Nov 24, 2006

you know what's the freakiest thing?!
this guy added me on msn for quite some time but i only speak to him for the first time today,
i asked him how he got my email (i thought he's from jjfc)
and he said he's from brazil..
and he can't speak english other than a few words and he asked me if i spoke portugese
i said "can you uh speak english?"
he said "no speak portugal"
he's damn freaky..
and he asked for photo ("you foto")
and you know what i gave him?!
i gave him a pic of hebe smiling sweetly and super cute with braids
btu how the heck did he get my email?!?!?!?!! AARGH
and i duno why but alot of chinese-speaking pple added me on msn once, all saying the same thing,
"ni hao ma?"
"go and visit"
"i've gotta go, see you again"
and i never see them again

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