Nov 25, 2006

quizzie! got this from sarah's/szemin's fren's blog.. duno who she is but found the quiz fun so :D!
F1: Jiayi
F2: Yimei
F3: Nadine
F4: Ameila
F5: Shermin
M1: JJ lin (wahahaha)
M2: Zhihao
M3: Mark (my bro)
M4: Jay Chou
M5: Zhi Ye
O1: My handphone
O2: Kit-kat
O3: My tablet <33333..
O4: My lousy spoilt mp3
O5: My beloved Akira camera (fine it's actually my dad's but he never uses it and i always use it)
questions:what if F1 and M2 dated? Wish Jiayi good luck :D because i don't think a gal who dreams of maths equations and admires lee kwan yew (although she's probably too paiseh to admit) would date a guy who always goes to kbox. Zhihao probably won't be able to understand Jiayi's english. but anyway she would probably never date anyone until she's finished her MASTERS degree, and tell all her suitors (who would ever like someone like jiayi?! :S) that she wants to concentrate on her studies XD
what if M5 ate O1? I dont think he's that crazy.. is he? I'll never know, we've eaten paper out of Felicia's address book before XD
are M4 and F2 compatible? Yimei's probably thinking about dating jay chou day and night but jay's like, 14 years older than her XD
would you buy 03 as a present for F2? She has one already XD but even if she didn't i won't be able to save up $3000 anyway XD
how did you meet F3? Track trials on 28 dec 2005!
what would you do if M1 and M4 dated? HAHAHAHA JJ AND JAY CHOU!! IMAGINE THAT MANN HAHAHA
what's the probability of matchmaking F1 and O5? Hmm.. Jiayi would probably hate my camera because it's got so many pics of JJ in it XD
does F4 like 04? She's never commented on it before =.=
describe F2: Yimei.. super patient and kind and responsible and dong shi!! love yimei!!!!!
what if M3 went overseas? CELEBRATE well actually he's in malaysia now.. with my mum and dad.. yahooooooo
does M4 look like O2? Uhh. noooo... if Yimei reads this question she'll be screaming like crazy hahaha

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