Mar 31, 2009

We're all a bit two-faced

Some people I never ever expected to be Christians turn out to be so. And they seem quite enthu about it too.
Why is it that we talk about God and Christ on our blogs, and are really enthu during worship sessions and Church and CG, but God never seems to be anything more than that?

Right after the Church session, as we leave the hall, I hear people playing a fool and shouting small vulgarities etc.

God was impacting my life a lot, but I seem to have drifted further now. Although I still pray/talk to Him in a lot in the day. During my NAPFA, when Amelia was feeling unwell, when I realised I was succumbing to temptation...

Not enough.

It's funny how we proclaim to be Christians but the religion seems to disappear once we step out of the worship hall.

Okay Willie, I shall listen to you

I shall try my very best not to judge people like Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff.

I'm blogging way too much

I want that Jennette's So Close but they only let you download it on iTunes but I don't want to download iTunes -.- howwwwwwwww.

My mum said she used to be very skinny when she was my age, and then when she was around 18 she suddenly poofed up.
(especially as fat as my mum)
No wait, I totally don't want to grow fat at all. I'm not even very happy with my weight now (my ass is huge). HELP I DON'T WANTTTTTTTTTTT


I cannot stand people like Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana because they're like, Disney stars and act so fun and pure and all that shit but they're really sluts. Super sluts.

Jennette McCurdy (Sam in iCarly):

So Close - Jennette McCurdy

I like her control of voice in the little drops. XD She's 17. Doesn't sound like her age. Then again, most of the people who are very young don't sound like their age :/
(I would be extremely heartbroken if I realise her voice's edited)
(Btw, I think she has droopy eyes like me)


For my age (15, since it's before my birthday), to get an A for the 2.4km run our timing has to be faster than 14.11 minutes.
I got 13.57 :D :D :D :D :D
Thank you baby for praying for me, and God for giving me the strength, and Mingxuan for encouraging me and making me feel so paiseh :/

&... Xueling Laoshi posted something on her blog for me
(((((((((((((((((((((((((: Thank you laoshi!!!

Mar 30, 2009

Picutures from 28 march's concert

(post about the concert was posted on 29th March)
She always likes to flap it around. I feel like a horse. Heart shape! Can see? :D I'm extremely unglam + my arm looks ultra fat D:
The two of them damn cute XD
Nice light effects!
We all look kinda weird :/
Our present:
JJ's mum looking at our DREAM present
Will blog about 29 March soon (:

My favourite

Jian Jian Dan Dan - he plays on the piano and sings. WHEEEEE


To JJ:
But we don't like it when you become someone you're not. We love you for who you are.

I hate lying, I hate being someone I'm not, I hate it when people think I'm someone I'm not.
But to be a singer, that's what you have to do. You have to put on a fake front, be somebody you're not, so that people will like you.
It's disgusting to be fake to get people's attention. But that's what you have to do.
When Rainie Yang said she was actually a tomboy and not the sweet cute girl she portrays at all, a lot of fans were shocked.
Tomboy singers need to become more feminine. Olinda was made to wear a skirt. And look at how much Ella has changed.
In order to be a singer, a public figure, you have to be who people want you to be, you can't be yourself.

Let's say you were a singer, and you hate cute things, but your company wants you to be someone cute. You can't express your own opinions on blogs etc, becuase the media would say you're just trying to be someone you're not to get attention (which is always true). You can't tell anyone about how you feel. You have to lie to your fans that you love Hello Kitty and you think vulgarities are scary. Nobody will know how you really feel inside. When you're a public figure, the public owns you. Your opinion has to be hidden and unheard.

I'm someone who takes criticism very hard, because I believe that people usually say nice things they don't mean, so when they say something that isn't nice, they mean it and feel very strongly about it. Which means the problem is quite serious already.
Because of my pessimism, I get quite affected by criticism.
Celebrities/singers get negative remarks all the time. Some can be super hurting. I read some of the comments about SC Squared during Crezawards and they were really painful; I'd have died if I were Sherm/Nadine/Shuzhen.
But that's reality. You can't make everyone happy, and some people will hate you, and not everyone is nice and polite. But if you're vulnerable to criticism, you wouldn't be able to survive in an industry like this.

Guess what. Maybe not achieving my dream isn't such a bad thing after all. (: It's best to be a nobody.

Mar 29, 2009

28 March - JJ CONCERT

(pictures will be posted another time)

28 March - JJ Concert

So funny, Jt, Jan, Mad and I came in a black-and-white colour combi although none of us told anyone else what exactly we were wearing. It was completely unplanned!

Choing-ed JJ's present because we wanted to give it to him that day instead of during the Kbox event, because a lot of people would give him presents then. Was extremely fun haha and we had to do the last quarter of the present in the dark because it was around 8pm and we weren't sitting near any strong light sources. Extremely proud of it :D

Turns out, Row 6 was very near the front, woohoo!

JJ came out singing You Ni Xuan Ze, with all these EXTREMELY CUTE "J-babies" around, zomg they were actually dancers in fat cartoon costumes lah. Then after the song ended when JJ was talking the J-babies were like, playing/fighting with one another, one kicked the other's butt, and another one slapped another one and it fell down HAHA. J-babies my ass lah. Aren't they Smudge babies?

And then because 28 Mar was EARTH HOUR, they switched off the lights and stuff for one minute (If they switched it off for one hour then got no concert already lah!) But it was totally not-dark because of everyone's lightsticks etc. And we all kept screaming. XD

Then he sang SARANG HEYO AHHHHH! And at the last part of the song, instead of "Baby, I will love you because 我都属于你" he sang
"JJFC... I will love you love you love you love you love you, 我都属于你!" :D

When he sang 89757 he tried to do the one-hand handstand twice but failed. I knew he must've feeling extremely disappointed and angry with himself and I got extremely xin tong when I saw that, and I prayed that he would regain his confidence & put on a good show, and later he tried the handstand a third time and succeeded :D

He did some extremely obscenely gay Canto (or something) song & dance and did two Michael Jackson songs too, You Are Not Alone and Beat It, was quite funny because he imitated him a little. Random act-cool spins, the pelvis thrust, the Moonwalk etc XD

Most of us agree that the part where his parents and brother played instuments while he sang Zui Chi Bi was the best part. It was his "surprise" specially for Singapore ;D His mother played the Pipa, his dad played the Erhu and his brother Eugene played the piano. Very cool. JJ looked SUPER CUTE when he kissed his mother on the cheek can!

I absolutely LOVE it when he plays the piano and sings. He's incredibly good at it k. When he played Jian Jian Dan Dan and sang I was like melting, his piano playing is so good can! And I can't even play and sing at the same time. -.-
(Then again, he's JJ. I'm just me.)

Before he sang Hai Pa, he said something I completely agree with.
What's your greatest fear?
Sure, I'm terrified of the dark, of being alone. But I'm talking about a different kind of fear. Emotionally, my fears are also pretty much the same as JJ's; fear of losing confidence, of losing hope.
Hope is what keeps us alive, it's what we live for, the reason we study, the reason prisoners of war continue to fight to live, the reason a maid who's been abused doesn't kill herself. Hope is everything to me, it's the reason I'm still here, the reason I haven't dropped out of school yet. It's the reason I'm going to church, the reason I joined OB. Without hope, where would we all be?
Would we have a future?
I'm hoping to acheive my dream of working in the music industry someday, and I'm doing so much for it - studying hard (or trying to), classes at OB - my obsession with this dream is taking over my life, if you've noticed from my blog posts. I was close to giving up on this a lot of times, and I know it's almost impossible. But hope's keeping me fighting for this.
Apart from this, I guess I'm also afraid of losing those dearest to me, not physically but emotionally. I'm also afraid of not feeling loved by the people around me. :/
I have a very low self-esteem. So I guess lack of confidence is something I'm used to.

When he sang songs like Dong Jie and Dou Jiang You Tiao, they were great, but he just couldn't bring back the innocence of the song, and he never will be able to. He's grown up now. No longer as innocent. And it hurts to know that. When he sang those songs I felt kinda sad because I realised how much he has grown, how different he is from the JJ I fell in love with.

He sang Tu Ran Lei Le and played the guitar, whee :D LOVE that song.

When JJ sang Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue with By2 it was a complete disaster in my opinion. The key was too low for JJ and too high for By2. And it sounded extremely gross, like some Karaoke session lol. He sounded much better with Fan Wei Qi.

I can't remember what song he sang before the encore :/

Anw, his encore was good, he sang Cao Cao again but not with the crazy cockroach outfit, this time he was wearing a checkered suit and he had a fake light saber (is that how you spell it?) haha. And I was telling Jt, "Eh, see, he got lightstick also!" XDDDD Next time we should buy those instead of puny lightsticks. Much better effects. HAHA.

His last song was Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou (:

I screamed so hard during the concert that 2/3 through Jt's right ear bled and went deaf. It's still 90% deaf now. Crap crap crap. Please help me pray too everyone...

JJ said his voice was very bad before the concert, he wasn't feeling well and stuff, but when his friends prayed, his voice came back. (: Yay, God the Healer saved JJ!

Will blog about the Kbox event some other time. This post too long already.

I'm in the midst of doing my JJ Concert & Kbox event blog post

I'm here in my room, alone emotionally, and you guys are there, watching touching videos and listening to touching stories and bonding and singing and being where I want to be.
Not just physically, but in terms of achievement too.

That life I wanted to lead, that dream I wanted to realise. You guys have gotten it, I'm now nothing more than a friend in the background who's trying to catch up so she won't fall too far behind. I hope that although I won't be able to be with you guys for a very long time, you won't forget me and I won't become an irritating extra who tries to tag along and blend in.

You guys promise it won't happen, but nobody knows. Nobody. You may say it now but it'd be a miracle if it doesn't happen.

Well, it used to be the four of us. Maybe now it still is, a little. We were like strong covalent-bonded H2O2 molecules, and I'm an O, who was with you guys and we formed Hydrogen peroxide. You guys don't see how any of us can break apart from this bond because well, we're Hydrogen peroxide! But now my bond is getting weaker and weaker, and eventually you guys will just be H2O and I'll just be a lonely O ion, and you'll realise you formed a perfect water molecule and I was just an extra atom that got in the way.
Yah lah damn lame example. But that's how I see it.

I know you guys will convince me this won't happen. But no matter how hard I try, there definitely will be a distance. When we stop intermediate lessons, when I can no longer go for OB, when I can't meet up with you guys, when I can't go online as much as I used to, we'll slowly lose contact. And when I finish my O's and come back, there'd be so much I missed out on that it'd be impossible to get our old feelings back together again. It won't be the same.

Have fun reaching for your dreams. I'll be supporting you all the way. Live my dream for me too. The dream I never got to achieve.

Mar 27, 2009

27th March is a significant day! :D

1stly, HAPPY 17TH MONTH BABY! 1 year 5 months (: Almost half a year, and we’ve been through so much, and sometimes I feel we’re too different to be able to stay together. But through the arguments, through the screaming, the crying, I still know I need you and I can’t imagine how life without you would be.
Oh, I just thought of this, it sounds incredibly lame and I hate this phrase but: You’re on my heart just like a tattoo :D HAHAHA.

2ndly, HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY JJ!!!!!!!!!
It’d be weird to post a birthday message to JJ here right. :/
Well anw, I LOVE YOU JJ!!!!!!!!!! :D

Mar 25, 2009

I don't see the point of me taking A math

I shall blog about the
WONDERFUL A math common test
(and I'm sure all the Sec 4s will agree with me).
Okay so like, I only finished TWO QUESTIONS (Q1, the matrix question, and Q4, the y value question) AND ONE PART(2bi, the inequality question) (4 marks per question),
and I put the wrong inequality sign for Q2bi so I'd get a ZERO for that,
and I only did 13 marks' worth of questions (and the paper is upon 40 marks),
and the maximum I can get is..
(Well I can't go any lower than that anyway)

And I didn't do the graph question (which is worth 9 MARKS) because I only realised how to do it when Mdm Loke said "stop writing". Oh and I left the plane geometry question blank too.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, Eudea whined about how she would only be able to get a B3 max.

I've never even gotten a B3 for A math in my life.

P.S. Azalea says she's very sad and she's going to become an old woman and live with 20 cats (because she wouldn't be able to afford dogs)

Mar 24, 2009

Karen is going to die tomorrow

It's 8:58PM.

I reached home at 5 and told myself I'd study after dinner.
Procrastinated like mad and I haven't started studying yet.

Now I'm in no mood to study. I can't concentrate when my heart's broken like that.

It's my fault, I'm sorry. Sorry about what I did.
Pride very obviously is the cause of hatred. As a Taurian, I know.

傻瓜 我们都一样 受了伤却不投降
相信付出会有代价 代价只是一句 傻瓜

But just in case you forget. (not for anyone else to read, because I know I was the one in the wrong)
"fuck off."
"ungrateful shit"

The pain people are willing to go through again and again for love

I watched Landy's Sha Gua MV twice and cried three times.

No wait, actually the effect is better on full screen/on TV. Or rather, the bigger the better. Small screen no fun one.

Mar 23, 2009

I'm posting a lot in a day


Mannnnn, first JJ and By2: Both JJ and By2 are from CHC and in OB, and.. :D :D :D

J4M.... :D :D :D


Man, this seems so weird.
I will try my very best to be happy for you.
You just... seem so much like an innocent cute kid! D:

One question though.
Why not a Singaporean? -.-

"Miley Cyrus isn't so innocent after all..."


Maddie wants me to help her advertise her blogshop

Here it is:

no wait but I must advertise mine too!


I'm supposed to be doing my Geog assignment that was due 2+ weeks ago, and/or studying for my Chem common test tomorrow (The last common test of our sec school life! :O) but I really couldn't be bothered less -.-

Which leads me to thinking about what I'm going to do after my O's.

- English (Should be okay with a bit more work, I think my grammar's okay but my vocab sucks, but I've managed to survive with a teeny vocabluary for the past 10 years of my school life so whatever. I'll try to score in my Paper 1 and PRAY that Paper 2 is easy)
- Biology (I have more faith in my MCQ but I'll really have to work on my structured questions and essay questions. AND I can never do that Nutrition in Humans chapter)
- E. Math (This is going to be a huge huge challenge because everyone knows I can't do Math for NUTS, but I need more A1s so I'll have to work on this. But I hate practising/studying Math! Oh yah. My Math test is also tomorrow and I'm not studying -.- I NEED MORE SELF-DISCIPLINE)

- Combined humanities Geog + SS (I think I should be able to get an A for Geog, but I'll REALLY REALLY REALLY have to work on my SS. But I really need this A2)

- Literature (Pray pray pray that the standard is slightly lower than our school's standard, and pray that for Whale Rider they ask something stupid like "What are the characteristics of Koro/Nanny Flowers?" and PRAY THAT I CAN WRITE FAST ENOUGH TO FINISH THE PAPER)
- Chemistry (I nearly failed Final years', but with Mrs Chia I believe I can do this :D)

- A Math (Ohhhh God bless me.)

So... if I get these scores, my L1R5 will be..


So to get my ideal score of 9/8 (I can totally forget about 8), I'll have to put in extra effort. Perhaps I can scrape an A2 for Chinese (Mdm Lim and JT and Jessie Suah would totally laugh -.-) and an A2 for Lit and WORK REALLY HARD FOR SS and maybe pull my Comb. Humans up to an A1? And work on my Chem? With Mrs Chia anything is possible! :D

Well actually if I get 11 and I can't get into SAJC then that would solve my dilemma and I'd just happily go to LaSalle. If I have a score good enough for SAJC then I wouldn't know whether to choose SAJC or LaSalle :/


Btw, Eudea's aiming for all A1s! And I TOTALLY believe she can do it. Go Eudz! You'll be the pride of 4S2A :D

Mar 21, 2009

As Christians, we should know better.

"We are not supposed to pollute the streams and befoul the air and rip up the materials in this earth just for personal gains."

Love the Earth that God created.

Mar 20, 2009

DANCE COMBINED PRAC on Thursday & Friday

was so fun!

Very superbly extremely tiring, but super fun too (:

Blue blacks from kneeling down fast on the parade square floor at that part we have to jump and lie down on our backs with our legs bent and then get up using our stomach muscles. Got a very ugly tanline because of standing in the sun, and I sweat so much I probably lost like 4kg already.

My left thigh muscles hurt like ass. Couldn't walk up the stairs without feeling a lot of pain. Had to walk up 4 flights of stairs to my tuition centre okay.

BUT I LOVE COMBINED PRAC (: (: (: Luhong's the massaging pro, seriously.



Everytime I tell myself I'll just go online for a short while to do something, I end up spending a very long while doing other things.
Planned to blog about why I was emo, but decided those Troubles The World Is Facing can wait because nobody seems to care anyway. Except Joan, for a bit of them (:

I found Cassandra's blog and read her old posts, her Sec 2 ones and especially the Sec 4 ones.
I'm very surprised that she found the news about her being head discipline scary. Well I guess we're all the same XD


"taught e sec1s the warm ups..and i realized that i cant do that.. lift ur legs up thingy anymore (O.O)omg. i better start working at it malu-ating, in front o e sec1s.. missed something out smore XD *oooops.thanks to the rest who helped ^^
i cant really remember all e sec1s names le..[im really sorry if i mispelled anything...
there's letty celeste amanda karen joeteng aloycia glenda lingling nadin? sharon velencia geraldin?? ohno. im sure i can remb more than that.... omg.. STM.. (O.O)ok nvm. i sahll remb them all soon! just u wait XD"

I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT PART! I WAS THE SEC 1 SHE TAUGHT THE WARM UPS TO! Me and someone else. Shermin I think? (Sherm, was it you?) She and CHRISTINE taught us the warmups and they couldn't do the lifting leg thingy and they said "Aiyah nevermind if you can't do it now lah, it took us like 4 years to be able to do it! *laugh laugh laugh*


And hey, Sec 4s, does anyone remember this...
"the sec1s ask me if they can go home.. to watch tv.. (o.O)????"

"Dance is our expression.
Dance is our beloved art.
That we perform right from our heart.
The love.
The passion.
To some of us an obsession.
Dance-our combined spirit.
We learn,we try.
We laugh,we cry.
The lights,the makeup,the shoes.
The incredible costumes and not forgetting the weird hair-dos.
Our hard work,our falls.
Our un-glam moments,
We danced on through it all."

"SOMEONE SAID SHE LOVES MY HAND WRITING TODAY!!!!! amanda.. sec1 dancer ^^"

"went to teach them cymbals again! those 4 sec1s rawk (;"

"taught the sec1s cymbals. they're so pro!!! as in.. after showing them a few times, they alredy know how to 解 when i anyhow da from 平鼓to 七步 or wateva.hahaz. shermin n eudia [how to spell!? sorry!] got the stuff very fast. but e other two v pro too!"

(I'm one of the "other two".)

I AM OBSESSED OVER CASSANDRA!!! I seriously think so. Why uh.
It seems that the meaner/fiercer a senior is to you, the more you love them later on. Like, how we all love Cassandra and Lily and Zifang.



(credits to Amelia)

SHERMIN TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A BABY!!!!!!!! This was when ah, Sec 1 or 2?

Please lah, you're anything but innocent, let alone saintly -.-

Doesn't it feel weird?

You spend a few years with this person, your very good friend, who really loves all her friends and is kinda innocent and lovely, who can somehow drag you away from the real world and bring you to a private world with her, where there's only laughter, and there are no troubles. Basically, a real, true, pure friendship.

And then one day you realise she's grown up; she's experienced the beauty of infatuation, or love; suddenly, friendship isn't the most important thing in her life, because she's experienced love. When she talks to you, she talks about someone else. When you do things together, you know deep down that she'd rather be with that someone else.

You're genuinely interested in the things that happen in her life and you really want to be there for her and you truly are happy for her, but at the same time, there's this little bit of reluctancy to let go, this little pain in your heart, because you know someone's taken over your position in her life, you know you aren't the most important person to her anymore, you know all her care and concern has gone to that someone else.

It's beautiful, to see an innocent, close friend grow up and realise the beauty of love; to realise the change in her. It's beautiful to think about. It's also a bit painful at the same time. To realise that when we grow up, we'll all be married to some other people and these friendships may just disappear, or not mean as much to us anymore.

First it was Sumay, then Cuixiao, then you. It's weird. Did you feel that way when you found out about my relationship? I wonder if anyone else felt that way about me.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? :/

My baby;
thinking about our first few months makes me feel like crying because they was so sweet.
The first few months; when everything was still perfect like a fairytale, when there were still no arguments, when just the thought of seeing each other made our hearts flutter. When you played with my hair my heart would sing; when you kissed me lightly on the cheek I'd melt.

The days we sat at your desk playing Runescape, and how I'd hold the mouse but lose my direction in the game and then you'd put your hand over mine to guide me. And we'd continue like that for hours. I didn't like Runescape, but I loved you. I was too shy to hold your hand then, and Runescape gave me an excuse.

The first time you kissed me on the cheek six days before our first month (which was also six days before I had to leave for Japan); all the feeling that went into that was overwhelming. You said that was when you realised how much you loved me and how much you didn't want me to go. That little kiss on the cheek was the first time my heart seemed to melt in honey, it was when I realised the true meaning of "My heart melted".

Our first kiss; that totally humiliating incident. Hahaha. Maybe I'll talk more about it another day. I still remember the date: Dec 19 '07. Man it's so funny looking back at that day. Stupid immature us, wanting to express our love but not knowing how.

Looking back makes me so nostalgic. Now we argue, now we cry so much, get hurt all the time, but I know I can't let you go. I know you mean too much to me for me to be able to let you go. Our love's developed and become so strong. I love you.

My life has been completely transformed in the span of 509 days (and counting). About a year and a half (so far). I love you (:

Mar 17, 2009

Just a random note:

It's my primary school's crush's birthday today. And it's also Marilyn's birthday!

Happy birthday Bryson and Marilyn (: (Although they won't see this)


I just got my new tablet today!!!!

(It's the Sec One one)


AND I got 4GB RAM space and 250GB hard disk memory! That means I can actually save my music files back into my comp :D (My old tablet didn't have enough space so I deleted all my songs)


We've changed.

Remember those times we could chat with each other for hours on end?
And how I'd meet you to pass you something and it'd take almost two hours even though we met just below my block, because we had so much to say to each other?
Remember how we could laugh at almost everything?
How we could stay up all night just listening to music and chatting?
How we could practically read each others' minds?
How everytime we were going to put the phone down either you or I would go "Oh yah! You know right..." and we'd continue talking for at least another hour?

Now, what's this distance between us?
Why is it that when we meet, we don't talk anymore? Are we afraid? Afraid that we'd realise how far apart we've grown?

I still treasure you as a friend and no matter what, I hope we'll still remain friends. You really mean a lot to me.

Mar 16, 2009

Karen hasn't studied at all. HELPPPP!

Spent the past few days playing the piano and guitar, wheeeee!
Learning Yiruma's River Flows In You, NOT BECAUSE IT'S VERY POPULAR OR WHATEVER, I'm not the kind who conforms to trends, I fell in love with the song before I realised it was being used in Twilight but never bothered looking for the score until my piano teacher asked me to bring my own materials after my piano exam. 
(Which sucked, btw. I hope I don't fail. I don't think anyone would fail Grade 5?)

Had a few hours of A Math Consultation with Siying (The Ex-Dance DM lah, not Fong!) today, goodness, I've no more brain juice left. Math is scary. Siying kept going "You ah!" and pointing at me with her pencil. Hahaha. Sorry dear Siying & thank you so much!

I've realised how much I've grown in Christ since last year. If the me last year were to look at who I am now, I would've hated myself. I used to think people who talked a lot about God and tried to influence people with Christ were stupid and delusional. (I think Cui Xiao thinks I am now)
Well now I am that person! I want to love people for God, and I want to bring people to the God who changed my life and gave me so much hope and love and joy.

I'm quite amazed at how "on" I am about bringing people (esp. Jacey :D) to God, and how badly I want to help people who've lost their faith, like how I did. And when Luhong told me her mum doesn't allow her to go to church but she does Bible study in secret and plans to go to CHC after O's, I was so happy I actually called Jt to share the news with her! I was quite shocked at my reaction. 

But this is the faith I want to have my entire life. I remember how I was very low in faith and it felt horrible. I wish I'd never experience distance from God again, that I'd just keep growing in faith happily. But the Christian life is never easy, that's the point!

Maybe during one of my low points I'll look back and be shocked at how "on" I was. :/

Mar 14, 2009

13 March - Smudge OFFICIAL LAUNCH

Ann Siang's a great place to camwhore at. I've got more than 100 pictures from yesterday. And only 5 are of JJ :/

Mad loves to zilian with my cam.
SCANDALOUS HAHA. Love Mad's cheeky smile XD
J4M CAN NOW PLAY THE GUITAR! (Or I'm struggling to learn anw. The other 3 learnt in Fei chang ge shou)
My disgusting hair

Ann Siang:
Our picture is at the bottomest leftest :D
Jt imitating JJ's smudge poster!
There goes Jt's guitar
Jt the busker
Love these pics
Haha. Xueling looks like some celeb and Maddie looks like some pathetic fan trying to wave at her.

At the staircase queuing to get in..
See the holes in the wall? Janice used the cement powder in the holes to smear that on the wall. JJ saw it, and according to Jacey, he LAUGHED :D :D :D :D

..Then we managed to get into the shop, after a long long queue.
Love these tees. They're biblical phrases. I especially love the one in the middle. "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me."

At 7 plus we went back to OB (Jan and Mad had lessons) but we heard that JJ would be coming down later so I went back to Ann Siang first (it's very near OB), the rest came later and missed him O:
NO ZOOM! I was this near to him (:

Then we camwhored more.

Jan & JJ's assistant XD