Jul 31, 2008


Hai Ou dancers,

I'm sure you guys are aware that the rehearsal is tomorrow.

And I'm also sure that you guys know the TERRIBLY CRAPPY (refraining very hard from hurling vulgarities right now) STATE the dance is in right now.

I know some of you may not really like Chinese Dance, or even the teacher.

But no matter what, our CCA is CHINESE and Modern Dance. Both are of EQUAL importance and you have to do well in BOTH Chinese & Modern dances.

You have to give BOTH Laoshis your UTMOST RESPECT even if you dislike them, because they're here to teach you and they've been teaching Crescent Dance for so many years. They've much more knowledgeable and experienced than you are, so I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU GUYS COMPLAIN ABOUT ANY LAOSHI.


You dancers should be taking responsibility for your own actions. Shouldn't you guys already be MATURE enough to have a bit of SELF-DISCIPLINE?

DANCE TIME IS NOT SLACKING TIME. If you think that CCAs in Crescent are just a waste of time, I'm sorry but you can quit Dance and go join Library or something instead.

Crescent Dance has been getting a Gold with Honours for the past SYFs and the standard is VERY HIGH. Dance is a CCA where everyone WORKS EXTREMELY HARD.

If you're willing to sacrifice for Dance, then SHOW IT.

If you thought Dance was a slack CCA, please quit right now because we'd do better without people with this mindset.


We worked so hard to achieve high standards, for people all over Singapore to have a good reputation of us. Are you guys REALLY okay with destroying the reputation of Dance among our own schoolmates by putting up a terrible performance for them?

The Sec Threes and our seniors have worked VERY VERY VERY HARD to keep up the reputation of Dance. Gold with Hons doesn't come easily you know.

Watch the SYF video on Youtube. You guys have no idea how much we sacrificed to put up that performance.


Juniors, you'll be doing SYF next year. With this kind of standard, do you think we'll even be able to get a Silver?

Even you guys know that the Hai Ou dance is in a terrible state.





If you say you love Dance, can you show it?

Rapture '08

This is probably the last time we're going to be dancing Vitality.
I'll miss trying to balance on the boxes.

Sucked lah. There was something wrong with one of the fires. It kept going on and off on and off on and off so it looked quite pathetic. I actually fell off my box for the first time in a very long time, but I tried to cover it up, hope it looked okay.
Most of us thought it sucked but our JC seniors said it was nice! Cheer up people.
And I super want to join SAJC Dance already, although I know I can't make it.
Nvm, I'll settle for SA's Chinese Society.
Oh, and I'm in love with the ACS Primary dancers. SHIT THE GUYS ARE SO CUTE. Valerie wants to marry them but I'm going to fight with her. ;D

(But dear, you're a thousand times cuter than any one of them)

Everytime we talk about it I don't know why but I start feeling very ..
Sad? Angry?
A bit like exhausted I guess. I don't know why.
It's like I suddenly feel so helpless and confused because I know I can't do anything about it, and then I feel so tired of it all.
I suddenly feel very exhausted. I hate thinking about it. I deleted your SMSes about it, can't stand looking at them, it'll just make my heart go hard again.

I love you no matter what your decision will be.

"No lah, if you just use one finger it's not that painful."

Jul 28, 2008

&催眠曲 (:
As you played that song on the piano to me I really felt like crying. I felt really touched that you wrote that song for me.
It's our song dear (:

- 你的心跳就是我的催眠曲 (:

Jul 27, 2008

love makes the world go roundddddddd.

- but it's nothing compared to forever. (:

26th July 2008:
We revived the Crescent Dance spirit.
The SYF people were only supposed to meet in the late morning but all the Sec 3s had to reach school by 7 because we were supposed to help the Yeahyeahyeah & Welcome Dance juniors put on makeup. -.-
So we had a few hours of nothing to do after helping them put on make up. If I'd known earlier I'd have brought my homework lah.
So anyway, we set off to Victoria Concert Hall only at around 12 plus. Was quite okay I guess.
The dance was great. I don't know how to express it. I've never known how to express that feeling whenever we dance on a big state for a performance. I'm not talking about school performances; stuff like SYF '07 and Musical Evening '06, where the stage and lights are so... professional. I felt like a performer.
The music was so loud I could feel my heart beating to the beat of the song. It was so cool can.
As soon as I heard the music I was filled with this rush of energy, despite being super tired before the performance. Like, my energy didn't run out at all and I didn't even feel like falling off the box for once. It was like as if something had taken over my soul.
Dance took over my soul. :D
It wasn't till the end of the performance that I realised that I was breathing so heavily.
And the people backstaged said we were "superb" and did a "great job", and actually I think the standard was terrible, especially when compared to SYF '07, but I was still so happy anyway.
How none of us thought that we'd be able to do so well.
We were still busy correcting the juniors' movements during the last practice before the performance, you know. It was crazy. We all didn't believe we could do this, but we did. (:
Especially for the Yeahyeahyeah and Opening Dance.
They were terrible, to be honest. Everyone was so anxious that they'd totally spoil the reputation of Crescent Dance. Whenever they did the dance the seniors would start dying. They looked half dead and super unwilling to even move. Plus the "wings" for the Opening Dance kept "fighting", haha. And a few of them still were unsure of their movements a week before the performance wth.
But I heard that it was very well done, and everyone was smiling and very energetic, etc. Good job guys; hope you guys felt the Dance spirit (:

Nah, that's not even close. Watch out for SYF '09, juniors. :D

Jul 22, 2008

Lull me to sleep :D

"I don't know why but whenever I lean on your chest and hear your heartbeat it feels heavenly. I don't know why.
Your heartbeat's like a lullaby."
"Wait till we're older, then we'll move in together and you can listen to my heartbeat to sleep every night."
"I can't imagine being able to lie on your chest and listen to your heartbeat for one whole night."
"Every night, dear."


By2 event and 933 concert
was such a waste of time. ):
Went to the By2 event because JJ was supposed to be the special guest, but by2 was more than half an hour late when the event was supposed to start at 5.
And we (the JJFC peeps) had to leave the event (at St. James Power Station) at 6 because we had to fly to the IMM 933 mini concert.
So we didn't even get to see JJ during the By2 event, because they started so late.
So like, the time we spent waiting for the event to start and waiting for By2 to come out could have been spent queueing for the 933 event, so that we'd be able to stand closer to the front?
RAH. Was in a bad mood all the way there.
Then at the 933 event, Celeste, Janice, Alicia, ETC.ETC.ETC.ETC. had the VIP tickets (won from the SMS contest on 933) so they could go in front, and they only had ONE extra ticket but I obviously didn't want to pangseh Jt so I decided to stand at the back with her while all our other friends stood in the VIP area. T-T
The back was DAMN PACKED CAN!? Everyone was like squeezing against everyone and my butt was rammed against some China 20+ year old guy's thigh. x.x So embarrassing! And his gf was in front of me and I had to be SUPERFREAKINGCAREFUL not to accidentally lift her supershort skirt. Plus she was standing on the bottom rung of the barrier (she was in the 1st row, and I was right behind her) so her skirt was around my hip area and it was REALLY HARD to try not to touch it because whenever I wanted to lift my right hand up everyone was so tightly squeezed together that I'd definitely hit my arm against something.)
And because she (and everyone else in the first row) were standing on the bottom rung of the barrier, the poor people behind them (i.e. ME) couldn't see a thing. When JJ came out I had to rely on my camera to help me "see" can?! (I had to raise my arm up and record everything. It was damn tiring can! SYF dancers who went through that raising-arm thing would know. And I had to hold a camera and ensure that it didn't shake okay! Plus I was standing and couldn't move around! x.x)
Oh, and that duet by LinYouJia and uh what'shername, Liu Li Yang was THE BEST,
I remember hearing it on the radio once and AHHHHH-ing all the way but I didn't know who sang it!

And Energy can dance!

Okay, anw, JJ was the last one to appear. Did three duets with Lin Yuzhong - Qiang Mei Gui (a new song by the both of them), A-Do's Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni and some old song. I don't know the title and the singer but the song's a CLASSIC. :D
And then he did that super cool dance thing with Sha Shou (the one he did during SPOP), and sang DOU JIANG YOU TIAO (squeeeeal) and Jiang Nan! Damn cool can, when he asked the audience to sing the Quanquanyuanyuanquanquan verse, everyone was like shouting along! WOOHOOOO! :D
Oh, and JJ thought that all the JJFC members were at the VIP area because he recognises Celeste, Alicia etc. (and Janice for sure), so JJ kept looking there. ):

When JJ was leaving IMM Janice reached out over the barrier and thrust the can of gummy bears at him and went "JJ! TAKE!"
And then his eyes apparently "opened bigbig" and went "For me?"
And Janice shouted "YAH!" and then he took it.
(Unfortunately Jt and I were waiting at THE OTHER SIDE of the concert area. -.-)

Will upload pics when I feel like it. :D

Jul 19, 2008

There goes one major part of my life

July 19 2008:
I'm going to quit badminton from tomorrow onwards.
No more sweating like hell every Sunday.

I'll miss everyone dearly,
especially Coach Haden, all the other Coaches whom I've been taught by before,
and you.
I'll try my best to come back once in a while because I really miss you guys man.

Thanks for trashing me out last night.
I never really noticed that I changed until you told me. Yeah, I guess I have changed a lot since last time. Then again, we've both changed a lot ever since the start of 2007, for some reason.
I feel lah.
I guess we have very clashing personalities. The only thing that fits is that I'm tolerant and you're easily irritated. But then again, there's a limit to someone's patience (and I'm sure you'll understand).
Yes, I've changed, but even if you don't realise it, you have too, a whole lot.
I'm beginning to feel that you're becoming very competitive when it comes to everything; you may not feel that was but it sure seems like it. It's like as if everything you say is trying to say "See, I'm so much better off than you."
It may not seem like it to you, but it really does to me. And I've gotten really tired of it.

But I do miss the times we've had together, because they were one of the best times ever.
You've left me with thirteen years' worth of great memories, just like how Sarah did.
The only difference is probably that Sarah and I still keep in touch sometimes, but I don't know if we'll ever be the same again.
I wish that we were as close as before. I wish that as much as you do. How we could talk and talk and talk and never get tired of it, how I could tell you everything and how we could laugh at the same stupid things together. We even laughed and talked in the same way and people mistook us for "sisters".
It's changed. It's all changed. You feel like a stranger now.
It's like I've known you for thirteen years, but there are two different "you"s.

I'll miss you, and I hope that things will change for the better after this little "break".

And now that I'm free every Sunday, I hope you know that I'll always be here for you and all you have to do is tell me that you want to talk to me, then I'll come after badminton or something and we can have lunch together like how we always do, okay? I'm here for you. And I'm sorry for everything and I know how you feel, because I feel the same way too, about you, and our friendship.
Just give me a call or SMS me whenever you want me to come for badminton (:
Call okay? I'll be waiting for you to call me, to show me that we just might become good friends again.
Thanks for everything girl. 

& To Jieying: OH SHUCKS D:


Yesterday in the taxi Jt and I were scratching our heads (hahaha I know it's a cute phrase) over what to do with a box of Rooibos tea. She was supposed to buy the one which had slimming effects for me (She tried it and after 1-2 months of drinking it everyday she lost SEVEN KILOS! OMG! OMG! OMG! - Mrs Chia inspired ;D)
But she accidentally bought some other kind. So we were like, yah, uh, scratching our heads. :D
Jt: "Aiyah but it's got a lot of anti-oxidants lah, still good for your skin"
Me: "Aiyah I think I'll sell it to my friends or something. 'Anyone wants Rooibos tea?' :D"
Taxi driver: *raises hand* "Me! I want!"
Me and Jt: *o.o* *laughs*
Taxi driver: "No really!"
It turned out that the taxi driver actually drank that brand of Rooibos tea EVERY MORNING before he went to work o.o so he actually bought the box from us! OMG!!! So cool right. ;D
And he even gave us slimming tips, HEEHEE. But I'm not really keen on drinking squeezed lemon juice before going to bed.
Ohwell. COOL UNCLE! ;D


To the OB Jms: 
I remember the times we sang like mad in the toilet and everyone who came in looked like as if they couldn't wait to get out / slap us. :D
<-- 1ST CLASS!
Or that time we ordered Macs and ate in the Main office with Sasha even though it said "No eating or drinking". And everyone else was ordering food and eating in the office too. :D

And Jan's Beatboxing Tutorials:
Oh, and the times we went to disturb Wewe. :D
And fooling around in the Vocal classroom before class started.
Miss you guys!!!! 

To Bryan and Angela: We'll miss you guys ): ): ):
I suddenly feel like uploading A LOT of videos.

Btw, howcome a lot of people read my blogs but don't tag? ):

Jul 18, 2008



Heh heh heh, Jt and I owe you a birthday present! (The C-cup bra, remember? ;D)

Millie: Eh you want to write a love letter to Miss Poh? (because she's leaving)
Jessie: Okay! "You're like the oxygen in my red blood cell. You are like the epithelial cell which surrounds me and makes me feel secure. Without you around, I feel like cytoplasm without a cell membrane"

Had to beg my dad like crazy for it okay. I was crying and my dad was screaming and my brother was feeling a bit extra HAHAHA.
Conditions for joining OB again:
- When I'm studying in my room I have to leave my handphone outside and can only check my phone every half an hour. (So don't blame me when I reply your smses late!)
- I must do well for ALL class tests, common tests and for the FYE. If I don't do well for any of the tests/for the final exam I'll have to QUIT the course.
Shitshitshitshitshit. I've already screwed my class tests. How D:


Jul 16, 2008

Yum cha now, the prince is waiting!

So much I wanted to blog about over the past few days, but I've forgot what I wanted to say already.

I was on the MRT and then I had this damn cool daydream -
In 2007 when I wrote my second newspaper article to JJ in the Straits Times, when I passed it to him I wrote him a letter and promised him that I'd try to write one every year :D (My first article to him was in 2006)
EH THAT WAS TRUE, not part of my daydream.
So anyway, I dreamt that this year the Straits Times held this competition where we were to write a letter to "The person who inspired me" and the top 20 entries would get their letters sent to whoever it was intended for.
So I wrote about JJ lah obviously, this super long letter (I daydream very long can?)
So I got into the Top 20, and they videoed JJ reading the letter and commenting that he was "very touched" and "didn't know that [he] meant so much to his fans".
Then I won a chance to be with JJ for half a day, so I grabbed the 5JMs (Jt Janice Mad and Celeste) along.
So JJ and the 5 of us went to Vivo :D Then we were at the cute playground thingy (around the place he held his JJ Party 2) and ate uh, something.
And I said "You remember Celeste right! She's the one who shouted DIMPLEKING during your birthday party but the DJ thought she said PIMPLECREAM" and then JJ laughed and went "Yah yah!"
Then the OB Jms (Jt Janice Mad and I) went crazy and decided to sing the SPOP Hurray song. As that was the last song of the medley we sang during the OB In-house concert and during the concert we actually had these really stupid movements for it (waving around and jumping and all that, if you guys want to see ask me for the video! :D) so we actually did those stupid movements in front of JJ. Then he laughed and sang along *squeeeeeeeal*
And then I said "JJ you cannot forget me already okay? You forget me already I veh xin tong!" Then JJ went "Haha I won't forget you lah :D"

So much homework overdue!
- Chem WB 3 chapters (due on Fri), Bio WB 2 chapters (supposed to be due today but I haven't started), Bio pamphlet (supposed to be due today but I don't even know what it's about), A Math (due today), E Math (I haven't even done the Revision Exe 8 that was due like 3 weeks ago? And the graph thing that's due on Friday)
Tests this week:
Eng Compre test (Monday. It sucked D:), Chinese test (today), Geog test (Thurs), SS (Friday on Northern Island, SHIT!!!!), E Math (Friday, a damn lot of stuff to study and I've totally forgotten everything already)

Like can someone please kill me now? ):

Jul 12, 2008

i told you i cant do anything right

THANK YOU SI YING AND GUIN FOR THE LETTER! :D love you guys loads. I'll jiayou okay? I won't let you down! (And I hope the rest of Dance feels the same way too)

And thanks guin for letting me spam your MSN with my stupid emoness. I don't know what I was doing but it's nice to see someone actually putting up with my nonsense. :D


Phew, blue-blacks and muscle aches everywhere from dance.
But it's worth it yeah :D
(Or maybe I'm just secretly emo :D)

(I just realised that this is the first time in a really really long time that I'm blogging about anything related to Dance)


Omg wth, I used up 1 and a quarter rolls of toilet paper and there was this like, mountain of toilet paper in the toilet bowl. Needless to say, it (almost) clogged up. D:

My mum bought this MEGA cute Domo wallet.
Yeah I know the background looks damn shit and the bunny looks super extra, but that's what makes it even cuter!!
Domo and the bunny are pop-out, btw :D

The interior:


I don't know what to do with the wallet leh. I really want to use it but I still want to use Laogong's Billabong wallet, how ):

Jul 11, 2008



Went to CX's house for E-learning.
And got obsessed with some cute bread that smelled super super nice.

(Omg I look so weird in the last pic o.o)


I'M SO SUPER SCARED OF PRO TINY FIGURE SKATERS OMG. Wish I learnt it when I was younger too, hehe. It's so graceful and stuff! It's ballet on ice man. SO COOL OMG.


Heucampus-ing with the teachers is FUNNAYEEE.

Bio lesson with Miss Poh:
Poh Zhaoxin says:
who didnt submit the practical books hand up on monday!!!
Karen Ho Wen Ee says:
i did the whole book
Karen Ho Wen Ee says:
but i didnt hand in -.-
Chan Hui-Er Azalea says:
OMG you did the whole book???
Karen Ho Wen Ee says:
Poh Zhaoxin says:
whole book!!!
Poh Zhaoxin says:
i haven even finished mine!
Poh Zhaoxin says:
Chan Hui-Er Azalea says:
Poh Zhaoxin says:
Poh Zhaoxin says:

Jul 10, 2008

shut up karen

Should I just dig a hole in the ground and stay there for the rest of my life?
It seems like whatever I do it just seems to make people's lives worse.

I don't understand you anymore.
If you think that I never cared for you all this while and I'm being a nuisance, fine by me. After being with you for longer than I can remember, I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
I don't know what to say anymore. I don't hate you or whatever, I really don't.
But it seems like you're trying to make me hate you.

What you're doing for me is good and I appreciate it.
You're just about the only person who has trashed me before, apart from Amelia.
But, why are you doing it this way, like as if you're talking to an enemy?

I don't get it.

If you just can't stand the fact that I'm _'s friend, fine, I can talk less to him and everything, I understand.
But if you want me to go away and not be your friend anymore, I'm sorry but I can't do that, no matter how hard you try to push me away.

bunnies in bikinis!

Can somebody please tell me why the idea of a Zinc bunny bag wearing a bikini is not funny??

Jul 9, 2008


Finally got around to uploading my pictures again. (Somehow I find it very irritating to connect my phone to my computer x.x)
So I've got stuff to blog about already!
Damn sick but quite cool. Mrs Shen made us stick our fingers into the 4 blood vessels leading to the heart and see where our fingers ended up so that we could identify the vessels. OMG WAS DAMN SICK CAN. I mean I didn't do it but those who did it were D:-ing all the way. :D
In the end we just chopped the poor heart up into small pieces so everyone could hold it, HAHAHA.

2) Mango craze (To Sumay: Here you go!)

3) Strawberries are heart-shaped!!!!
(Badly edited picture, sorry lah, I don't know how to use Photoshop can?! D:)

Omg, I just noticed. So cool right! :D 

4) SOMEBODY attempting to cheat during a particular test. :O

5) Teehee


5) Too lazy to blog about Fairfield Funfair. 
But anyway, Mad Jt and I went crazy over HUGE cotton candy but in the end we got sick of it -.-
Oh and I've learnt the lesson that my purple racerback DOES NOT go with the musical hoodie Shermin gave me as a birthday present (that cost $73 because it was the "authentic one" HAHA).

Jul 7, 2008

693rd post!

"Last time when I was younger my mother couldn't stand me playing with Power Rangers all the time so she made me play with a Barbie doll, and then I didn't know what to do with it so I shaved off its hair."
"Last time I had a Bobdog pouch, and then I scratched off the eyeballs."

And Binkai said something super funny but dosen't allow me to post it here ): EVERYONE COME ASK ME WHAT IT'S ABOUT AND I'LL SHOW YOU ;D
(I win muahaha)


I'm the best; I realise I still haven't even blogged about OBS (12 - 16 May), so I'll just do a little about it now :D


On one of the days we had some high element thing I think. There were 6 logs like ladder rungs hanging from ropes, and the distance between the first and second log wasn't that far but the distances between the logs got further and further apart as you moved along. I paired up with Sharani and we were sort of dying, haha. Nearly made it to the top but we both just couldn't do it ): I had to step on Sharani's thighs to climb to the higher rungs because I was shorter D: SORRY SHALU!
Uhhh but I remember that there was one of the days we had to kayak for like 7 hours to some weird island thingy. I kayaked with Yingyan and Gina (I think) :D
OMG KAYAKING IS THE LOVEEEEEEEEEE. Plus I got this really cool tanline on my calves which like, ended really abruptly around the ankles area so there was a really distinct tanline HEEHEE.
Oh, and I didn't pee in the sea. :D HEEHEE
"Drinking" sunblock didn't really work because whenever I tried to apply it it would just get washed away by the seawater again. And I was like damn smart lah. Whenever I applied sunblock it would get all over my fingers right? Then whenever seawater got into my eyes it would sting like mad, so I would rub my eyes with my sunblock-coated fingers and I'd end up screaming, like every 5 minutes. -.-
Oh and the cap thingy at the back wasn't even secured tightly so actually we were in danger of capsizing the whole 7 hours without noticing :D
Oh and when we were kayaking there was this part where we passed by Singapore (mainland) and we all started getting so homesick and someone joked "Kayak to Punggol!" :D
The stupid stupid stupid island was filled with wild dogs and there was no place to pee or whatever so we had to do everything in the bushes HOHOHO. I peed with Kelly I think? But we faced different directions lah.

Oh and when we arrived it was freaking late and we had to build our tents IN THE DARK. And as if that wasn't bad enough, at the beach we can't stick the tent pegs in so we had to use ROCKS to tie the strings holding the tents down, so our tents kept collapsing. (We were using the super small old rubbish ones, not the new orange dome ones ):
Oh and like Sharani and I had to change our pads in the tents -.-
Saw a few wild dogs during my group's night watch, waved the torch lights around like mad. :D

And the trekking thing was quite HENG, because we were supposed to trek for goodness-knows-how-many-thousand-kilometres carrying super heavy haversacks containing the stuff we were going to wear/need for the next three days (I think?), but due to heavy rain we had to go back to Camp 2 twice because of Cat 1 thunderstorms. ;D HOHOHO! So in the end we just trekked to Camp 1 which was only about, I can't remember, 2+ km? *shrug* Anyway it was much shorter than what the others had to trek lah.
When we were in the forest there were so many freaking mosquitoes and sandflies around and I was jumping around like some idiot because I was wearing FBTs and didn't have insect repellent on and everyone was laughing at me -.-

OMG CAMP ONE IS SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH COOLER THAN SUCKY CAMP TWO CAN?! I hope everyone goes to Camp 2, if not I'll be freaking jealous ): There were wild dogs at Camp 1 too but they were very friendly and stuff :D
At Camp 1 we were so amazed by the high-tech stuff (You have no idea how much just an air-conditioned room can mean to you when you've been out in Camp 2 and at that stupid beach okay!) and we were all screaming in ecstasy even though we knew we weren't going to sleep in the dorms or use the swimming pools. Just being able to SEE civilisation was good enough can D:
The showers were full so Yingyan and I decided to bathe at the public showers near the swimming pool. OMG WE WERE SCREAMING IN SHEER JOY CAN, finally after spending a day at the sucky beach we could actually BATHE :O we were like "OMG THE COLD WATER SO SHIOK!" and Tracy was kayaking in the swimming pool (-.-) and saw us and asked if we actually felt clean :D
And for the first time, we didn't have to cook our own dinner! :D We actually had food SERVED to us can, and we were so freaking happy even though there were flies in our bowl and everything. CIVILISATION! REAL COOKED FOOD! :O

Oh there were one of the days where the teachers came to visit us for like 5 mins I think. There was Miss KarenTan and MRCHOY and MISSJOANNALIM!!! :D

Hokay, anyway I was so elated to return home can :D Met laogong after camp I think!
And it was so funny because I started feeling quite relieved that I didn't have to put sunblock/insect repellent whenever I left the house. after OBS everytime I heard the phrase "It's gonna get dark soon" I'd think "Oh shit, no time to pitch tent" -.-

Hokay. I still don't have the pictures yet. Damn best right? :D

Jul 5, 2008

Piggy and Piglet

You knew your computer was going to shut down in a few seconds' time, but you restarted it anyway.
And you just kept trying to restart your computer again and again and didn't give up, because you wanted to talk to me so badly.
I love you dear (:

Fairfield funfair was quite wasted, will update when I get around to uploading my pictures (:


Jul 3, 2008


So apparently, you only needed 3 more percent of your genes to be guy genes to actually be a guy,
plus you actually went through voice-breaking at eleven.

HAHA omg quite cool leh.
Was it damn wasted, or was it a blessing?

A miracle. ((((:

I'm a drug addict; you're my drug :D

I feel like I'm drowning in a whole sea of honey.
You're killing me with your sweetness dear :D

Jul 2, 2008


30 percent of all MARRIED COUPLES in the world are homo.

There are 43879845305 things I should be doing instead of this but I decided that if I don't do this now I never will -.-

1. Share-A-Thought
I was Ah Gong, and Cuixiao was Ah Ma. Look like right! :D
Was damn damn screwed. HAHAHAHA. I hope no one recognised me, especially the Dance juniors -.-

2. Jessie's blisters
Second-degree burns. Some freaking Sec 2 spilled a bowl of hot soup on her foot and all she did was say "Oh sorry sorry" and walk away. WAH SO PISSED. You Sec 2, I don't think you read my blog because I don't even know you anyway, but you'd better be super sorry because the blisters are FREAKING HUGE man.

3. Bo-liaoed with Jt
Didn't know what to do after school, so we went to Chua Chu Kang and took the LRT (because Jt's never taken it before) to some random stop. Then we went searching for an empty playground.
(ultra-screwed hair)
Shrug. Playgrounds are quite cool what! (Refer to June 15's post :D)
And the playground was super full of vandalism from people who hated people / loved to make fun of people / thought pubic hair was funny.
-.- -.- -.-
(The little comment with the arrow pointing towards her thing reads "Lots of mao (hair)" -.-

Oh and when we passed by Bukit Panjang WE SAW MAYSPRINGS CONDO
(Only JJ fans would understand. CELESTE, SCREAM!)
It was like freaking next to the LRT STATION LUHHHH. We were screaming like hell can?!


4. Stupid
"So I'm just curious.. how far have the both of you gone physically?"
It's so funny how we were all smiling our heads off before we entered the counselling room but started crying like siao inside. And then when we walked out, our tears suddenly immediately stopped and we were smiling again.
I bet the counsellor has some weird thing in her room that makes people cry lor.
Heeheehee, I love you.
And I miss your arm around my waist.
And I miss your whining. You haven't done that in a long time heehee.
And I miss your piggybacks.
Damn, we must go to your house next week, okay? ):