Nov 3, 2006

gosh so much has happened in past few days no chance to blog abt it lols
there's this SSYEAP thingy where pple from SEAsian countries come together then go to 6 of the diff SEA countries and spend abt 3 days 2 nights at someone's house. so sg is the 1st stop and my dad volunteered to be a host for 2nd time (1st time was 3 yrs ago XD). so there's a filipino and cambodian gal here cool huh? the filipino one watches GOONG?! and her sis likes AVRIL omg la. and she says my dad looks alot like this filipino singer-composer guy and when she first saw him she was like "wth?!" lols. and the cambodian one not as chatty as the filipino one but quite chio XD. so we met ytd night and today we went for breakfast at market and ate prata & thosai (and i had to wake up at 8?! normalli i wake up at 11 leh!!! >.<) then went sentosa de chairlift luge underwater world dolphin lagoon blah super cool la and the filipino gal bought me a necklace with this dolphin pendant <3333!>.<>
then after that went jurong point then abt 10.00 then come back sia. and my legs are like numb going to drop off anytime XD. and tmr we might go to vivocity before sending them off to the ship at 10.45am (means i have to wake up at WHAT TIME?! aaaah) then they'll go to indonesia from there. this SSYEAP thing quite cool leh, can go all the diff countries. maybe i'll do that when im 18 too :D but must find pple to join me!

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