Dec 31, 2009

Credits to Sumay's friend

"If you're expecting the unexpected, does it make the unexpected expected?"


Tom Felton:
enjoying miami, relaxing and enjoying the contrasting weather from london!! still wearing factor 50 :( as draco can't come back with a tan!! filming on the 4th so keeping my skin as white as can be!

Hahaha so he HAS to be a pale chicken for Harry Potter's Malfoy role. See Ivan/Mark/whoever complained about his chicken white skin (I can't remember who)? He had to keep himself from getting tanned for his Malfoy role hahahahaha oh man can't wait to see him on the big screens in HP again.

OHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA my shitty mood has disappeared

Dec 30, 2009

You just gave yourself away hahaha.

Hi mum.

It's alright. I don't care whether you read my blog or not. I've got nothing to hide anymore.

It's funny. In this really effed up mood I'm in right now, I'm wishing a particular person were online so that I'd be reminded that I'm "luv"ed.

No brain or too much brain?

I think I think too much for my own good sometimes.

What I really want to do during the New Year?
I know that we'll have a ball
If we get down and go out
And just lose it all
I feel stressed out
I won't let it go
Lets go way out spaced out
And losing all control

After doing some more research...

I think I just might go to JC.

See how lah.

I have just unknowingly become a member of the "Most Visited Gay And Lesbian Portal in Singapore". :/ I signed up so that I could reply to a thread about Journalism school.
I mean, I've nothing against homosexuals, just that it's well uh kinda funny that I realised what it was only after I registered and posted that reply. I just became a member of the Channel Newsasia forum too, so that I could reply to a thread about Poly/JC. I really am doing as much as I can to ensure I make the right decision.

Tomorrow = East Coast Park with Sumay & family, Sarah & family and Mark and Dad after lunch with Janice and Maddie! We'll be camping at the beach. Awesome. And this wasn't planned by our families either. I'm so proud of us. I will try my very best to forget that 7 of my dear cousins are going to Sunway Lagoon, one of the three places I've been longing to re-visit in KL.

Why am I always the one who can't make it for stuff? .....And I'm always the busiest one. Why's my schedule so tight? I don't get it. I don't even lead an interesting life.

**** LIFE

with all its disappointments.

I really do want to go to Sunway Lagoon with the cousins... I've been wanting to go back there for so long. I thought we'd never see that awesome place again. And now even Nick and Eythan are in KL with the rest of them too. Dammnnnnn.


I think the last time we went was when I was in P6. CRAP I've ALWAYS wanted to go back. I'm actually asking Mum if I can go back for 31st and 1st Jan, since I have nothing on (miraculously, my schedule's actually clear).

Dec 29, 2009

I love my Malaysian cousins

Guin doesn't use the f word because it doesn't suit her image hahaha my senior is so wonderfully cute.

Met Sumay and Sarah for lunch at The Soup Spoon and Sherlock Holmes at Vivo today! It's the first time the three of us childhood friends have arranged a meet-up on our own. Usually we only meet during our parents' gatherings so our families are always there.
Sherlock Holmes was very interesting.
(My face was in Sarah's shadow)Pig showercap at Topshop! Mega cute.

Yvonne Chin, Inez Chin, Ian Ho, Ivan Ho, Isaac Ho, Nicholas Yeoh and Eythan Yeoh are all at Ian's/Ivan's/Isaac's house in KL, playing that stupid I Never game (with water again of course)! I played it with them via Skype for a while. Seven minutes later their stupid internet connection acted up as it always does and I got disconnected.
They all had to drink when I said "I have never not been a Singapore citizen", then I realised I could just have said "I've never been a Malaysian" -.-

Ian: "I have never had boobs"
Me: *drinks*
Ian: "Karen, you drink for what? You don't need to drink lah!" HAHAHA

Then when their Internet was up again we Skyped again for about an hour until 1am.
I asked Ian to come and let me see his face and say hi.
Stupid Nick dancing to some Korean song. Both Yvonne and Nick were doing it at one point and it was so hilarious but I couldn't get a screenshot because they were moving too fast.
I love how Yvonne kept pinching Nick.
Funny, 'cos I was actually talking to him on MSN then.

It made me so happy to see all of them again even though it was just through a webcam and they couldn't see me 'cos my 4-year-old tablet doesn't have a webcam. I felt so happy being able to talk to them, being able to laugh at them, hearing them all laugh at Nick when I said SNSD was gross, seeing them all have fun together, watching them lean towards the computer's speaker to hear what I had to say and then respond in unison (usually in laughter). They're playing Basketball right now. Last year when Nick also came for Christmas we played basketball and I took pictures. I must say some were nice shots.
December 2008

All the fun started only yesterday night eh? I left on Sunday; wish I could've stayed. The day before I left, Nick had just arrived and so had the aunts, so Yvonne was talking to the aunts a lot and Nick was still only comfortable talking to Ian and Ivan. We hardly did much the other days either. I think the funnest part was the night Nick came, when 4 of us played I Never and watched the movies. (I still did enjoy spending time with the rest of them throughout the 4-5 days I spent there though.) Now they're all having fun together and all but I'm not there.

My very sweet cousin, though, says "Yeah, but it still feels like something is missing without you here." Awww.

Maybe someone might have had the decency and courtesy to inform me that a close friend of mine was finally back in Singapore, so that I could call her and tell her I missed her. Am I not a part of J4M?

The Original School Song

Oh how I love this version, it's so beautiful and so... beautiful. The band plays it with so much pride. I love it. Please don't tell me they recorded a whole new not-as-nice version (thank you Band and Choir for the effort though) just because they wanted it in a lower key. We're a Future School and we students know that Audacity can be used to change the pitch with the click of a stupid button.

Dec 28, 2009


The song I'm listening to and the stuff you're saying makes me want to break down in tears right now. But I gotta be strong for the other people I'm talking to because they don't deserve to be affected by my mood. And my dad's here.

Sometimes I think I'm stretching my limits. Things are so vulnerable and I know the line can snap anytime with all I'm doing and all she's doing. Sometimes I hate what I'm doing. Other times I say even if it kills me I'll do what I think is right.

Dear God,
Strike me down with lightning
Let me feel you in my veins

I wanna buy Taylor Swift's and Boys Like Girls' albums but I've no money lahhhh where's my Nuffnang cheque >:(

My dear idol

I take back what I said about his album in my post entitled "For my idol". I listened to every song in his album in the MRT today (except Wu Fa Kong Zhi) and I realised that I actually do love the songs. It's just that one song that ruined my impression of the entire album. JJ's voice is still so mesmerizing, so beautiful, so... incomparable to anyone else's. I love his voice. The songs are nice too, yes, but screw the jazz crap. If the song Yi Ge You Yi Ge didn't have that jazz element in it I'd love it so much more, but I guess that song would be a nice slow song to sing in little bars and stuff.

Ahhhh his voice is so freaking awesome. I'm so in love with him all over again. Yes this album is worth every cent. Yet this album is definitely not one of my favourites - in fact, I think it's my least favourite. My favourites are still the first few, where the songs and music videos make me swoon and cry and my heart melt with love.

Meeting my dear childhood friends Sumay and Sarah tomorrow! Going to have lunch and watch Sherlock Holmes at Vivo. Can't wait to see my dear pals again.

DJ, blow my speakers up

Tick Tock (Kesha) on repeat in my iPod.

Went back to school to get those who wanted to lean the cymbals and I met this darling along the way!
Yah lah I look damn terrible but whatever. Rubini! It's so funny how we happen to meet at the strangest places - on the Internet we met as strangers who surprisingly had the same weird rare subject combination, and now the two of us graduated Crescentians meet on the way back to our secondary school. Rubini's planning to go to Australia for university too so maybe we'll meet again there HAHA!

So yes I went back to see the dancers.

Noted a few things that have gone wrong since we've stepped down so I talked to Yi Qing about it. I do hope things get better soon. I'm beginning to have a lot of hope in Crescent Dance again.

Yes, found the juniors to do the cymbals but I don't know why they seemed so reluctant to volunteer. Doing the cymbals for four whole years in Crescent was awesome. I loved clanging away during CNY, Speech Day, etc. And the person who taught us the cymbals in Sec 1 was no other than Cassandra, the Sec 4 Discipline Mistress at that time, so I find it kind of funny that now I'm also a Discipline Mistress who'll be teaching them the cymbals. I do hope they enjoy it like I did.

WHOO! GWH love love. I remember breaking down during Chinese class when we found out that we got GWH in Sec 2.

Then I went to Far East to meet Maddie (and Daryl) for a short while. Went to the bookstore and I found this:

That's the difference between you and me.

I have a confession to make.
I'm not going for the MJ Zone Appreciation Lunch thing at Roland Seafood Restaurant not because I can't but because I don't want to.
I told Xiaoxuan the reasons. I hate seafood; I hate seeing the poor animals in the tanks and then the same animals on your plate. I can't eat something that looks like its animal form. Like a whole small fish or a big prawn. I hate squids, octopus freaks me out... the only thing I'd eat is scallop. And I'm not really willing to pay $15 to sit there and not eat. Also, if I were to go, I'd probably pressurize Maddie into going and I know she isn't really willing to pay $15 either.
I'm glad I didn't lie like I would probably feel pressurized into doing, by saying I can't make it etc. I'm glad that I'm always truthful and sincere with them, so that I've earned the trust of these wonderful people, so that when I don't feel like doing / telling something, they know I've a reason for it. "Replying every sms", "becoming their slave"... Nobody's forced into doing anything. Replying smses people send you is a form of basic respect. When you were a part of CHC, you felt suffocated and irritated that people kept asking you about every thing and tried to control your life, as you put it. Nobody forced you to do anything. It was your attitude and rebellion that put them off. They're humans after all. Treat anyone with respect and they will love you as you want to be loved. Treat anyone with rebellion and anger and that's what they give you, even if you're only showing anger silently. Humans can feel vibes.

So don't blame anyone else; it's you who brought it upon yourself, JT.

I dreamt that I went to school and there was a piece of paper pasted on the wall and I saw my name there among other names and it said that I got 6 points for O Levels. And then I screamed and ran around the school with Cui Xiao like a mad idiot although I surprisingly didn't feel as ecstatic as I was when I learnt that I got an A1 for Chinese Os (in real life). And then I learnt that Annie Lim (Idk why she was in my dream) got 8 points.

To heck with 6 points; I would be happy with an L1R5 of 9 as long as I get an A1 for English. I just really hope I get that A1 for English. How can I get an A1 for Chinese and not English? Something's just not right. I really screwed up my Paper 2 though... all I can do now is to put my trust in God.

Fall on your knees

I love touching Japanese movies because they're always REALLY touching. I love Quill and Ten Promises To My Dog, both by the same producer I think? Both about golden retrievers. Quill was awesome. It's a pity it isn't really very well-known. It even made my maid cry.

Ivan and I were having a little MSN chat and we started talking about God.

IHHK™ツ says (12:29 AM):
just talking abt this stuff just get me so excited u noe
|| Karen || says (12:29 AM):
yknow it's so beautiful to see you talk about god like that and be excited for Him
'cos you used to have such a terrible attitude when you were young lol
it's so nice to see a nice, matured ivan
IHHK™ツ says (12:31 AM):
dunno maybe cauz i just accepted jesus as my savior so yeah
ya kinda erm actually i accepted last year
|| Karen || says (12:37 AM):
you used to go to sunday school right?
IHHK™ツ says (12:37 AM):
|| Karen || says (12:38 AM):
last time i was supposedly a christian but never really knew what it meant until chc
i guess it's like that for you too lah
like "so-called christian" until you actually really accepted jesus and really realised what it meant

I think there are a lot of people out there like Ivan and me who call themselves "Christians" and go to church every week and pray and perhaps even read the Bible but in fact don't fully understand what it means to be a Christian. Some of us, like Ivan and me, are lucky enough to be really touched by God one day, and we realise that although we've been calling ourselves Christians our entire life, we've never really had a true relationship with God.

People who call themselves Christians but don't really have a relationship with God, like Ivan and me in the past, are those who are hardest to help and those I would pray for the most, because they think they know God but they don't. Thus they don't think they need to do something about their faith and don't feel the need to be any closer to God than they already are; they think that what they're doing is enough and they're contented with being the "Christian" that they are, when in fact they aren't Christians at all. Non-believers don't believe in God and know it. These people don't know God yet think they do.

I was like that until I came to CHC and the spirit of the Lord hit me hard and sent me crying buckets. Ivan was like that until he stepped forward to truly accept God during his youth camp and felt the Lord's presence that made him cry. (He says Ian stepped forward too but I didn't talk to Ian personally about it so I won't talk about him.) When God brings you close to Him for the first time, you know something's different and over time you realise you're a changed person. The presence of God in one's life can be seen by how his attitude and thoughts change over time, how he learns to love and help others, how there seems to be something different about him, a different sort of glow.

When Ivan was young and cute, he was a living terror. He had the worst attitude ever. Now I see so much more in him, and it's so obvious that he's changed. Not counting the constant riffs he has with Ian and Isaac (sibling rivalry is unavoidable sometimes), he's become so much more matured in his thoughts. I sense the presence of God in his life when he talks about Him.

Looking at Ivan, I marvel at the ability of God to change a person totally. I know of great, devoted Christians who talk about how they used to be rebellious gangster-like people until they truly felt God for the first time. With Ivan, though, because he's a cousin I grew up with, I'm able to witness for myself the change in him because of God, and that makes me so thankful, so amazed, so happy, that the Mighty God has shown His power and His works in a person's life. It's a reminder that nothing is too difficult for the Lord; He can change anyone. Like Jian Xiong the athlete (I talked about him in my Candlelight post); like Saul in the Bible (right?); God has a perfect plan for us, and when He wants to bring someone to Him, He does it dramatically, sending the servant on his knees.

God is amazing, and Ivan's just one of the many people who are living proof of that.

Dec 27, 2009


Too lazy to type it again so here.

Follow me on twitter btw (: It's two underscores, not one. I don't really tweet much 'cos there's always the Facebook status where people can 'Like' and comment on but yeah.


I still don't get the stupid No Cycling On Footpaths rule. I mean, where else do you expect them to cycle when there are no roads around? Do you expect eleven-year-olds to cycle on the road, for goodness' sake? And are roads safer than footpaths for cyclists on shaky bicycles? I used to love cycling to my brother's kindergarten to pick him up. There're no roads from my house to my brother's kindergarten. Riding on the road is dangerous, you can't refute that. Are they encouraging people to start contributing to global warming and driving/taking public transport to travel instead of keeping fit and being eco-friendly by cycling, huh huh huh?


Back in time for S.I. finals

On behalf of all the great girls in Singapore Idol who lost to the lousy guys just because people vote for guys more,

Fly balls!

"Merry Christmas folks… may we all remember the true meaning of Christmas, the coming of Jesus :D" - JJ (:

I find this picture really funny. Yvonne asked us all to hold up our cup noodles and smile at the camera, but only Ian did it hahaha

On the 26th Ian went to his friend's place and the rest of us went to 1 Utama. Stupid Ivan refused to take neoprints with us. The only time he agreed was last year when he was still a cute little boy. We coloured his hair green in the neoprint and he was freaked out by how girly and cutesy everything was.
Mascara in my eye. Oh eww.
Last 2 candy canes!

When we came back home Nicholas had already arrived. At night, right after a filling steamboat dinner, Ivan, Nick, Mark and I played the "I never" game. (Isaac played for a while but quit when he felt too full.) It's the game where someone says something they've never done before (or have done before, if you play around with the words) and everyone who has done it before would have to drink. We used water instead of alcohol, of course, but we all looked pretty drunk halfway through the game anyway because we were all so full and needed to pee and trying not to laugh too hard in case we started peeing (but we all laughed super hard throughout anyway). We had to down half a cup of water each time, but we reduced it to just two sips after we all couldn't take it and Nick kept insisting that he could feel "something at the tip down there".

Nicholas: I have never had boobs before. Isaac, drink!

So the four of us finished SEVEN 1-litre Ribena bottles of water. That's 7 litres for four people RIGHT AFTER DINNER!

Then the four of us we watched Paranormal Activity. Nick and Ivan were such spoilers 'cos they kept going "OH OH this is the scary part" "Oh the door's gonna slam now" etc etc and it... really... wasn't scary at all man. Rather uninteresting. Ian came back home in time to watch a bit of it, and then the five of us and Isaac and Inez watched Zombieland. You're right, Maddie, it actually was quite funny. Much better than P.A.
I think the three of them looked so funny sitting so close to one another like that in the dark. (My camera's flash is so powerful right.) And I have quite a number of pictures of Ivan and his stupid small pillow HAHAHAHAHAHA
His small pillow!
I feel so jealous of people who sleep glamly.

Todayyy... we went for breakfast at that prata place again lol, nothing much. Leaving soon ): Was supposed to leave tomorrow but whatever. It's funny how whenever we come to KL we hardly do anything much yet really don't want to leave.


Dec 26, 2009

Love isn't a word

There's a reason the three of us end up sticking together.

Yvonne, Ivan and I were talking in Ivan's room - just chatting in peace and quiet, away from the chaos (in their house, peace is very rare and very sought-after by the three of us) - and then Isaac opened the door and plopped himself down on the bed. Then I fully realised how they must have felt when I as an outsider practically invited myself to the little party the group of close friends were having. As one of them put it, "But we're having fun now!" Sorry guys. Not that that incident has been haunting me much; it just taught me a lot.

There's no smiling and no laughter and no one's talking in exaggerated, enthusiastic phrases, and it seems like we're doing nothing interesting at all, but we all know we'd rather be here with one another than anyone else. It's like that with J4M and it was like that with the three of us too. You don't come across friends like that often.

Dec 25, 2009

Pictures and a short update

Pictures from the past 3 days.
More pictures will be uploaded on Facebook when I return to Singapore.

I've yet to take a video of Ian playing Canon on the guitar.
Hahahaha brothers six years apart (Isaac, Ian)
Doesn't Ian look like a tourist?
Ian trying to do the Ollie with Mark's tutoring. Look at Ivan at the back HAHA
Two wheels!
Ivan took off his tee because he was feeling warm, and then I walked in. Then he showed me his bloody abs.
Looked through their old photos...
IAN SO CUTE!!!!! Isaac the baby so ugly hahaha
Gosh Ian and Ivan mega cute. What happened to them hahaha
The brothers playing boxing on their new Wii with candy canes in their mouths hahaha
Game of Life. Stopped halfway.

Yvonne finally came and that cheered me up a lot. She and her liveliness. Unfortunately I've also got a slight cramp but it's better now. Merry Christmas people. Sick Nick is coming tomorrow. I don't know if I'm actually looking forward to seeing him or not.


There are some kinds of people I just can't seem to stand very much. I guess I shouldn't expect everyone to be gracious and understanding like I try to be. Or they just don't understand the art of communication. They just sound plain rude and impatient.
Gosh, spare a thought for me too please.
This is when I need tolerance and peace in my heart. God.

I just really feel like typing this

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last

Can't wait for Yvonne (and Inez) to arrive later. Then we'll go to 1 Utama and take neoprints - hopefully, Ivan will agree to come along. We had so much fun colouring his hair green and doing stupid things to him the last time he took neoprints with us last year (when he still looked like a handsome little kid).

4yee gave me a pretty Perlini's Silver bracelet. I find it amusing because Sarah gave me a Perlini's Silver cross last Christmas (although it was a late Christmas present so she gave it to me during CNY). Yin Biu Yee (or however you spell that) gave me some nail polishes and other cute nail stuff from Skinfood, and she gave my brother this awesome very portable and good MP3 speaker that my brother has no use for so he gave it to me. And this speaker is the best thing I've received so far because I've been longing for an MP3 speaker that doesn't require batteries or need to be plugged in to another power source. (I've also been longing for cute perfume and awesome headphones, but that's not important.)

Ian, Ivan and Isaac got a new laptop (to be shared among the three of them) and a Wii from their parents, and Ian and Ivan got Etnies from my mum.

This year, though, I'm longing for quality time with everyone more than the gifts. I'm also wishing someone would say something about God. I think I'm being weird this year - or maybe I've just grown up a little.

I wonder if we'll continue meeting like this every year when we're all adults and our parents aren't here anymore. I don't think I'd ever be able to drive, though, let alone to KL.

Christmas? What Christmas?

It's what?

My Christmases are usually spent with my childhood friends / parents' Ex-NUS Choirmates and their children, or with my cousins in KL. No matter where it's spent, we're always having fun and laughing and opening presents and the air's all filled with happiness and warmth. When Christmas is spent at Ian's/Ivan's house in KL, there's usually also Yvonne & Inez at least, and 7yee. Right now it's just Ian's/Ivan's family and us.

At 12am I was idly playing the piano out of boredom, Ivan was idly playing the drums out of boredom, my brother was reading FML and Ian was doing whatever he was doing on his own computer. Previously, Ivan was suggesting doing something together instead of gluing our eyes to the computer and I enthusiastically suggested playing Game Of Life at the patio (cool fresh night breeze, awesome night sky, whoo!). After spending ten minutes looking for the game in the house (two Semi-Ds merged = rather big house) Ivan and I concluded that all the games were in the maid's room, which was inaccessible because she was sleeping.

It's just Ian, Ivan, Mark, my parents and me now. 4yee, Uncle Kenneth and Isaac aren't even here; they're at someone else's house. Yvonne, Inez and 1yee will be here in the afternoon; 7yee will be here on Saturday; 5yee, Nicholas and Eeythan might come on Sunday. That means we'll all really be together only on Sunday - probably the day my family's leaving (if not Monday). What Christmas?

So we're not doing anything now. No "Merry Christmas"es, no smiles and laughter, no "Where're my presents"s; we're not even opening our presents because there're hardly any under the Christmas tree for us. Doesn't feel like Christmas at all.

In addition, I don't know why but a little memory of Pastor Kong talking about how many people have forgotten the meaning of Christmas. As Pastor put it, "Jesus is the reason for the season!" Yeah, there's still the tradition of love and giving on Christmas Day, but I was wondering if there would ever be a day where the first thing we do when the clock strikes twelve is to pray. That sounds right, doesn't it? We should pray and thank the Lord on His day, even before the presents and hugging, because He's the reason the day is significant.

I wonder if there's a day I'll get to do that.

Ian: (talking about me and my pimply 14-year-old face) But Yvonne never got pimples!
Mark: She's a mutated thing!
Ian: Maybe she just never hit puberty!

Dec 24, 2009

Silent night (not)

Ivan: What time is it? Can we open our presents already?
Mark:....It's 9pm.

Merry Christmas Eve!
Having a fun time with the cousins. Ian can finally (albeit barely) do an Ollie on the skateboard, with my brother's coaching. Yvonne & Inez are coming over tomorrow. (: Tried to watch Christmas service online but the video kept stopping every split second thanks to the terrible Internet speed.

Dec 23, 2009


(From Grace's blog)


A muslim man in egypt killed his wife because she was reading a bible and then buried her with their infant baby and an 8-year-old daughter.

The girl's were buried alive! He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died. when they went to bury him, they found the 2 girls under the sand - ALIVE!

The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed at the end of july.

The older girl was asked how she had survived and she says: 'A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister,' she said. She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, 'This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!'

Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do this, but the wounds mean He really was crucified, and it's clear also that He is alive! But, it's also clear that the child could not make up a story like this, and there is no way these children could have survived without a true miracle.

That God who shocked the Middle Eastern country with this article and saved the kid and baby buried for fifteen days with bleeding wounds in his hands is the God I am devoted to. One day I hope to say "the God I devote my life to".

From Grace's blog

"Today's devotion reminded me that i'm in the world, but not of the world."

From Sumay's blog

"I listen to his first few albums but never get bored of them, because it is so his style, so JJ. Some of his songs can make me cry while listening to them. In this new album, after listening to all 13 tracks, I feel I can cry too, but for a different reason. And that is because he has lost that style that makes him unique and special."

"I first started liking JJ when Karen was so crazy over him, in 2005. Karen and I were such close friends and so I was influenced. Both of us and our younger brothers used to sing JJ's songs when we were in the car together in the past, and it brings alot of memories. However, my love for his songs is starting to die. His new songs are hideous. Totally not his style at all, except for one or two songs. I seriously like 第几个100天, and that's about it. 1 out of the 13 tracks in the whole album."

Dec 21, 2009

Mee and the Cee Gee

Yesterday: Candlelight service at J.West with Carmen, Maddie, Jason, Olivia, Luhong and Jonathan.

I think service's more fun at Expo because it's more cramped so the atmosphere is livelier and the sound of people singing is much louder and the awesome people in my cell group jump along YEAH! In City Harvest the seats are more spaced out and the people aren't as lively and it feels.... lonelier in a way, because you aren't bumping into someone all the time and you actually have space to move about. But it was good nevertheless. Of course it was good. It's CHC.

Then Maddie followed me to my house where Sumay & family were and they gave me my Christmas present - Estee Lauder stuff! - and gave Maddie, Mum and I a ride to Vivo.
That guy and his Ipod Touch ):

My brother showed me a jacket at Topman he insisted was nice. It was hideous. I told him it's as bad as wearing 3D glasses around. He never mentioned it again.

Today: Settler's Cafe at SMU with the cell group. Things were a little awkward for the little poor anti-social me at first because Carmen didn't come, Maddie was two hours late and Janice is in Indonesia. I just awkwardly hung around the little newcomers like Jia Le, Russel, Grace etc and watched them have fun. I never know what to say to people.

Played a few boring games before we decided to play Jenga. Loser had to do a truth or dare.

Then Maddie came and we lazed around and ate Fish & Chips and she drew on my back.

Then an amazing sequence of events followed; I won't blog about it to protect certain people. But anyway,
Maddie lost her SIM card but we realised how caring and dedicated our cell group mates are, particularly the guys since the girls didn't really have anything to do with it. And awesome friends are priceless. Thank you so much Willie, Saunders, Russel, Sebastian, and especially CALVIN. And sorry Sebastian, because your birthday didn't end well.

Truth came out not long ago. Willie called Maddie and me in his excitement to tell us everything. Praise God; everything's fine and good in the end.