Dec 8, 2006

WISH UPON A STAR!!!!!!!! woooot
it was soooo fun! and i sat at the 2nd row! but i was sitting at the side so i dont think they filmed me =.=
and his jacket de back got small gold letterings and when he came up to shake our hands (wahahahaha.. but i didn't get to =.=) i saw that it read "japan" lols. but the jacket is so nice lah hahaha..
and he sang WANG JI!!! 忘记!!!!!! (lol the oppsite of 记得 which is the song he wrote for zhang hui mei XD)
and we were chanting jj's name (sad that they weren't recording) then gurmit singh started beatboxing then we laughed then jj did abit of beatboxing also then gurmit went "now we have another mike to wash" hahaha
and he played the piano for the finale! for the finale they sang "heal the world" haha. and we all dont like mj but jj sang the song for his world tour so we all knew how to sing along hahaha..
and the banner that carol made is SO COOL!! but i didnt take a pic of it.. it's really super super nice.. i think someone else would have tken a pic of it ohwell.. and jt's also very nice.. the pics i upload another time ba..
and i LOST MY LIGHTSTICK and what's worse is that host guy gave jt 3 sg idol strap thingies and i attached it to my lightstick so I LOST THE SG IDOL STRAP THINGY ALSO!! and it's not like alot of people got it lor, very few pple got it and i lost it... :(
but still, it was fun!!
OH AND I SAW VANA!!! hahaha

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