Dec 9, 2006

haha i rmb something hilarious that happened yesterday
ian and ivan and mark and i were in ian's bedroom (playing audition and chatting lah) and ian said "hey you know what? dont tell anyone ok. i hacked into peter's DOTA account and used it once!"
and then we were all shouting and laughing and joking that we were going to tell peter, then ivan went downstairs and shouted "HEY PETER you know what?! my kor kor says that he hacked into your DOTA account and used it to play DOTA!!!!!" hahaha then ian went "ey NOOO lah one game only what.. because once i asked you for your password and you said it was your handphone number so i tried it lor.."
then later at night ian went "ey peter, do you always use the same password for everything?"
then peter said "yah.." before he realised that he shouldnt have said that HAHAHAHAHA
after the wish upon a star recording a few of the JJFC members (including Carol) managed to see jj in his van going off (i presume it's somewhere in the carpark?), and apparently he said something to them about "THE CARS"... OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG
i sent carol a message asking her what that was about but she hasnt replied...
when jj came to shake our hands (which i didn't manage to do T_T), he apparently also gave out STREPSILS AND CANDY CANES!!!! OMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOMGOGM
the strepsils part is really smart of him because he knows we screamed our heart out while he was singing, and before he started singing, and after he finished singing, and before he even came out, when he was backstage (we were screaming his name out continuously and he kept waving to us backstage! how sweeeet) haha.
and i know they gave us strepsils together with the lightstick on our chairs before the show started, but i think most of us would have finished them all liao hahaha
if i got one of the strepsils/candy canes, i'd frame them up and take pics of them from every angle imaginable. hahaha!
took neoprints with yvonne! after waiting for so long. somewhere last year we already wanted to take but we spent a few hours (literally) in 1 Utama de new wing looking for the neoprints, while the neoprint shop was actually in the OLD wing. =.=

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