Nov 7, 2006

i cant believe what i'm doing!
before the holidays i only used to eat ice-creams once a week/in two weeks
now im like eating them every 2 days?!?!
and all the junk food im eating oso.
every few days must go mama shop buy somemore.
like that going to grow fat lah!!!
and somemore i just saw yu le bai fen bai, xiao S (dee hsu)'s body hor, figure SUPER PERFECT one lor. like barbie doll, but the figure is exaggerated even more lor. i see already wanna die leh!
if i had a body half as good as hers i'd consider modelling liao XD
and the day i turn 47 kg i resolve to stop eating and do 100 crunches a day.
(that's why i make sure i can't find the weighing machine at home)

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