, laughing / chuckling? dunno how to say. cos he was trying to talk in english and every now and then he didn't noe how to say wat he wanted to say then in the end i said "hai shi ni yong hua wen shuo hao le" (i think it's better for you to talk in mandarain) then he typed in chinese "im sorry my english is really terrible" hehe. when he laugh very cute XD.
but i think i humiliated him or sth cos shermin was here too and we kept laughing like siao then he was like "um *laugh* wo ting bu dong" then we'd be like "sorry we're not talking to you, talking to another person" he must have felt soo... i duno. but i feel v bad la. sorry tony!!
oh and he asked me to sing jj's "now that she's gone" then i kept not wanting to then he kept saying "aiya dont be shy lah"
oh and once he asked me to repeat what i said just now "wo shuo ni zai shuo yi ci ni gang cai shuo de hua" and i was like "huh wo gang cai shuo shen me" LOLS
and he asked me to intro a few guys to him cos his fren who's 15 and a gal wanted to noe guys from sg and i intro-ed to him a guy who's 13 (darren teo) and he said "younger abit is ok" hahaha

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