Dec 13, 2006

hahaha! back in singapore le! actually was back yesterday but didn't go online yesterday hahaha
was watching the recording of jj on yu le bai fen bai hahaha! SO NICE! did anyone watch it? SO FUNNNYYYYY!! and jj imitated pin guan hahaha! AND HE SANG WANG JI!!!! wang ji wang ji im in love with the song wahahaha.. and the starting of the song is so super nice!!
and xiaozhu was using the specs to imitate a few different people, like er, he put on the specs and put on a different expression and xiaogui kept guessing (and all his guesses was right) who he was imitating and xiaozhu was like "wah you so pro man" then jj was like "but all the expresssions look the same to me" HAHA! and that was EXACTLY what i was thinking also hahaha those who watched the show will know what i mean lah.
and when jj was singing zi wo cui mian, his last note was a little little flat, and he looked quite pissed with himself after that. aww.. aiming for perfection :D
and xiaozhu and xiaogui kept praising jj like siao ("你是演艺圈的一颗星哦", "如果没有你林俊杰的话, 怎个演艺圈会烧焦"blahblah), and jj's expression was like so embarrased and he went "ok lah dont say already lah" and "谢谢.. 会害羞" hahaha so cuteeee
oh on today's yu le bai fen bai xiaozhu says that he actually really likes MAYDAY!!!! yayyyyy!!!
and today i went to school bookshop, then went to sher's house to get back my english compre i left there, then went to my the dental centre but i was like 3 hours early (!??!?!?!!!) so i went to tiong for a while. and i bought 3 christmas cards for 3 people (shall not say their names out cos not very nice lah) and they were SO EXPENSIVE and now im only left with $1.10. $1.10!!! gosh. T_T actually i was planning to buy cards for all my close cgs frens but no money so.. really sorry..

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