Nov 24, 2006

my finger kena cut by bamboo! and the cut is on my last finger on left hand sorta oval shaped n quite big but not very big..
but somehow there was alot alot alot of blood and it stained my liu xing and bamboo..
thanks amelia (sec3) for helping me wash it n put plaster :D
and now it's hard to type.. and play piano
my dad's left for msia le.
leaving me n mi maid at home till monday..
oh and u noe wat's SO IRRITATING?!?!
my dad wanted to go out with me for dinner before he left for msia so i smsed him when i finished dance prac,
then he said he was on the way to my sch,
then i asked if i cud meet him at jurong east interchange instead cos i was near redhill mrt le,
then he said he was at clementi,
so i said, fine meet at queenstown mrt
then he said he already u-turn,
so he asked me to go jurong east then take the shuttle bus to imm,
and after about 1/2 hour of waiting my kena cut de finger and my legs were painful like xiao,
so i asked him to pick me up,
and just as he was about to pick me up from imm the shuttle bus came.
and i spent more than $2 of my phone money smsing and calling my dad. WTH LA.
i just talked to yvonne <33>
and i really really miss yvonne and inez and ian and ivan and isaac and nic and ethan and peter and my mum and 6 yee and 7 yee and everyone aaaah i qish i could go to the wedding.. it will be a really really long time before i attend a wedding with them again.. must wait till fran gets older and marries.. better be a shuai guy ohh XDXD

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