Nov 10, 2006

global warming is getting real serious.
scary huh?
Ten years before "global warming reaches the point of no return".
In ten years' time i'll be 23.
Most of us will be in out twenties/thirties.
If this continues, when we're that age, we'll die of global warming.
and it's not just the humans that will die.
Animals and plants will die because of our actions.
Poor them. I mean it's not their fault that they're all going to die, it's ours.
Sure, scientists and environmentalists are trying very hard to save the Earth, but
what are we doing?
burning down forests, clearing trees for buildings, 24hours air-conditioning, blahblahblah
is that helping to stop global warming?
because of our selfish actions not only are we going to suffer because of them, all the other living things are going to have to suffer too.
feeling guilty now?
right now as i'm typing this the ice at the antartic is breaking up and melting.
singapore will become an underwater city.
in the newspaper article it says saving the earth takes much more than "unleaded petrol" or "recycling paper"
but can we at least try and do our best to help to slow down the rate of global warming.
recycle paper, don't turn on the lights/air-conditioning when you don't need it, blah. main thing is do your best to recycle materials/conserve electricity.
oh, and don't cut down trees.
it definitely isn't enough to stop global warming, but we can just try to slow it down. :)
for the sake of yourself, your family & friends, and all the innocent animals :) ..
oh and btw i sent an email to alot of pple about this, but i think it's under the Junk E-mail/ Bulk folder. tsk.

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