Nov 6, 2006

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions below before you write and tag 5 people to do this survey. (btw im listing all my frens so jj's not in here XD)
1.sarah 2.sumay 3.jiayi 4.nadine 5.yimei
6.rachel 7.jacey 8.joan 9.marilyn 10.shermin
11.audrey 12.lingling 13.amelia 14.teressa 15.silvana
16.tony 18.zhihao 19.xiaoxi 20.zhiye
how did you meet 14? first day of class she sat diagonally in front of me :D
what would you do if you never meet 1? be very very diff from the person i am nw?
what would you do if 20 and 9 dated? WAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT'S VERY POSSIBLE U NOE!! i'd wish them v v gd luck lor XD but andrea wud be so so sad XP
did you ever like 19? as a v gd fren! :D
would 6 and 17 make a good couple? hmm. not at all DX
Ddescribe 3. Her Royal Cheemness The Dou. that name describes it all! XD
do you think 8 is attractive? OH YEAH joan the chio chiobu!.
say something about 7. my fellow beloved jj fan fren!!!! <3333333 ya
do you know any of 12's family members? nope.
what's 8's favourite? hmm i dunno.. it used to be scratching her head but not anymore
what would you do if 11 confesses that he/ she likes you? depends on which kind of like XD but you DO like me as a fren right audrey? <333
what language does 15 speak?english+chinese.
who is 9 going out with? hmm..i duno leh..too long didnt contact le):
how old is 16 now? 17
when was the last time u talk to 13? 28/10/06 during global chinese music awards!! <333
who's 2's favourite band/ singer? JJ LIN JUNJIE <3333333
would you date 7? ey im not lesbian okay!!!
is 15 single? I DONT THINK SO!! wahahaha
would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11? im not lesbian (for the 2nd time)
what school does 3 go to? c-r-e-s-c-e-n-t wahaha
where does 6 live? er.. very very near me?
what's your favourite thing about 5? the most patient gal i ever met!! and v kind and dong shi oso
hav u seen 1 naked? OH YEAHHHH!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA
5 people whom you wants to do this.
1)sarah :D 2)yimei :D 3)amelia :D 4)jiayi aka doudou! XP 5) silvana :D

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