Dec 31, 2006

31st december le.. in 10 hours time it will be new year le.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
oh and yesterday we went out for dinner with our grandparents
then my dad helped me order my carrot cake
then i thought he helped to pay le
and then he thought i paid for it
no wonder the guy was staring at me like expecting something like that..
stupid guy should have just said "um that's $2" or something right??!?!
2 more days to gathering.. :)
now watching this really sad movie about this gal who was diagnosed with some disease at the age of 15, then she cant control her muscles and stuff and cant walk/talk/write properly and stuff.. then she died at the age of 25.. jj's age leh.. lol
but i think the saddest movie i ever watched is Quill.. that dog who was supposed to guide blind people one.. super super super super sad movie.. my maid was crying lor.. hahaha.. n somemore the dog is my fave kind of dog- golden retriever.. T_T hahas
my blog is DEAD! so sad noone wants to hear what the chatterbox has to say anymore
to anyone who bothers to read my blog: tag whenever u guys come k? wanna know how many pple bother to come hahaa

Dec 30, 2006

after waiting for so long..
took me so much self-discipline to not watch it until after i finish all my homework and after joan's house thing..
and when he was singing jay's hei se you mo and leehom's wei yi.. SO NICE!
and during the encore he sang sarang heyo and jiang nan BUT HE DIDN'T SING CAO CAO hahaha! that's one song he sang at sg concert but not at shanghai's..
my mum says she DREAMT OF JJ AND BILLY KOH.. and she asked billy if there were any dance courses cos i was very interested to join.. hahah
dowannnn.. and dance prac's gonna be 3 times a day.. clash with MSP howhowhow? argh
cant wait for jjfc gathering on 2nd jan, but CAN wait for start of sch on 3rd jan haha
and i shall enter the world of seniorism wahaha
i WANT A MORTAL WHO LIKES JJ.. i shall ask whoever is a councillor to help me ask for the name of anyone who likes jj or is from jwps :D

Dec 29, 2006

havent posted in 3 days O_O record for me :D:D:D
combined prac was FUNNNNN aahahahahahaha altogether got 5 schools in our dance hall- crescent tanglin nan hua nan chiau and chung cheng XD hall so big sia
and this tanglin gal used 1 foot to stand on this guy's 1 hand and then the guy's other hand support her back.. CRAZY LAHHHHHHHHH
and my dad got the jj concert dvd le!! YAYYYYY but i haven watch yet.. only watched 1 song = sarang heyo.. lol
and now at joan's house after dance prac :D:D:D:D:D:D with sher and nade and azalea
i tink if my dad ever saw her house he'd hate her for life for having so much money hahahahahhaa
and for once i've run out of stuff to blog about
OHOHOH i noe
nadiNe: ah not used to this stupid keyboard liaos. haha anyway karen is super long-winded so dont listen to anything she says.
karen: WHATEVER k lah i shall not blog anymore k although i was gonna comment on something.. FOR ONCE IM SHUTTING UP!! :O:O:O:O

Dec 26, 2006 INTERVIEWS WITH JJ! IN ENGLISH! SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER NICE.. found out so many things about him XDXD MUST GO LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
christmas 2006..
super fun!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting-- my christmas presents wahahaha.. excluding the grip and sweets the coaches gave us
-- a small small small part of the 1000 piece jj puzzle. this looks like it should be quite a big part of the puzzle right? well actually jj's standing beside the sign.. and it's no bigger than the distance between his eyes and his nose.. T_T
on sunday when we gave coach justin the present he was like so shocked XDXD but our training still so tough even though we gave the presents.. :(
the christmas party was so fun :D
oh and the three of us (sarah sumay and i) got alot of identical stuff.. then we were joking that during the next gathering (cny) we use them then look very alike XD
we realised that we got alot of shirts this christmas.. then sumay said "and next year we'll probably be getting alot of facial stuff" hahaa

Dec 24, 2006

the gathering's on 2nd jan 07!!! really hope my parents will let me go man..
wahaha! at sumay's house.. yesterday slept at 12 hahaha
today quite fun la.. made mashed potatoes WAHAHAHA so nice and SALTY!! :D:D:D
and WISH UPON A STAR!!! they showed me and jt on tv wahaha during the first part where jonathan was singing "joy to the world" with some other guy. and jamie teo SO CHIOOOOO
but they made jj look so ugly lor. he looks much much better in person!! :((((((
and when he sang heal the world.. so so so nice :D
and the first thing he said when he came out was "jjfc!" heeheehee yay :D
oh and we went to west coast park de macdonalds to eat lunch and we went to the sand and made this with our feet:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
near the top of the pic can u guys see this small white and reddish-pink thingy? THAT'S ACTUALLY A GIRL. about 4 years old de. and the white things near it are her PARENTS. HAHAH so the thingy we made is REALLY big heehee :D
oh and sumay's aunt gave me this super cute dog bookmark thing :D
and joy gave me this cushion and some bicycle thingy
and xiaoxi gave me this looney tunes mug damn cute
and the coaches gave us 1 badminton grip and a few sweets! YAY

Dec 23, 2006

and my family is in KL now.. my maid & me at home..
and im gonna go over to sumay's house today for sleepover! until monday! :D
will be going after dinner today.. then sunday got badminton then monday got CHRISTMAS PARTY WITH MY BELOVED CHILDHOOD FRIENDS!!! WAHAHAHA
then leave my poor maid at home =.=
nvm she can have the whole house to herself, including the tv my cds 3 bedrooms the computer and my clothes which can fit her too and she likes to borrow XD
oh no.. havent done all the cards yet.. 1 for sumay 1 for xiaoxi 1 for joy 2 for sarah (birthday=.=) 1 for audrey&emma.. wei jee wei shuen genie bryan dun care them lah, not like im very close to them XD
to sumay and sarah: do you guys know how old genie & bryan are?! hmm.. the last time i saw them we were about 11, right? and genie was about 7 or 8? means.. now she should be about 9 or 10!!! NINE OR TEN! OLDER THAN I THOUGHT! and bryan about 7 or 8.. gosh.. remember that bloddy time he BOXED ME in the chest a few times?! OUCHHHH lol probably the reason my chest is so flat now :( oh and btw how to spell genie's name ah? genevieve is it? LOL i never get it right.. geneveive or genevieve?! heck lah just call her genie XD

Dec 22, 2006

EVERYONE GO TAKE A LOOK AT THESE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- jj's class pic in SAJC when he was in JC2 (18 years old) go spot him! quite obvious la actually. haha. middle row..
- jj practicing electric piano during his CCA - chinese society. CHINESE SOCIETY?!?!! JJ?!?!?!?!!?! WHATTTTTT?!!!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! omg. i expected him to be in art club or something but CHINESE SOCIETY?! haha in that pic he looks v tensed up and nerrrrrrdy and short XD thank goodness now he looks so much better :D
- he got a BOOK PRIZE for ART!!! WOOOHOOOOOO! aiyo in this pic hor he open his eyes until very big (or very big for someone with small eyes lah) hahaha
- singing during school's national day celebration!! WAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA
my jj!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333
oh and now i confirm his full name is wayne lim junjie already.. that time i was confused cos he said once that his surname was lin on
WAYNE LIM JUNJIE!!!!! wahahahahaa
thank you suchang for finding these pics! MUACKS

Dec 21, 2006

JJ WAS JUST ON YU LE BAI FEN BAI!!!!! wahahahahahahaha
and mayday too but ashin wasnt there..
AIYOH just now jj was on tv and i MISSED it..
he was on channel 54.. some news abt him and MOMO <333>
just now was watching a tv special of 张芯愈 zhang xin yu aka 小小愈 aka Achel Chang.. the one that sang nao nao and 10:10.. i never used to like her cos i thought she was damn act cute but now i watch the tv special i think she's quite ok :) she talks a little like as if she were one of the members of SHE = a little crazy haha.. and she can be quite serious and mature :).. and there's another song a slow one.. quite nice also..
OHOHOH according to my aunt who migrated to america, jj is very very popular in america! US LEH!!! WTH!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO
A-CASH!!! sigh i reall really wanna buy new clothes for audition but no money.. saving up for that really nice white hairband de hair, the one shermin used to have.. cost 35000 den crazy lah.. now i only have 23000.. loooooooong way to go T_T
i wanted to change my mayday's blog song into sheng dan ye ling hun 圣诞夜灵魂.. really love the song and what's more it's christmas time now!! .. but they dun have it on radioblog :(

Dec 19, 2006

RAINNNNN (weather not crappy korean guy)
teressa's house was funn :D and her drawings are sooo nice..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
- tere's drawing of the three of us (from left to right: teressa, rachel, and me)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
- tere's drawing for christmas..
you get the idea lah.. teressa's super pro at drawing (dun deny it tere)
and teressa got me this cat mousepad thingy that's super cute with this arm thingy also aiyah dunno how to say haha
and melissa (teressa's younger sis, also hangs out with us when we're at tere's house cos she got nothing else to do haha) got me this forever friends handphone holder thing.. so sweet :D
thanks a bunch teressa n melissa!
and we sorta had to play that freeze n melt game in the middle of the night hahahaha but somewhere arnd 5.00 we had to "freeze" alot hahaha.. we "melted" the most at about 2-4 XD
and teressa slept the most among the 3 of us (tere rachel and i, excluding melissa) but she woke up the latest haha.. melissa slept the most haha..
my family is going to malaysia again.. from this friday to this monday morning.. and im not going because:
1) jj's on wish upon a star on sunday night and i want to watch and jjfc is on,
2) i want to be there on badminton class on sunday to give the christmas presents to the badminton people- joy xiaoxi nadia and COACH JUSTIN.. i wanna see the expression on his face when sumay and i give him the pencil case and the card hahahahahha
3) if my parents suddenly got problem then cannot come home on monday i'll cry like siao.. cos monday afternoon is the christmas party with my childhood friends (or more like my parents' NUS choir friends and their children).. and the two most memorable events i attend every year woul be the chinese new year party and christmas party with them.. cos i attend it every year.. so if i dun go at least if worst comes to worst, my parents can't make it back in time at least can get, like, sumay's or sarah's parents to come and get me.. :)
ok the last reason was quite stupid lah. haha. but anywayyy.
4) HOMEWORK still left literature, 2 book reviews, science, 2 jian bao, qing nian wen zhang, eng summary..

Dec 18, 2006

oh ya and yesterday sumay and i went to jurong point after badminton to look for christmas pressies.. and we got one for coach justin, a billabong pencil case that was $15.90, and a keychain for joy.. i know what to give xiaoxi le! yay. heehee.
and then we went mi hse and sumay passed me this tong hua score that's super cool haha.. and she did it so well then i was struglling like siao.. nvm i must master it XD
and we spent 1/2 hour deciding on the design for the front of coach justin's card, and then sumay wasted my colour paper by making mistakes on the cover TWICE.. sigh. and we spent ALL the time there doing the card.. coach justin better feel v honoured ok.. hahahas
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay.. it's officially been 13 years since we've known each other :D
and our relationship is still strong despite the fact that we hardly ever meet hahaha YAY!
sarah im dead cos i havent gotten u a birthday present and i still duno what to get u for christmas hahaha
at teressa's house now! with rachel :D having our bi-annual sleepover! YAY! wahahahaha
and watching HANA KIMI aka HUA YANG SHAO NIAN SHAO NU! and got jj inside WAHAHAHAHAHHA

Dec 15, 2006

and he cooked hahaha i doubt he can cook.. and he said "i hope my mum's not watching this.." hahaha
and when he was putting the lettuce inside the pot his face expression so funny.. and he was like using one finger to sweep the lettuce inside hahaha
and xiaozhu ordered 20 tix for jj's concert! omggg... xiaozhu so nice :D
and jj made fun of xiaozhu.. by tilting his specs to one side.. cos that's what happened to xiaozhu during his concert haha..
and just now got jj's advert also! advertising for his concert dvd :D
today is 15th.. means
2 more weeks to release of the jj concert dvd!!!
no that's the taiwan release date.. singapore de somehow most of the time is earlier by 2 days de.. the pictorial book n caocao cd were released 2 days earlier lol.. cant wait!
omg why ask that guy to layer then like it looks so un-layered.. and curl inside somemore eww eww eww thank goodness no school now if not i dunno where to hide my face.. now my hair looks like those long haired china dolls de hair.. (ok im exaggerating quite a bit la) cut abt 2 inches.. sorry lily!!! T_T but it'll grow back by may anyway lah.
i like my mum's hairdresser's place.. it looks v professional.. and the name v cool.. "clinique d' esthetique" or something haha.. and the people there all v friendly.. and that guy who cut my hair actually recognised me from 1 year ago?!
and it was so weird cos everyone went "she's ah kuen's daughter lah" and "OHHH ah kuen's daughter ahh?? wah u very big already hor ah girl" .. v weird haha..

Dec 14, 2006

hey um just wondering, can anyone see the chinese words i typed here?
cos in my prev post i put a few chinese sentences and i could see them yesterday but now i cant see them liao.. just wondering if it's just my com or everyone else also cant see them..
林俊杰我永远支持你加油加油 <--- can anyone see what i just wrote?
hmm.. help me ok pple? if can then i wont do anything abt it but if cannot i'll change all the chinese words i typed earlier into hanyu pinyin..

Dec 13, 2006

hahaha! back in singapore le! actually was back yesterday but didn't go online yesterday hahaha
was watching the recording of jj on yu le bai fen bai hahaha! SO NICE! did anyone watch it? SO FUNNNYYYYY!! and jj imitated pin guan hahaha! AND HE SANG WANG JI!!!! wang ji wang ji im in love with the song wahahaha.. and the starting of the song is so super nice!!
and xiaozhu was using the specs to imitate a few different people, like er, he put on the specs and put on a different expression and xiaogui kept guessing (and all his guesses was right) who he was imitating and xiaozhu was like "wah you so pro man" then jj was like "but all the expresssions look the same to me" HAHA! and that was EXACTLY what i was thinking also hahaha those who watched the show will know what i mean lah.
and when jj was singing zi wo cui mian, his last note was a little little flat, and he looked quite pissed with himself after that. aww.. aiming for perfection :D
and xiaozhu and xiaogui kept praising jj like siao ("你是演艺圈的一颗星哦", "如果没有你林俊杰的话, 怎个演艺圈会烧焦"blahblah), and jj's expression was like so embarrased and he went "ok lah dont say already lah" and "谢谢.. 会害羞" hahaha so cuteeee
oh on today's yu le bai fen bai xiaozhu says that he actually really likes MAYDAY!!!! yayyyyy!!!
and today i went to school bookshop, then went to sher's house to get back my english compre i left there, then went to my the dental centre but i was like 3 hours early (!??!?!?!!!) so i went to tiong for a while. and i bought 3 christmas cards for 3 people (shall not say their names out cos not very nice lah) and they were SO EXPENSIVE and now im only left with $1.10. $1.10!!! gosh. T_T actually i was planning to buy cards for all my close cgs frens but no money so.. really sorry..

Dec 10, 2006

according to mark, ivan has a v v faint 4-pack.
ivan is like 10 years old lor..
oh oh and i bet SHERMIN LIM has a 6-pack. come on shermin! wooots
ivan's slogan: "If i cannot do it, I give up." XD
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dec 9, 2006

haha i rmb something hilarious that happened yesterday
ian and ivan and mark and i were in ian's bedroom (playing audition and chatting lah) and ian said "hey you know what? dont tell anyone ok. i hacked into peter's DOTA account and used it once!"
and then we were all shouting and laughing and joking that we were going to tell peter, then ivan went downstairs and shouted "HEY PETER you know what?! my kor kor says that he hacked into your DOTA account and used it to play DOTA!!!!!" hahaha then ian went "ey NOOO lah one game only what.. because once i asked you for your password and you said it was your handphone number so i tried it lor.."
then later at night ian went "ey peter, do you always use the same password for everything?"
then peter said "yah.." before he realised that he shouldnt have said that HAHAHAHAHA
after the wish upon a star recording a few of the JJFC members (including Carol) managed to see jj in his van going off (i presume it's somewhere in the carpark?), and apparently he said something to them about "THE CARS"... OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG
i sent carol a message asking her what that was about but she hasnt replied...
when jj came to shake our hands (which i didn't manage to do T_T), he apparently also gave out STREPSILS AND CANDY CANES!!!! OMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOMGOGM
the strepsils part is really smart of him because he knows we screamed our heart out while he was singing, and before he started singing, and after he finished singing, and before he even came out, when he was backstage (we were screaming his name out continuously and he kept waving to us backstage! how sweeeet) haha.
and i know they gave us strepsils together with the lightstick on our chairs before the show started, but i think most of us would have finished them all liao hahaha
if i got one of the strepsils/candy canes, i'd frame them up and take pics of them from every angle imaginable. hahaha!
took neoprints with yvonne! after waiting for so long. somewhere last year we already wanted to take but we spent a few hours (literally) in 1 Utama de new wing looking for the neoprints, while the neoprint shop was actually in the OLD wing. =.=

Dec 8, 2006

im in msia!
n i reached at about 4 so i didnt manage to catch jj on yu le bai fen bai today T_T
now is 11.35 hahaha and im gonna sleep together with inez mark ian ivan isaac n peter on the ground floor (i duno what rm this is lols, there's nothing here but a few sofas n a table) of ian ivan n isaacs' parents' super huge house (it was actually a terrace house and they merged it together with the neighbouring terrace house which was on sale ?!?!?!) hahahahaha
and tomorrow yvonne (who went back to ipoh just now to get something) and inez and i are gonna take NEOPRINTS!!! wooooots
and i keep thinking of jj singing wang ji.. love that song ahahaahahahahaha
WISH UPON A STAR!!!!!!!! woooot
it was soooo fun! and i sat at the 2nd row! but i was sitting at the side so i dont think they filmed me =.=
and his jacket de back got small gold letterings and when he came up to shake our hands (wahahahaha.. but i didn't get to =.=) i saw that it read "japan" lols. but the jacket is so nice lah hahaha..
and he sang WANG JI!!! 忘记!!!!!! (lol the oppsite of 记得 which is the song he wrote for zhang hui mei XD)
and we were chanting jj's name (sad that they weren't recording) then gurmit singh started beatboxing then we laughed then jj did abit of beatboxing also then gurmit went "now we have another mike to wash" hahaha
and he played the piano for the finale! for the finale they sang "heal the world" haha. and we all dont like mj but jj sang the song for his world tour so we all knew how to sing along hahaha..
and the banner that carol made is SO COOL!! but i didnt take a pic of it.. it's really super super nice.. i think someone else would have tken a pic of it ohwell.. and jt's also very nice.. the pics i upload another time ba..
and i LOST MY LIGHTSTICK and what's worse is that host guy gave jt 3 sg idol strap thingies and i attached it to my lightstick so I LOST THE SG IDOL STRAP THINGY ALSO!! and it's not like alot of people got it lor, very few pple got it and i lost it... :(
but still, it was fun!!
OH AND I SAW VANA!!! hahaha

Dec 6, 2006

cos jt went for pop piano course at music forest (jj's music school) then ytd she saw jj at music forest there going into the RECORDING STUDIO! omgomgomgomgomg so lucky. then she couldn't get autograph cos the security guard very strict but jj DID smile at her!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH im melting now

Dec 5, 2006

heard that jj's 5th album gonna be called 小少爷 (xiao shao ye)
the titles of the 11 songs all very weird de..
~ 老冻豆腐 (like 豆浆油条?? lols)
~ 我很单纯 (describing himself? haha!)
~ 午春 (like cny song?!)
ohwell. apparently there are 11 tracks in the cd, but howcome they dont have 忘记??? maybe he will release a dan qu cd? cos he wrote that song for his world tour.. a few peeps say this one is fake one / not confirm de, but i dunno lah.. just wait for the album to ocme out then see lor XD

Dec 4, 2006

yay yay
i was screaming like siao
3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 3, 2006

im super bored.. why no one want to update their blog like i'm the only one updating lor.. humph..
going to malaysia on 8 dec.. and wth that's the day jj's on yu le bai fen bai :((((((((((
im missing GOONG aahahahahaha
and just now SHE was on tv now it's mayday yay..
(btw im the one who gives her most of her nicknames leh. pro hor? jiajia, doudou, all i name de. wahahahaha)
and i was supposed to go out with rachel and teressa but not allowed to.. aww they're gonna take neoprints n go kbox without meeeeeeeeee :(((((
sumay's at my house!! :D after badminton they came. but tey gotta go at 5.30 cos we gotta fetch mum from airport (returning from thailand). not alot of time.. 4 hours to play only :(
when coach justin saw me today his expression so funny, cos i didn't go to badminton for a few pracs le, then he was like, staring at me, like as if he was thinking " is that REALLY karen?!" then he like, raised up his hand halfway and waved, as if he scared wave to wrong person, then i wave back then he said "hi karen! long time no see!!" lols.
the next SHE song im gonna put is RE DAI YU LIN!! but must see if they have that song or not first. probably not :(

Dec 2, 2006

now i've got 3 blog songs:
1) JJ- shu neng sheng qiao
2) Mayday- jue jiang
3) SHE- yi yan wan nian
aiyah. it's a pity dosent have so many nice songs (eg. sarang heyo/yue gua nu shen) and we can't upload. but the sound quality is v good..
and i actually wanted SHE's song to be Wo Men Zen Me Le but they didn't have it so i searched for Ai Wo De Zi Ge but they didn't have that either..
SHE songs i searched for but they didn't have:
- wo men zen me le
- ai wo de zi ge
- lian ren wei man
- tian hui
- yue gua nu shen
- chu dian
- supermodel
- zi teng hua
But they had Yi Yan Wan Nian so i just used it lor. (PS, jj wrote that song!! :D)
And they didn't even have the name SHE in the search list. (i tried SHE, S.H.E., S.H.E, she, s.h.e.)
and comment on them toooo!!
(and try not to give bad comments lahh XD)
today had mayday's concert on mtv! so nice <333333333
and when he sang zhi zu it wasn't as bad as i expected, much better than the time he sang it at GCMA. and it was so dark and all the millions and millions of fans were waving whatever they were waving and it was so touching, and they were all singing along.. and you can tell ashin was going to cry because after he finished singing one of the verses he looked upwards for a short while and his eyes became a little moist/wet then later the tears dried up then he smiled and went to the corner of the stage and took a little girl (supposedly his daughter) from backstage to the stage.. awwwww... and i cried while he was singing XD
i love mayday!!!
and JJ!!
and SHE!!!
and i've decided to put 3 blog songs form now on- one JJ song, one mayday song and 1 SHE song :D

Dec 1, 2006

my split is getting from terrible to much much much worse!!!
i bet i'm like the worst at flexibility in dance now lah. both my splits deproved. and it's VERY VERY obvious. and im gonna be a senior!! how will my juniors look at me?! AAAAAH.
Just watched jj's new mv Wang Ji!!!
Nearly cried..
And the feeling is so.. there, the feeling of watching it for the first time after waiting for it for so long, and my face glued to the computer screen, making sure you don't miss out on anything.. concentrating so hard on his voice and face.. my heart melting at the sound of his voice.. and then when it's all over, I'm pressing the repeat button again and again, wanting to experience it all over again..