Dec 21, 2006

AIYOH just now jj was on tv and i MISSED it..
he was on channel 54.. some news abt him and MOMO <333>
just now was watching a tv special of 张芯愈 zhang xin yu aka 小小愈 aka Achel Chang.. the one that sang nao nao and 10:10.. i never used to like her cos i thought she was damn act cute but now i watch the tv special i think she's quite ok :) she talks a little like as if she were one of the members of SHE = a little crazy haha.. and she can be quite serious and mature :).. and there's another song a slow one.. quite nice also..
OHOHOH according to my aunt who migrated to america, jj is very very popular in america! US LEH!!! WTH!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO
A-CASH!!! sigh i reall really wanna buy new clothes for audition but no money.. saving up for that really nice white hairband de hair, the one shermin used to have.. cost 35000 den crazy lah.. now i only have 23000.. loooooooong way to go T_T
i wanted to change my mayday's blog song into sheng dan ye ling hun 圣诞夜灵魂.. really love the song and what's more it's christmas time now!! .. but they dun have it on radioblog :(

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