Nov 10, 2006

just watched the PSS2 contestants singing a medley of 8 of JJ's songs on tv!
caocao, di er tian tang, sarang heyo, chi bang, jiu shi wo, shu neng sheng qiao, yi qian nian yi hou, liu xing zhu jiao!!!
it shows every 20 mins on ch u when it's closed.
must watch k pple!!
BUT KEWEI ISN'T INSIDE! so unfair lor. her voice is really v gd and she's like the prettiest of them all but she had to drop out cos she didn't inform them about her schedule (concerts!?!?!!) and it clashes with alot of things or sth like that. but never mind she's already a backup singer so it's not so bad :D jj and kewei <3

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